Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by Poyudi Hytori

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                                                               By Poyudi Hytori



Poyudi Hytori here. I really loved playing Dragon Age Origins for a long while,
and finally finished my goal of getting every achievement for it a few months
back. So when I saw Dragon Age 2 was coming out I couldn't wait to play it, and
beat it. (Which I have 3 times now.) And to get all the Achievements for it.
(Which I've also just done yesterday.) So now I've decided to write a
walkthrough for it. This walkthrough will help you to finish every quest, to
beat the game, and to get every achievement. However this isn't a complete
guide. (As much as I would love too, I simply don't have the time to get
every last detail.) Although it DOES come close to it.

I will try my best to keep the spoilers as limited as I can, while also trying
to keep this guide interesting for you to be reading.

Good Luck with your game. ~ Poyudi Hytori


1. Introduction
2. Content
3. Guide Info
4. Picking your class
5. Class building tips
6. General Tips and Tricks
7. DLCs
8. Walkthrough
9. Act 1
10. Act 2
11. Act 3
12. Post-Game
13. Legacy
14. Mark of the Assassin
15. FAQ
16. Companion Guide
17. Contact
18. Copyright
19. End

Guide Info / Version History

This guide assumes certain things, but is written in mind that these things may
not be for you.

1. You have "The Black Emporium" DLC.
2. You have "The Exiled Prince" DLC.
3. You do NOT have any of the Item Packs DLC.

I have and use the two DLCs that came out with the game, I however feel the
Item Packs DLCs are basically buying a cheat for the game, and won't use them
in a serious play through. You however are free to use them if you wish, just
adjust what you do accordingly.

Version 0.01 04/28/2011 - Guide started.

Version 0.50 04/??/2011 - Half-way through the guide, got bored with the male
character and moved onto something else.

Version 0.50 08/12/2011 - Starting new game with a female lead. Will be
rewriting a lot of this guide to improve it. I am sorry for taking so long
to get back to this. But I promise to finish it this time. There are still
grammar mistakes in this version but since there isn't a single complete guide
yet, I am uploading this before starting the new game, and before the massive
rewrites. (Mainly related to friendship and rivalry with characters.)

Version 0.70 08/14/2011 - Finished most of Act 2. The Bone Pit quests and the
main quests are left to do. Still haven't done all the rewrites I plan yet.

Version 1.20 08/19/2011 - Finished the walkthrough, and the Legacy walkthrough.

Version 2.00 03/10/2012 - Went through the walkthrough and did rewrites. Mostly
just saying what were looking for to loot items from rather then just saying
there is an item there. I added the solution to the puzzle in Legecy that I
forgot last time, thus showing you how to get the warden helmet, and I added
a walkthrough for Mark of the Assassin. The lastest DLC for DA2.

Picking Your Class

Unlike in Origins, You’re defaulted to being a Human, and to a single Back
story. You can still chose a gender, but this has no real effect on the game,
as well as a class.

For classes you have 3 choices.


Main Stats: Strength & Constitution Or Constitution & Cunning

Personally, I don't like playing as a Warrior at all. But many people like
playing as this class for very good reason. Out of the three classes, the
warrior is the best at defense, and the best at controlling a battle. However
it's over all attack power is somewhat lacking compared to the Mage, and it's
a slow moving class compared to the Rouge.


Main Stats: Dexterity & Cunning

I love playing as the Rouge in Dragon Age Games. In DA2 the Rouge is the
fastest attacker, has stealth options, and is the only class that can pick
locks. A Rouge doesn't have as much defense as a Warrior, or as much raw power
as a Mage does. But with high attack speed, and high Crital Chance, it can
tear apart an enemy fast.


Main Stats: Magic & Willpower

The Mage is by far the most interesting one to play in terms of story. (With
the whole Mage VS. Templar conflict going on.) and has the most stomping
power out of the classes. However it also has the lowest defense. So a mage
isn't for someone who can't avoid being attacked. However with the right build,
a mage can make most battles end quickly with AOE spells that take out the
weaker enemies, leaving your party to attack the ones that are left behind.

Class Building Tips

Each Class has its own challenges and powers to building them. However it
doesn't take much to figure out a build that will work for you, and if you
can't, you can always have it automatically decide for you. (Which is what I
do with companions most of the time.)

