Question from fartsparks

Asked: 4 years ago

What is the best strategy for (club selection)?

Can someone explain club selection to me? When to use Punch, Flop, chip and so on. Please. I'm a noob at this golf thing, but we can play some FIFA and I'll show you some things.

Accepted Answer

From: leebula 4 years ago

I use punch for two reasons: if I am under a tree and a normal swing will hit the branches I will use punch and if there is a lot of wind (12+ mph) and I'm approaching between 20-50 yads from the hole I use punch. Punch keeps the ball very low when you hit it. I chip when I'm hitting from the fringe or just outside the fringe on the fairway. Chips go about 6 inches high for about 2-3 feet before it rolls the rest of the way like a putt. To me, flops are shots that go very high but short. I never use flops.

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