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Asked: 3 years ago

How can I get to the 3rd riddler hostage?

Hi,this might have been answered b4 but i couldn't find it
how can i find the 3rd hostage ,i've tried to find puzzles and i have found many so do i need to find a certain number b4 iam prompted to rescue the third hostage

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With all the hostage's you need to collect enough riddles and then you will be prompted, as to where to go on your Bat map

Hope that this helps

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I think u need 160 puzzles done.

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Just keep on collecting riddles, secrets, breakable objects and hack the control panels wherein it will show all the cameras within the area in your map. Then after exceeding the limit point of the 3rd hostage, you can use Riddler's gadget by pressing SELECT. Don't worry if it's not showing up, that just means you have insufficient secrets to activate Riddler's gadget. Sorry I forgot the name of the gadget. Hope it helps or gives you an idea. =)

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Use an Riddler FAQ

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