I'll let you decide on the Skills yourself, but for stats I have the following


There are two basic ways to build a Warrior. First way is as a Tank, pouring
your points mostly into Constitution and Cunning (For HP and Defense) and then
putting points into Strength as needed to get the best equipment on.

The second way is to focus on power, putting points mostly into Strength, then
constitution for Equipment, and lastly into Cunning to get at least some
defense going for you.


A Rouges attack power is decided mainly by the Dexterity Stat, and their lock
picking power, as well as their defense is controlled by the Cunning Stat. If
you intend to use skills during battle; you'll also need a decent amount of
willpower to go into your Rouge.


A Mages power comes from their Magic Stat, and because you'll be using a lot
of spells, you also need a high willpower. Cunning is far less a concern, as
you want to avoid having enemy’s attack your mage, but it is something to keep
in mind.

Generally you'll want the Mind Blast skill for a Mage to be handy, as it'll
cause most enemy’s to stop attacking your mage and go after someone else.
Should it happen, the upgrade for the skill will incress the area of effect for

General Tips & tricks.

As a General Rule, you'll want one rouge (Preferably either Hawke or Varric)
who will always be in your party to do all the lock picking. There are four
levels for lock picking, which require your cunning stat to be at 10, 20, 30,
or 40. Near the beginning of Act 1, you want the stat at 20 or higher, by the
end of Act 1 you want it at 30, by the start of Act 3 you want it at 40.

You get Varric at the beginning of Act 1, and there is NOTHING you can do to
get rid of him, so that's why he's the best choice if you’re not going to play
as a rouge.


In general you want at least one Mage, one warrior, and one Rouge in your
party at all times. (The fourth member can be whatever.) Anders and Bethany
are the only ones besides Hawke that can heal as a mage, and Bethany is only
available for Act One, if you’re not a Mage. So on a play through with a high
difficulty level, you'll want your mage to be Anders for the most part.


Complete EVERY Quest in an Act, and collect ALL the important items. This will
yield a large amount of coin from the quests, and future quests with BIG
rewards relay on you completing certain quests in earlier Acts. So completing
as much as you can makes the later parts of the game easier.


With a little work, and an Xbox Live Account, you can get a few pretty nice
items for free. For details you should check out: www.DragonAge.com/DA2/ for
details on how to get these "Extra" Items. (You get two for playing while on
Xbox Live at least once, and you get another few for signing up for a
newsletter, beating the Demo for DA2 on the 360, and 5 for playing their
Facebook game.)

These items are VERY useful in Act 1.


If you want to get as many achievements as possible in a single play through,
it requires a little pre-planning. But I recommend you save that until your
second play through, or just follow this guide and make it up as you go.


Isabela is the hardest companion to get to like you, or so they say. But I've
made an art of it, maxing out her friendship by the end of Act 2 on most
play throughs. So this guide can help you with romancing her, or just getting
her to like Hawke.


Don't go off spending money on things unless I say its okay in this guide.
There are many items you need to buy throughout the game, and a few quests that
require money as well. As you'll see with this walkthrough, I almost never
buy weapons, armors, or Accessories at shops unless there is something REALLY
special about them.


The Black Emporium -

The Black Emporium is a shop that is open all game long, it's the only shop
that never gets rid of an item unless you buy it, and has some nice stuff to
pick from. The shop also, beginning at Act 2, will sell extra of certain items
you need for completion purposes. You also get a few rather nice free items
from a chest within the shop when you first go there.

The Exiled Prince -

This is a collection of 3 quests, and adds Sebastian as a Companion you can
get in Act 2. It seems this DLC was originally meant to be a part of the game.
However if you don't already have it, it doesn't come all that highly
recommended for the price it's at. Still, if you have the extra points, it's
worth a try. I personally love the story it adds to the game, though I could
do without Sebastian. This guide includes this companion and these quests in
it as well as how to get the 5 achievements that come with it.

Item Packs -

Item packs aren't the best DLC out there, and is really only meant for those
who need the extra fire power to make it through the game. It comes with some
neat high-end items, (and when at higher levels (26+) are perhaps the best
items in the game so far.) But feels a lot like cheating, and is best left to
be used for either a Nightmare Run, or after you beat the game a few times.


