Question from SSJ_Vegetolli

What Gems *like Diamonds, etc* are salable?

This was previously DELETED *for reasons unknown... wth*
This contained no spoilers... *aside from a diamond is needed for a quest I didn't MENTION*
I'm just curious if ANY gems are salable... instead of taking inventory space for the endgame.... *please don't post spoilers, only a list of what (and how many) I should NOT sell*

SSJ_Vegetolli provided additional details:

also items that might be needed for quests.... not sure about Idol and whatever else I have.

Accepted Answer

BobKaare_ answered:

As far as gems go, there is one quest that requires a Diamond, and one that requires a Flawless Ruby. Every other gem you can just sell. In the same quests, you are also going to need a Master Lyrium Potion, a Greater Warmth Balm, a Grandmaster Fire Rune and a Grandmaster Lightning Rune, so keep your eye out for those as well.

Almost every item that is needed for quest gets put into the Quest category of your inventory, so there is no way for you to sell them anyway, so you needn't worry about that.
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