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Is it true Mhairi is only a temporary companion or is there only a possibility she dies because I've heard that she dies early on after taking the joining but she's listed on the website like a major character so I'm confused

MalektheHero asked for clarification:

Yeah i have no clue ill play through the begining again and see if there is a way to keep her alive but just to say try giving anders to the templars or set him free or just not make oghren a grey warden otherwise i have no idea

Accepted Answer

Artexix answered:

SPOILERS: Mihari can't live, She is replaced as the ideal tank by Justice later on in Blackmarsh. Or if you wanted to, you could respec Anders to a arcane warrior and get the other mage companion, then roll her around in the healing talents.
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FacelessMinion answered:

Regardless of what you do Mhairi is doomed to die during her joining. She is only temporary.
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