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Asked: 3 years ago

Where can I buy characters?

I found the admiral guy walking around and bought him, but since then i've done like 3 levels (i know its not many, but i just got the game and know theres more characters i unlocked) but i and cant find where to buy other people,

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Some wander around in the different areas of both hub ships, some come from minikits but most are given at the end of completing levels.

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Ok go to the elevator from were you start of at and then follow the path then there's a circle kenected to other paths and go down then to the left and go all the way down the hall and there's another elevator and then theres these tubd things and find the person you unlocked and release and then buy ps. they aren't cheap

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Hey if you want a sith, just go to extras in the pause menu and put in mell07
you will get Savage oppress

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