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Cursed Dolls Man?

How long do I wait to search for the guy who made the cursed dolls?

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I mean, I've collected all the dolls and beaten him twice, but then he disappears and Tsunade says they will search for him. How long do I wait until I can go find him?

stalion19 asked for clarification:

How many ponts do you need?

stalion19 asked for clarification:

How many ponts do you need?

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cainx10a answered:

You will receive a letter at some point that will ask you to talk to Tsunade about the Curse Jutsu Master. I received that letter after completing the 'Fragment' chapter, it took a while, I was running around looking for Ton Ton's pearls at the time.

After you talk to Tsunade, you will be able to add her to your party, Then you can merrily chase after the bad guy whose location will be given to you.
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N0_To1erance answered:

Anytime. . I didnt do very many of the dolls until after i completed the storyline
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yandome answered:

after you get a certain number of storm points you will get a letter from Tsunade that means that you will have enough storm points to unlock killer bee and taka sauske within the next couple fights

**** i suggest that you battle with bots on vs. mode put the difficulty to max and handicap all the way down against you *u will need it because the new doll you face has ridiculous effects i beat it with only 1% health lucky me =-)

***** or bring your friends over and play vs. you will unlock the all characters after you get enough storm points

***also you will unlock support moves in vs. mode with storm points for jiraya and characters like that who died or u cant befriend hope it helped =]
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