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How do I call for a fair catch?

Instruction booklet says to press "Y", however no matter how many times I try I can't get my kick/punt returner to call for a fair catch. Anybody have this problem or have figured it out?

StaticKornSlipX asked for clarification:

@jbstockman, its the "Y" button on 360.


ChrisHanson24 answered:

Hold the button.
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TeeRx answered:

I figured out what I was doing wrong. I will explain in case anyone else had the same confusion. When I was to receive a kick/punt I would let the computer put the receiver on the ball spot and then I'd take control AFTER he caught the ball. So whenever I would press "Y" I wasn't in control of the receiver. I figured out that you have to take control of him BEFORE you catch the ball... so it's take control "B" then call for fair catch with "Y". Thanks anyway.
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360spain07 answered:

TeeRx is right you have to take control of the player before he catches the ball and then press Y.
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donbat143 answered:

I have tested something extensively and this can also be an issue... if you attempt to fair catch when no opposing player is within 10 yards of you it will not work....I think this has to do with the fact that is real football you cannot signal for a fair catch if there is no one close to you. not that you would need to do this unless you are trying to save clock for the hail mary. (I believe this was the reason for the creation of the squib kick... it stopped the receiving team from taking a fair catch as well )
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jbstockman answered:

You must press the triangle button very early
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BksBest1199 answered:

Hold the Y button before you run
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