The DLCs so far for Dragon Age 2 don't really hold up when compared to the DLCs
of Dragon Age Origins. But the Game is still new, so we shall see what they
come up with in the future.


UPDATE: 08/12/2011

Legacy -

This is an interesting post game DLC. It comes with 5 achievements and makes a
good addition to the main story. If you’re a fan of DA2 or DAO this is a MUST
have. Even so... It feels a little over priced to me. I won't spoil it for you,
but I do intend to add it to this walkthrough once I'm done with the main game.


UPDATE: 03/03/2012

Mark Of The Assassin -

Another interesting DLC. Though it feels more like a side-quest then an
addision to the main story. You do get a new compainion for the duration of
this DLC and interesting game play. As well as 5 new achievements. Still, not
recomended unless you like to have all the DLCs or all the Achievements. It
gives you something interesting to do once you've completed everything else.


UPDATE: 03/03/2012

Item Pack 2 -

I honestly wouldn't get these if I were you. This pretty much fills in with
items they decided not to release in the first one.


Okay, Read everything Above? Or at least know what you’re getting yourselves

The walkthrough will begin in....




Before the opening scenes, you get to pick Hawkes Class and Gender. I picked
a Male Rouge for this play through. (Correction as of 8/12/2011. I'm starting
over with a female character, and this walkthrough has been rewritten for that.)

The opening scenes are interesting, and the opening fight is easy no matter
what class you picked, so have fun.

| Achievement - Tale Within a Tale                                            |
| Once you beat the Ogre in the opening scenes you'll be rewarded this        |
| Achievement.                                                                |

The Seeker is, as what Seekers do, looking for the truth, and one of the
Champions former companions, Varric, has been brought in to explain the events
that took place during the time this story takes place.

(I love it when the Seeker calls Bullshit.)

You'll be able to finally customize your Hawke, and game. (I normally leave
everything as a default setting until the "Events of Origins" setting.)

There are three pre-built options, or you can import a save. I normally import
a save I have ready from origins. This affects a little story content, and
quite a few side-quests. (Which ones are avalible depends on what happened
during Origins.) Pick what feels right to you and move on.

NOTE: If you import from Origins, the Awakening story-line will simply be
filled in automatically.

NOTE: If you import from an unfinished Origins game, missing stuff will be
filled in automatically.

If this is your first time, you’re not very good, going for a complete
play-through, or getting as many achievements as you can. I Recommend setting
the Difficulty to Casual. Other-wise set it to Normal. (As I'll be distracted
by making this walkthrough, I'm going through on Casual this time.)

Alright, one more thing before we go on. Hawke's personality is effected by
dialog choices you make, he/she will lean towards one of three personalities,
and what Hawke actually says is effected by this to keep him sounding the same
through normal game play. So unless you’re trying to make a certain person
happy, or going for a certain chain of events in a quest, try to mostly pick
the options that will get you the Hawke you want.

Green/Blue : Good, Kind, Peace marker.
Purple: Fun, Relaxed, Makes a lot of jokes and such.
Red: Is a complete Jerk. ( XD lol!!! ) Battle hungry/ Blood hungry type.

Alright, now onto the Prologue part of the game.

The Destruction of Lothering

Varric explains the beginning events of DAO, and you begin as Hawke.

When you have control, move forward, in this area to the left and right each
have a sparkling spot (Both marked as Dead Refugee) to collect an item. (Most
Items you'll get in this game from spots like this, chests, and enemy drops are
random.) When you try to collect the items, some Hurlocks will show up. Kill
them and Loot the items.

The Dead Refugees give you different items depending on your class. Now you
have a choice in equipment and have gained a level.

| Achievement - Talented                                                      |
| Use one Ability Point to gain a new skill/Talent.                           |

Afterwards move forward for a cut-scene. Then a small fight and another scene.
This scene introduces Aveline, a Companion. You must save her by killing the
Hurlocks off.

The scene after the battle is the first of many "Investigate" Options. These
will allow you to ask questions before picking your reply. Pretty much
any of the 3 options will make Bethany like Hawke more, and Caver Like him
less. The Blue Option will give a slight boast to how Aveline feels about

Moving forward there are some Hurlocks, and 4 places to find items that are
easy enough to spot. (2 Dead Refugee, Rubble, and another Dead Refugee.) When
you get to a fork, you'll fight more Hurlocks, and an Emissary. Take out the
Emissary first since it can use magic, and clear out the Hurlocks.

