Question from kayle31

I cant find storm chaser armor??

How do i find the stormchaser armor I cant seem to get the vendor in the keep to sell the chset piece and i have all the other pieces of the set do i need to do something special for it to appear?


karakuri answered:

Look carefully! I had trouble finding it the first time. ! It's chainmail and only sells around 18g.
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thedragonlady answered:

The Helmet is in Origins (sorry, don't remember where), the Mail is for sale from Yuriah in the Vigil's Throne Room, the Gauntlets can be bought from Herren at Vigil's Keep and the Boots are found on a dead Templar at the Turnoble Estates during the quest, Far Afield.
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jctthe3rd answered:

Actually the storm chaser helm is at the very first part of awakening. On a platform just before you enter vigil keep, you will see some wounded soldiers on cots, it is up there on the platform with them.
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