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Please help! I don't know how to equip my costumes and it's driving me insane.
First off, I don't have xbox live. Is live necessary in order to use costumes? Also, I don't know if I have any bundle packs or dlc. I think I might have just gotten the game- plain and simple.
I beat the game (on easy, 'cause I'm a noob), and then I was told that I had unlocked costumes in campaign. Do I need to beat the game on at least normal? Do I only get to use the costumes in new game+? Or can I just straight up, never get the costumes w/o live or (If I don't have it, which I think I might not,) any extra content? I'm losing my marbles here. Please tell me.

Accepted Answer

From: thoul 2 years ago

Costumes are DLC, so you will have to connect to Xbox Live and download them before they can be used. Most are in a skins pack that you would have to purchase. There is one free costume, but it's still DLC.

After beating the game, you can use costumes in a New Game+ run on the same save game.

Costumes can be used during the first playthrough on a save game without first beating the game by entering a cheat code. That can be found on the Cheats tab here on GameFAQs. Costumes still have to be downloaded before they can be used, however.

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