To the left of the fork are two Dead Refugee, a locked chest, and a Codex. You
can't open the chest unless Hawke is a Rouge sadly.

|Achievement Advice.                                                          |
| If you want the Weapon Master Achievement, Start now By only upgrading      |
| skills in the Duel Weapon, Sword and Shield, Archery, or Two handed weapons |
| For Hawke. When You've unlocked all the skills in one of these on one       |
| Character, you'll get this achievement.                                     |

Continue on the path to the right for a boss battle.
|                              SPOILER ALRET!!!                               |
|If you’re not a Mage, Caver will Die, if you are one, Bethany will die.      |

Hurlocks will keep coming as long as the ogre is there, at a slow rate after
awhile though, so unless there are a few hurlocks to worry about, focus your
attacks on the Ogre, and try to avoid being hit by it. Its strongest attack
is the easiest to avoid, It'll lower its body and prepare to charge, just don't
be in its path. For the other attacks, just try not to be directly in front of
the Ogre. The battle should be fairly easy to win.

After the battle is a scene, then another battle. This battle is cut short
however by another Cut-Scene. Look! It's Flemeth!

Pick the Companion Option when it shows up. (The Green top left one.) for
friendship points with Aveline, Ask questions if you like, as long as you end
up agreeing to do the task for Flemeth. This begins "The Long Way Home" Quest
for Act 1.

You'll get another option to choose a Companion option Chose it for more
points with Aveline. Choosing a Companion option will almost always lead to a
friendship boost with that companion.

Once the scenes are over, head to the guard pointed out during the last part
of the scenes for another scene. Select any option, and continue on. It's a
straight forward path to the next person you need to talk with. Sooner or
later Gamlen will be talked about no matter what you pick, and a fight will
break out, and the Captain will agree to find your uncle for you.

Picking the Companion option won't gain points with Bethany.

If you’re looking to get as many achievements as you can, then make a new save
right now, do either the Mercenaries or smugglers quest and finish it, get
the achievement, load the save, and do the other one. Both quests are very
quick and easy to do. I normally do the Smugglers quest, deferring to Aveline
while shaking down the guy for coin will get you more friendship with her.

|Gold Advice                                                                  |
| The most profitable path here is to start the Mercenaries Quest. When you   |
| talk to the man tell him you want to talk. Then take his bribe (The Icon    |
| you want to pick is the yellow one with coins.) You'll gain 2 Sovereigns    |
| and betray the Mercenaries. Afterwards go do the Smuggler's Quest. It's     |
| possible to betrade the Smuggler's for equal profit and then do the         |
| Mercenaries Quest. Either way you gain some EXP in a battle, and 2          |
| Sovereigns. Though later in the game you'll have to deal with having        |
| betraying whoever you choose to betray.                                     |

go talk to Gamlen, and this part is over, after the scenes it will be a year
later in Act 1.

|Achievements - Immigrant - Nefarious - Mercenary                             |
| Immigrant is gotten by finishing the game to this point. Nefarious is       |
| rewarded if you did the Smuggler's Quest. Mercenary if you did the          |
| Mercenaries Quest.                                                          |


During the opening cut-scenes, you'll meet Varric and he'll join your party.

You need to come up with 50 Sovereigns! Oh well, following this guide you'll
get plenty. Varric is VERY easy to get along with, most anything that Hawke
does or say will increases friendship with Varric.

Before we go much farther into the Act, let's collect a third Companion so that
we'll be in a full and balanced party. Exit Hightown, going to the map, hit the
RT button... Hey, and Achievement! That was easy. Now back to Hightown during
the day time. Head to the south center area in Hightown, and towards the quest
arrow there. Enter the building. This unlocks a new location on the World Map.

|Achievements - Darkness Falls - Explorer                                     |
|Switching the map to night grants the Darkness Falls Achievement. Going to a |
|Location outside Kirkwall nets the Explorer Achievement. The walkthrough     |
|will have you do this soon enough.                                           |

In the Keep, head up the stairs, and to the right, going towards the quest
arrow, when you find her, talk to Aveline. Picking the Green option yields
some friendship points. Then pick "What's the Job" and "I'm with you." For
a quest. Aveline will join your party.

