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Possessed weapons?

When it comes to feeding and leveling up possessed weapons, are the stats that it acquires completely random or is there a way to give it exactly what you want it to have by feeding it specific items?


Vlanoik answered:

If you feed it an item with +crit chance it'll have the option to obtain it (up to 4 abilities can be placed on the weapon) you may want to excercise caution if you want a specific one on there, if you feed it a lot of items with different abilities all may not be avaliable. If your possessed weapon already has a stat like +crit chance feeding it other items with it will further buff that stat. And yes, I was specific on the term item because you can feed it armor and up your def and resist stats as well. Also note that the possessed weapon has to be the same level or higher than the item consumed (it's item level goes up when it levels up, but not it's required). And of course the sooner you put a stat on the higher that stat can go from the initial amount.
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suldae_of_wind answered:

When you upgrade a Possessed Weapon (PW), the selection menu will show the weapon's available to feed the weapons stats.

They are color coded:

Stat in Grey: Can't be applied to the Possessed Weapon; Happens when number of stat maximum is reached or the particular stat can't be applied (i.e. Execution Chance on a Secondary Weapon)

Stat in White: Can be applied to the PW once it has reached it's next level. When the weapon eats enough to gain a level, ONE of the LAST FOUR stats of the weapons fed to it can be applied.

Stat in Green: Stat is currently on the Weapon. Feeding a the PW a Weapon with green stats will increase the current stats already on the PW. I'm not sure if they are naturally increased or if you have to choose it from the list of available stats when the PW levels up.

A PW can be applied with a MAXIMUM of FOUR additional stats. However, some PWs will have additional stats on them when you get them.
Not all stats are counted toward the four stat maximum.
Example: I recieved PW Scythes that had Lightning dmg and 2 Reaper Energy per kill, the Reaper Energy per kill didn't count toward the four stat max; I received a PW Hammer that had Crit Chance and Health per Crit and these did count toward the max stats.

You'll just have to play with these weapons to figure out if a given stat has weight toward the stat max.

Each PW can be leveled five times once obtained irregardless of what stats were on it at acquisition.
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