Question from ericcorrea

How can i get or find the gold guns?

Ive searched all over the web but no one knows where or how or even says anything about the gold guns... where can i find them or how can i unlock them.


SkaterUB answered:

That's because they don't exist. There was only one Golden Gun and that was Winstons, which you use in one mission. That's it.
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JakeGallows2099 answered:

I managed to get the achievement for using all the weapon types even without using the golden guns. Kind of makes me think that they might be some on disc DLC in the future or something.
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cheesymoi answered:

It does exist. During the last mission u can pick it up after killing ponytail.
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Chisoka answered:

The golden .50 cal handgun you have at the start of "meet the New Boss" mission, and you can pick up the silver .50 cal gun during this mission after you've cleared the goons outside the office.

Still can't find the gold .45 smgs anywhere in the game with or without the taclight. They're the only guns that I haven't used according to my stats page.
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NinjatheClick answered:

The mission where you go burn down the sweatshop and kidnap the guy running it, I was doing vaulting disarms on the gunmen, and accidently picked up a golden gun from one of the triads I took out.
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ParrotChild answered:

Not really an answer, but I have a golden gun ready-and-waiting all the time in the apartment in Central - though that is on the PS3 version :P

Had it as soon as the main game was completed - or maybe it turned up after I got the "Gun Nut" achievement - I'm not sure...
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victoringram answered:

You have to first download the Ghost Pig Pack DLC, and then the gold guns will be available in all of your safe houses after you've completed the storyline missions. They'll respawn the moment you leave the safe house and let the door(s) close.

The DLC is free but requires 1.08 GB free space to download. That's because it also purportedly fixes a variety of issues/glitches in the original game and other DLCs, in addition to unlocking a costume and vehicle when combined with the Police Protection pack, and four hats (including a couple of notably... interesting ones).
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