Question from mikey21997

How do you unlock every character?

I have gone on the Separatist ship everywhere and even the republic ship everywhere. Where do I find the rest of the characters?

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Sneaky_Assassin answered:

Characters come from completing the levels, you have to buy some like droids find them wandering all the over both ships, each room has a specific character that has to be bought, sometimes you have to wait a few moments for them to appear.

Some characters come from minikits, find all 10 in a level and they will be in the minikit chamber, you have to release them from the chamber then buy them.

Then some come from doing ground assaults and turning either the galaxy red or blue.
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manic2 answered:

Go to this web-site and look it up.All the cheat codes are there if you just want the characters without having to do all the work.The site is
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