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How do I get the exorcist achievement?

I never came along the quest to get this achievement in the game. how do you get it?


fusion88 answered:
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kill12355 answered:

If you just look at the answered questions you wouldn't have to ask one that has allready been answered...
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shadeninja13 answered:

In act 2 there is the forbidden knowledge sidequest, where you must find and destroy five evil tomes, located in the viscounts keep, the chantry, a cave just past the dalish on sundermount, a cave in the wounded coast, and a cave in the bone pit, after the five tomes are destroyed the location of the fell grimiore will be shown, go to it and either destroy it, take it, or accept its offer, no matter what you will enter a fight with a powerful desire demon and several abominations and rage demons, win and you get the achievement. suggest taking the grimoires offer as it gets you 2 attribute points
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