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Where can I find the crafting material Ambrosia?

I just want to know if it is on the main quest, or if it is off on some obscure place that if you don't look closely you will miss it.

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I don't know exactly where, but it's in a place called Castillon's Landing in Act 3 of the game(Year Seven if you check the save data at the start of) according to the official DA2 Strategy Guide. It's accessed through the Docks at night, but you might have to have Isabella around to trigger the quest that'll even let you find the place because Castillon is an NPC related to Isabella's Companion Quests.

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I believe you have to've let Isabella take the Relic and not let the Arishok take her when she brings it back. She winds up back at the Hanged Man and after you talk to her once, a quest opens up to save her from Castillon. Once you're in his lair, it's in the room in a chest. I'm not sure how to get it if you let the Arishok take Isabela though.

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@SDBently: You don't have to let Isabelle take the Relic, just so long as you don't allow the Arishok to take her in the final confrontation of Act 2.

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To get the Ambrosia you must have Isabela return to you at the end of Act 2 with the relic and you cannot turn her over to the Arishok when he asks. Isabela's comapnion quest will trigger sometime in Act 3 after you forgive her at the Hanged Man. To start the quest she will be found inside your Estate near your letter desk (there is no indication to start the quest, she will just randomly show up to ask for help). After going a ways into the quest, you will arrive at Castillon's Landing and the Ambrosia can be found in a chest marked Ambrosia.

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