• Achievements

    Creature CatcherCompleted Chapter 210
    Dexterous DreamerCompleted the game within 25 minutes25
    Dream GuideCompleted the game within 30 minutes20
    Eagle EyeScored 1,200,000 points or better25
    End of the DreamCompleted Dream Chronicles™. (Single Player Game)10
    Faye and FidgetCompleted the game in Co-op Mode20
    I SpyScored 800,000 points or better20
    In to the GreenhouseCompleted Chapter 1010
    Jewel ApprenticeCompleted 6 Dream Jewels20
    Jewel MasterCompleted all Dream Jewels20
    Through the ForestCompleted Chapter 1510
    Trapped in the Tree House!Completed Chapter10

    Contributed By: R351D3NT3V1L4.