Now head to Lowtown and follow the Quest Arrow to Hawke's home. (marked as
Gamlen's house.) There’s a chest here that has all the "Extra" items you may
have. Collect them. Collect the letters at your desk, and talk to your
mother, then Bethany or Carver to begin Birthright.

Feel free to skip then next section if you’re not interested in running around
and collecting items, there some important items in it as well, but unless your
doing a complete play through, it really doesn't matter. Each Act will start
with one of these sections.


In your home you can pick up the items from the item packs, or to do the DLC
content. I recomend not playing the DLCs until Post-Game. But it's up to you
really. I only empty the Extras Chest and leave the item packs alone in most
play-throughs. The Extra Items you can get for free are in the "Special
Deliveries" Chest. There can be up to 7 chests in the room with the item packs.

I will say that the item packs can make the game much easier.

Collecting Random ******

We'll start right here in the Keep. From where Aveline was. There is a shield
hanging on the fireplace that has a Codex, through the door next to it, a book
sits on a table, holding another codex. Exit and head to the left, through the
door at the end there is a locked chest. Go back to the main entrance now, to
the south of the door is another codex. Now head north, and through the double
doors, in the corner to the left is another codex. Now to the left and into
the room, there is the "Bottled Scar 5:34 Exalted" on the desk, which starts
a quest. (Give it to a certain person for some money.) and there is a locked
chest. On the north wall there is a pair of paintings, the one to the left has
a Codex, but it won't show like the others, you have to hit A until you get it.
(This Glitch has since been fixed. It now shows up if you have the game
patched.) This Codex is one of the 12 from the band of three. Collecting 3 or 4
in each act will get you an achievement. So grab it. Far to the east of the
entrance is another set of double doors, go through them, on the left a Codex.

Next up is Hightown. You'll be outside the keep, head down the stairs and at
the end of them is a stone with a Codex. Up to the middle of the stairs, to the
left is a small area with a Sack and a crate, loot them. Head east, south, then
east into a small area by some stairs for a Barrel to loot. This area is the
Red Light area, we'll be back here soon. Now head to the West side of the city,
past the keep. This area is the entrance to the chantry of the game. If you
have the exiled prince DLC, you can start the first quest "Duty" here, just
read the chantry board and accept the quest. Up the stairs to the left, and
around to the left at the top is a chest. Head into the Chantry quickly and
exit back into Hightown. This unlocks it on the main map. From this area, head
south and up the stairs. To the right and up another set of stairs there is
another crate. Then south again and up more stairs for even more items. Now
head west into the final place in Hightown, and keep heading that way to enter
a place not on the mini map, and at the end of the path is yet another crate.
Good, we're done here. Head back to the Red Light area, and enter the Blooming

To the right of the entrance is a line of rooms, the third one has a chest
with a Design in it.

|Achievement - Craftsman                                                      |
| By collecting one of many recipes (In this case the Design you just got.)   |
| you gain another achievement.                                               |

The last room has a Crate and a Barrel to loot. Back to the entrance, and into
the main area of the Rose. To the left is a book/codex. Head up the stairs now.
(If you talk to a certain person, she'll tell you about the rose, and what the
rates are. xD) The left room has a Crate, and there's a locked chest in the
room to the east. You can now leave the rose, and Hightown.

Now head to Lowtown. Right ahead is a note taped to the wall, it's a codex.
There is another Codex in the stone next to it. To the left in this area, near
the imports place is an crate, on the other side of this area and down the
stairs is another. Head east and up some stairs, then south, down some stairs,
and south again to come across Rubble. East, down some stairs, pass the next
set of stairs, there is some Spindleweed. You'll get the item and a codex. Now
head into the North-east corner/area. There’s a codex near the tree, one on a
stone to the south, and in the east, in a small little area, is a Crate. In the
area where you found Gamlen's House is the final loot point (A Crate) in this
area. Head back to the first area, and near the stairs leading out of there
you'll find the door to the hanged man. Go there. (It's at the bottom of the

South past the counter is a small room with a crate in it. In the northeast
corner of the main room is a Codex. Up the stairs and past the first room
(Varric's room.) and into the next one, which has a codex and a chest in it.
The next room has a small closest or something with a barrel, and a codex.
Now into the last room you can enter right now for a crate.

