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Cant find t bone junction in fast travel menu ?

Hi the thing is that i download the borderlands third dlc today but i cant find t bone junction in fast travel menu so i cant start the dlc.
I buy the dlc from my USA account and installed it on my original account.
I have finished it once and i am on its second playthrough and my level is 45.

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GreatWhiteNorth answered:

OK if you made the same mistake as me; you downloaded the game then "Disconnected from Live" The game needs an update before it will recognice the add on.
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siege924 answered:

1.) You can download it again. Xbox LIve doesn't charge for a second download (the item will have a checkmark next to it to indicate this).
2.) You REALLY need to be level 50 before you even think about starting that up (the lowest enemy is level 51)
3.) I don't believe you can buy DLC on one account and transfer it wholesale to a completely different account.
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