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Asked: 3 years ago

Why hasn't Fenris moved in?

So, I am well passed the half way romantic parts with Fenris but he still hasn't shown up at night to move in and I am on the third Act. If he doesn't move in, that's all I need to know - the walkthrough didn't specify who moves in or not.

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He never moves in with you. So far the only person I got to really move in is merrill.

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Anders will also move in with you. I haven't done any other romance, so I can't answer further.

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I agree with both Morbidly and Ruka....I have only seen Anders or Merrill move in Isabela or Fenris do not and Aveline and Verric are non-romance

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Hi. Ok I don't know if this will help as I haven't tried it yet myself in the game but My brother has the Official Companion Guide for Dragon Age 2 and in states in connection with the romance of Fenris that the player must have a 50% friendship or rivalry with Fenris then flirt with him during his questioning beliefs quest and if the friendship or rivalry remains at at least 50% then he will come to the estate and then you flirt with him again and then trigger the next conversation of asking him to move in. Try and see if that helps. If it does let me know. I hope I helped a little.

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He can't move in in act 2. All the requirements from cariaell, and flirt with him after a bitter pill in your house at night. he says the he 'can't handle it' and he 'ends the romance', but, if you've done everything right, he wears this red band on his wrist. that's all i know right now, but i believe in act 3, if you walk into fenris's mansion, you'll encounter aveline and varric confronting fenris about needing to find a place to stay. you can invite him to live with you, and thats that.

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