Next, go to the Docks. In the south of the first area to the west is a crate.
Loot it and head to the fork. Go west first, all the way at the end of the
path, in the south of the area is a crate. Down the east path, take the last
turn before the dead end for another crate. Leave the docks.

Head into the Chantry. The first set of doors to the right holds a codex.
Continuing straight into the Chantry you'll see a red flag, it holds another
codex. up the stairs and onto the platform above the flag, to the north is a
codex, and on the platform is a big book with another codex. Go up the LARGE
set of stairs to the south, there is another codex in the middle area here.
Now to the north, in the west room is a codex, the middle area holds "Locks of
the Golden Fool", and the east area holds "The History of the Chantry: Chapter
1". You get an achievement for collecting all four, so grab it. That's
everything here.

Next to the Black Emporium if you have the DLC, there are a few Codexes here,
and a chest filled with free items. Grab this stuff.

Equip the best items you have, and sell the useless items you won't be needing.
From this point on in item collecting, you'll be running into enemies to fight.

First up, head to Darktown. In the north-western area is Rubble (Loot it). From
there, head south and take your first chance to head left, in this path is a
codex. Go back and take your second chance now for a Sack. Then keep heading
east, and the north again, before the stairs is a stone with a codex. Now head
to the south area of Darktown, heading east down some stairs is a deathroot.
Head north down more stairs to find "Sister Plinth's Remains". That's it for

Switch to Night time mode on the map. There are 4 places here that have a
daytime and nighttime version. Those are the hanged man, Hightown, Lowtown, and
the docks. All expect for the hanged man have random enemies that pop up. Beat
enough of them and you'll get a quest to finish the job. (One quest per area
per act for a total of 9.) After the first time to get your reward go to the
hanged man at night and to the smallest room to find a person who will give
you money.

Go to the Hanged man at night now. Past the counter again is a crate. The
first room has a crate in it, second room has a chest. That's it for here.

Hightown at night now. You should be in the market area to start. Up the stairs
to the south in a small area up there is a chest. Head towards the keep, the
little areas to the left and right half way up the stairs have a barrel and a
crate. In the large area just outside the keep there is a locked chest. Outside
the Rose, to the south of the stairs is a crate, and a chest hides in the
little hidden area on the Westside of town.

Next, Lowtown at night. Straight ahead is a stone with a codex on it (If you
didn't get it during the daytime). To the right is a sack, now down the
stairs. and up the other ones, there is a small place right next to the stairs
with a barrel. To the right, down the stairs, past the first area south and
into the next one for a crate. Down the stairs, past the next one, and Loot a
barrel. Now go where the elves live. There’s a sack in the north area,
and in the east is the second codex from the band of three. Exit Lowtown.

The Docks at night. in the small area to the west is a locked chest, and if
you’re doing the Duty quest; there is a group of people to kill for it. Take
the west path first. Mid-way is a crate, and there’s one at the end, now for
the east path. At the end of the first and third turn offs are crates. Now head
back to the end of the west path. There’s a large manhole cover that will lead
you to the disused passage. Go there.

Up the stairs, this area has some bones to loot. Up the stairs to the west is
a Corpse to loot. Head to the east path. Up the stairs and into the room,
you'll find some bones and a deathroot. The next room has some bones as well.
All the way, in a sort of spiral on the mini map there is a small room with
""Half-Braid"Silsam's Remains". Now you can leave this place.

There will normally be a few more places, but I will have you loot them during
quests for this act.

Item Collecting Done.

If you did all that stuff, you'll have a few nice items, some money, and be
about level 5 or 6. Turn in any item delivery quests before continuing.

"Locks of the Golden Fool"
"Shawl of Dalesdottir"
"Bottled Scar 5:34 Exalted"
"The Paragon's Toe"
"The Remains of Sister Plinth"
"Remains of the Outlaw "Half-Braid" Silsam"
Item Delivery quests are named after the item you've found. (And finding the
item starts the quest.) Turning them in nets a little coin, and some exp. 50
slivers for act 1 quest, 1 gold for act 2, and 2 gold for act 3. There are a
LOT of them, but since your collecting items for different reasons anyway, and
since quests take you right by them. It's an easy and quick way to earn some

NOTE: Collecting all the Codex does have a point, when you hit 100 you get an
achievement. Plus each one nets you a little exp.

