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Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
"?" in the Restricted Area 1
5 Consecutive grapple boosts? 1
Batarang Combo? 1
Can anyone help me get this riddler trophy? 2
Can Anyone help me start the Azrael side quest? 1
Can I get back into Wonder Tower after defeating Strange? 1
Catwomam Riddle/mystery? 1
Catwoman trophy help industrial area? 1
Catwoman's claw climb? 2
Deadshot mission 2? (Spoilers?) 1
Do I need to do all the Riddler Physical Challenges? 2
Do Riddler informants respawn? 3
Do Riddler Thugs Ever Stop? 1
Grapnel boost take down challenge? 2
Help with a riddler riddle in amusement mile? 1
Help with Riddler trophies in the museum that require electricity? 2
Help with steel mill riddler trophies? 1
Hot and Cold Side Quest? 1
How do I active multiple Riddler Panels? 3
How do I apply explosive gel to breakable objects that are out of reach? 6
How do i beat penguin with freeze gun in ice lounge? 5
How do I choose the right one? O_O 1
How do I destroy the Harley Quinn statues in the steel mill? 2
How do I disable turrets? 1
How do I finish Heart of Ice? 2
How do I get back in to the Iceburg Lounge? 2
How do i get out of the steel mill after you beat the game? 2
How do i get the riddler trophy in the basement of the courthouse? 1
How do I get the this Bowery Riddler Trophy? 1
How do I solve (protocal 10)? 1
How do I solve Deadshot clue #2? 3
How do I solve Gladiator PIt? 2
How do I solve riddler radio broadcasts? 2
How do I solve the bang bang riddle? 3
How do I solve the bugs on the barge? 1
How do I solve the equipment challenge involving the electric charge? 1
How do I solve the giant ? Marks 2
How do I solve the last riddle in park row? 1
How do I solve the puzzle at the end of the watcher puzzle? 5
How do I solve the riddle in the same spot as .....? 2
How do I solve the Riddler trophy to the north east of the courthouse? 3
How do I solve the spray painted joker symbals? 2
How do I solve these gated riddler trophies? 2
How do I solve these two riddles? 1
How do i solve this riddle at the amusement mile ?? 1
How do I solve this riddle? 3
How do I solve this Trophy puzzle (near the church)? 1
How do I tell freeze I found Nora? 2
How do you Aerial Attack off a stunned enemy into another? 1
How Do You Find The Titan Container In The Museum?? 2
How do you get to this riddler trophy? 1
How do you open? 2
How do you reach these 2 riddler trophys? 1
How does the Identity theft mission work? 3
How many riddles do I need to solve to get to hostage # 3? 1
How To Overload Fuse Boxes? 2
ID Theft? 1
Identity Theft??? 1
Is it possible to do the Hot & Cold sidequest when...? 1
Is there a time limit? 1
Is there any missable content in this game? 1
It's a bird, it's a plane? 1
Last 3 Riddler trophies, i need help? 2
Locked out of the Church? 1
Missable Sidequests Help? 4
Mysterious Stranger on New Game Plus? 1
Pressure sensory Riddler trophy in wonder city? 4
Question about riddler throphy? 3
Reverse batarang? 1
Riddle me this? 2
Riddle near church/medical center? 1
Riddle pressure pad puzzle outside steel mill? 1
Riddler challenges in story mode? 1
Riddler combat challenges? 1
Riddler puzzles? 1
Riddler thugs? 1
Ridler hostage #5? 2
Saving all Riddler Hostages? 1
Subway riddler trophy? 1
Subway Tunnel Access 3 riddler trophy room? 3
The Riddlers victim #2? 1
Trophy in Zsasz's hideout? 5
Two questions for two side missions. Maybe spoilers? 2
Two Riddler challenges and combat maps..? 1
Underwater Riddler trophy? 2
What are the combat moves needed to get Perfect Freeflow 2.0? 1
What date in august do I visit calendar man? 4
What if I forgot to track the calls during Zasaz quest? 3
Where i can do the riddler physical challenge:" Hit an explosive with a batrang before it's launched etcetc"? 3
Where is a good place to complete these challenges? 2
Where is Freeze's wife in Heart of Ice? 1
Where is the boiler room? 1
Where is the tyger cctv hub location in the industrial district? 2
Where is the watcher? I guess his name is Azrael? 4
Wonder city riddler trophy? 1

Other Help Answers
Any chance of an Adam West skin? 2
Bane location and Riddler trophey help in Court house? 1
Black Mask and Killer Croc? 3
Can i be joker in batman arkham city? 1
Can I play Robin in story mode or new story plus? 3
Can you play campaign with catwoman and the other extra characters? 1
can't get back into GCPD atfter finding freezes wife? 2
Did Any1 Preorder And Get A Code For "Gotham Night" Movie? 2
Do i need catwoman to get 100% complete? 1
Do knocked out enemies wake up/respawn? 1
Does The Costume Swap Cheat Disable Achivements? 1
Easter eggs? 1
How do i get the rest of catwomans weapons? 1
How do I use nightwing? 1
How do you get riddler trophies to show up on your map?? 2
How i can glide after i used the grappler and how i can keep on gliding for long time? 2
How to heal? 1
I need help with theI riddler trophy right outside of the GCPD building? I have tryed everything but i cant get it. 1
I NEED Robin?!? 1
If i dont do anyside missions and finish the game, can i go back to story mode to do them??? 4
If I've beaten the game, does that mean I can't enter the Chamber of the Demon or the Monarch Theater anymore? 1
Is it worth buying? 1
Is there a FAQ on where the riddles are and how to solve them? 2
Lil bit help? 3
Outfits in story mode? 2
So is it true that the dlc wont work unless connected to live? 4
What happens to Calendar Man? 2
What's with the teddy bears? 1
Whats the point of hacking Tyger CCTV boxes? 1
Where is Nora Fries? 1
Wheres deathstroke? 1
Why i cant scan the symbols and stuff of riddler? 4
Will I have enough times to level up? 1
Will there be a Game Of The Year Edition ? 1
Will Two-face and Penguin come out? 5

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