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Where can I find (final paper with code?

At the end the game threre are request there are 5 papers with a riddle on them if u find the last one threr some type of item or treasure found 4 of them ?

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Fin_the_Hunter answered:

If you're talking about the Ebisu mission, there is no treasure and to complete it you need to talk to Ebisu again, but your wording wasn't clear sorry :)
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CluckerNuts answered:

OK if you have the final paper with code then you will have to talk to ebisu again then he will look for it himself. the some cutscenes then mission accomplished but you dont get the treasure that you looked for
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rjhunterx answered:

Well when you find the final paper with code it is obviously located in the training field, but you wont find it there so just go back to Ebisu and he will take it to the training field. After he leaves go to the training field and the rest unfolds!
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