This game is very open, and you can do quests in almost any order you want to.
But I have an order I do them in and that's what this guide is based on. I do
it in this order to first, get all the companions you can as fast as you can in
this act, and second, purely what I feel like doing. (XD lol!)

So head to the hanged man and talk to Varric.


Go to Lowtown, in the area with all the shops, to the north is a door that
leads to "Lirene's Fereldan Imports". (where the quest arrow is.) Enter.

There is a donation box here where you can give money in exchange for experence
one time. It's not really worth the experience, but I sometimes give anyway.

50 Silvers = 50xp
1 Sovereign/Gold = 100xp
5 Sovereign/Gold = 200xp

Talk to the women with the big golden quest marker over her head. (There is a
crate in the other room in here.)

Your goal in this convo is to find out where the warden is. So choose "I'm
looking for someone." and then any option. (I picked the purple then blue
options and both Bethany and Varric got a +5 for friendship.) While your here,
select the shop and buy the Design.

When you leave the shop you'll be confronted by some people, by calling on
Bethany you can avoid a battle. Or by picking the Green option. Calling on
Bethany yields +5 for friendship with her.

FYI: There are some Shop-like places with a mark on the mini-map, talk to these
people for an item from them, then check out the crafting to remove the quest
marker. (I believe there is one in Hightown, one in Lowtown, and one in

Note: While in Lowtown, if you imported a save were the keep was safe at the
end of awakening, there is a quest you can start at the other "!" marker.

Head to Darktown, and to the quest marker. The one all the way north. Any
option will calm the mage down, then pick "I want your Help". Then yes or
what's the favor, and agree to help.

Head to Hightown at night, and go to the chantry from there. Pick yes and head
inside. There’s a crate that only appears now in the south-west above the
stairs. Head to the quest marker and talk to Karl for a battle. Pick whatever
option in the following scene. If you get a chance during the battle, the
toughest enemy carries a Codex and if you don't pick it up before the battle
ends you won't get it.

Anders will now join you as companion, after a scene. Pick the green/blue or
purple options to avoid rivalry points, you can also chose the heart option on
the third set of options to flirt with Anders.

There is a Codex in the same area as Anders.

|Achievement - Full House                                                     |
|You now have four companions and a new achievement.                          |


You can get Isabela, head to the hanged man during the day and a cut-scene will
happen introducing her. Go talk to her once it's done. When talking with
Isabela, agree to help her at the right time, then head to Hightown at night.
Go to the quest marker of course, and talk to Isabela. A fight will happen.
(Varric has a comment if he's along for the ride.) One of the bodies will have
a letter, follow Isabela to the Chantry. Once there, enter the chantry. A
scene will happen, then a fight. After the battle say you'll help Isabela. She
joins your Companions.

Both Varric and Isabela have funny comments throughout the game in many quests,
but I prefer Isabela's comments over Varric. So I tend to favor having her in
my party.

If at any time you want to change party members, go home and exit, or use one
of those horns where your companions tend to hang out.

Bait and Switch

Head home and pick up any letters you have, one of them starts this quest.
Then head to Lowtown at night. Go to the Quest Marker and talk to the Dwarf.
If Aveline is in your party, she'll gain 5 rivalry points when you agree to
help the dwarf.

After agreeing to help, go to the new marker and enter the house, kill everyone
inside and loot the chest to find.... Nothing? ... Anyway, leave the house for
another battle, and once that's over try to head up the stairs for a scene that
introduces Fenris.

Pick whatever options, and pick the "Lead the way" check mark when it comes up.
Aveline will gain 5 points in Friendship, and Isabela will gain 5 in rivalry.

Leave Lowtown and enter Hightown at night. Follow the quest marker to the south
west of town.

