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How do I bet the Zillo Beast level?

Yoda keeps telling me to build this rx-200 tank! I have built 5 cannons and nothing else is avaliable! I have over a million studs! I'm at a loss please help if you can!

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Izad1980 answered:

you can do it with just 3 RX-200 tanks but the more you have the better. but when you build them all the clone troopers will drive them. they wont know what to do. so you need to get in one of themand aim the laser at the cold chest plate on the Zillo Beasts chest. then the rest of the tanks will do the same. just keep the beam there for a minute or so and after it breaks thats the end of the level.
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OttmarKeil answered:

You have to spread out the cannons over different "build points". Tanks can only be build after you have already put buildings into 3 other circles.
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Lightbringer6 answered:

Both answers here are great. To sum up, hopefully easier to understand: In order to build RX-200 tanks, you have to go to multiple nodes and build a cannon on each, not just a bunch of cannons around one node. Each node you build at unlocks more available things to build at the next node you 'capture' like this. Eventually you can build the Tanks (I think it's the 4th node you capture that allows it, since first is cannons, 2nd is air support (which is locked out), 3rd is barracks (which is also locked out).
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