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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I get my overall ratings up in my player mode?

Im a pg and my ratings in each catergory are going up versy slowly which means my overall rating is barely going up. How do i get my rating up quickly?

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You earn something called skill points and you can use them by going to the menu before you play the next game. I forget what the section is called.

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Same for me was going up slowly but if u upgrade defense awareness and offense awareness it goes up alot fast i was overall 40 and used 2,000 skillpoints on offense awareness and went to 45 overall

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To increase overall rating fast, you need to increase the skill point in the important stats of your player's position.

For a PG, the important stats are usually ball-handling, passing, ball security, hands, catch, etc.

When all the position-related skills are filled, then the physical and mental stats would be next , stamina, speed, strength, quickness, vertical.

RyGuyRy is spot on, 1 of the fastest way to get increase for any position is through increasing offensive & defensive awareness.

Personally, I don't recommend to get overall rating high quickly, since the player will become "overrated", especially when playing against other 99 overall players.

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