• Achievements

    Amateur DriverComplete the Amateur Cup.10
    ChallengerComplete all the Challenges.50
    Championship DriverComplete the career mode.30
    Don't put yourself into the wallCompete in your first Derby match.5
    Droppin' The HammerUse Hammer 100 times in singleplayer.20
    Every second countin the minutesCompete in your first Time Trial.5
    Eyes on The PrizeUse Focus 100 times in singleplayer.10
    Gear HeadMax out all Performance Points on a car.10
    Let's see how you do in a crowdCompete in your first Multiplayer Match.5
    Pro DriverComplete the Pro Cup.15
    Rubbin' is Racin'Get over 9,000 Points in Rowdy Derby Mode.20
    Welcome to the big time.Start a new career.20

    Contributed By: Guard Master.