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Who Needs Rescuing? sidequest

In Act 3 I got this quest (from a letter I think) titled Who Needs Rescuing? It told me to go rescue a girl who's been kidnapped by bandits on the Wounded Coast. But when I go to the location there's nobody there. What am I supposed to do?

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raflw4ffl3 answered:

The quest seems to be bugged indeed. You go to the coast where the leader for a gang from act 2 fights you and then you can go to a camp north-north east. In my case there was just a "bandit leader" standing there. Couldnt interact with him and no cutscene starts when you go there:/
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XPushingOBorder answered:

It seems that this quest is bugged for many people and does not trigger at all. I had it happen to me and was forced to beat the game without completing it.
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SithisOurFather answered:

Have you read the letter for the quest? Because for some reason it gives you the quest before you read the letter (I did and the quest worked fine but i havnt tried it without reading the letter). If its just a bug then I hope they fix it in a patch.
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DarqueDragon answered:

I read the letter and had the same problem with the quest. The guy is standing there, but there is no way to interact with him. Instead, I just found a bunch of Qunari in various places around the coast. It wasn't a total loss, as it got me some of the Qunari blades for The Lost Swords quest, but still annoying.
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DrunkenKarnie answered:

Yep, bugged. Had the quest before reading the letter, but i can't remember if i read the letter before initially going out to the wounded coast or not (I didn't try completing the quest until after i'd acquired the full "Champion" set.)
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