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Isabella Armor?

Please tell how to get/ where to get all the pieces of her armor

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Boiled Leather Plates question- I m using the martyr defaut, dose that matter, and what do I have to do in the murder of the crows [who do I need to kill or avoid killing]

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Quatermain8 answered:

Lambswool Insoles - Act 2: "To Catch A Thief" in a chest in the Lost-End Foundry
Rigid Boning - Act 2: Apparel Shop in Lowtown
Supportive Corset - Act 2: Robes by Jean Luc in Hightown
Boiled Leather Plates - Act 3: "Murder of Crows" quest (you have to be using a DA:O import file where Zevron is still alive)
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Quatermain8 answered:

As far as I know, you have to use a DA:O import, not a preset background. The Boiled Leather Plates are in the Mountain Cave in a pile of bones.
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