Question from flow16z

Asked: 3 years ago

How do I get past Gladiator Pit ELECTRICITY?

I've already beaten the game and am working on riddler trophies. I turned on the electricity to get the two trophies in the gladiator pit but now I can't turn the electricity off even by hitting the switch with an electrified remote batarang! HELP?

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From: daftalive08 3 years ago

There should be three gates under the staircases.
Go under the left one, then proceed UP the broken elevator shaft.
After that just simply walk up and use the code breaker thingy on the switch to deactivate it.

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You can turn it off by using the same control panel you used to turn it back on at the top of the stairs. You can get back up via the elevator in the room to the left with the partially lifted gate.

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