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Asked: 2 years ago

Is there an item that will help me find all the collectables?

Like the riddler maps in Arkham city. I know im missing a couple cameras and balloons.

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When you activate your Bat-Vision, people are outlined in Orange. Anybody who is Colored GREEN, you interrogate them.

In order to Interrogate them you must knock out anybody close by without knocking out the Green Goon and Hit Y to interrogate them. A certain amount of unlocks will appear on your map.

You may have to do some searching to find them if you have unlocked most of the things.

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To elaborate on the above commentor, I've pretty much been able to always find 3-4 Riddler informants around the Museum area. That's a good place to start if you're having a hard time finding them. But none of them will show up until you go inside the Church after visiting the Steel Mill for the first time.

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Look for the green people

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