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How To Complete A Romance?

The question pretty much says it all. I had Merril move in with me and i still didn't get the achievement, so did my game just glitch and not give it to me or is there something else i need to do for my next game? I don't know if it matters but i did sleep with Isabella first, before i started with Merril

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Ok but i already beat the game and i didnt get a special scene or anything. Any idea?

Accepted Answer

Judas_Deth answered:

When everyone is standing around before the big battle and you can't go anywhere until you talk to whoever , go to your companions and push "A" to talk to'em. once you talk to whoever you completed a romance with you'll get the achievement. You can also talk to everone else in your party for some interesting endgame conversations.
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DonJohn80 answered:

There's a scene near the end of the game right before the final battle.
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