When Fenris joins the party, if you’re going for a friendship or romance with
him. Leave you’re Mages at home. If you don't care or want a Rivalry with him.
Bring them along.

|Achievement advice!                                                          |
| I find Fenris the easiest to build a rivalry with. And since you need to    |
| bring a single person to full (100%) Rivalry for an achievement. I'd go with|
| him.                                                                        |

Move forward through any unlocked door, fighting demons, in the room with the
stairs, head north through two doors, there's a battle and a chest. Head
outside the room to continue the fight. Head east to the next room, there are
two chests in here. The next room has a chest and a fight. The Rage Demon drops
a key that you need. Head back to the stairs and up them. The room on the left
has a locked chest, the one on the right has a normal chest. Head into the
middle room now. A battle will start; there are three chests in the room. After
the battle Fenris will leave the party, finish looting things and leave.

(Encase you didn't catch it during the scene. Fenris HATES Mages. Helping out
mages while he's in your party will increase rivalry, helping out the Templars,
or killing mages increases friendship. For those doing a Pro-Mage play through
you can max out his friendship and romance him without having him in your
party for anything but his companion quests.)

If you had a Mage in your party, you can pick the green companion option to
gain points with them.

Fenris joins your growing group of companions.

If you go to Fenris's manor there are some Codexes to get.

The Long Road

If you’re at Level 7 or 8, you can pick up the last companion you can get in
act 1. Otherwise go collect items, fight at night, or train on the wounded
coast or something to bring up your level.

I would also sell any extra items before going to Sundermount.

When you’re ready, go to Sundermount. (Hit RT or LT to get to the free Marches
Map and its there.)

When you walk a little, if you’re doing the Duty quest, you'll run into a group
of the people you’re supposed to kill.

Move forward until the path splits around a large rock/hill, go left to find
Elfroot. Continue forward until you hit a cut scene. You'll end up talking to
the keeper, it doesn't really matter what you say to her.

You'll be right on top of a codex after the scene, on the north wall of the
camp is another codex. On the south one is another two, one on the counter for
the camp's shop, and a crate. At the fork, go West (Left) at the end
of the path will be enemies if you have the quest to hunt the nobles.

Head to the other path on the fork. You'll meant Merrill. It doesn't matter
what you say during the scene. Heading up the path you'll have a few battles.
But with Merrill acting as a fifth party member, this will be rather easy.

Near the Campfire is a sack, and to the east of it is another Elfroot.
Continue on and into the cave. In the first area with the battle, to the west
is a small path with rubble. You'll find Silverite at the bottom of the
stairs. in the next area, to the north is a crate, up the stairs and to the
southeast corner is a locked chest. Now exit via the quest marker.

Outside, head north for a pile of bones, then south for a scene. Pick the
Purple or red options to keep your companions from having rivalry increases.

Let's collect items before continuing this quest shall we? You'll see a
deep mushroom a little bit forward on the path, avoid the alter for now, and
head east. You'll spot one locked and one not locked chest in the second little
area. Then after the last stone step, there is a pile of bones with a design to
the south. Continue along the path. At the end is a stone with a codex, see the
blue barrier? Walk into it for a battle please. After head to the alter. After
the battle, select the alter for a scene.

Pick whatever options while talking with Flemeth. Head to the cave afterwards,
and you'll be in Lowtown with another cut-scene. Merrill will now join as one
of your companions.

That means you have them all now, well, all the non-dlc ones anyway. >.>'

Right here you'll see a quest marker. This is one of 7 special quests that help
you to net one of two achievements. If you side with the mages or Templars for
5 out of these 7 quests you'll get their achievement. You can only earn one of
these per play through though. Talk to the women and begin the quest.

Wayward Son

This is also a quest that can lead to friendship or rivalry boosts for many
of your companions depending on if you take a pro-mage or anti-mage path
through this. So be careful who you take along.

You can either head to the Gallows, or talk to the man in Lowtown. I'll be
going to the Gallows.

If you take a pro-mage, Aveline will have a small rivalry boost, and Fenris
will have a big one. If they come along with you, the same holds true for
Bethany and Anders if you take an anti-mage run.

If you take Fenris and Bethany to the Gallows with you. You'll get a scene that
is likely to end up with a Rivalry boost for Fenris.

By the armor shop is a codex; in the north near stairs is the third Band of
three codexes for this act. The big stairs to the west have a stone with a
codex, and heading west after is another one. Go to the "!" mark and talk to
start herbalist’s tasks. To the west (Right) of him and the other shop is
another codex.

Talk to the guy with the quest marker. If Aveline is with you, she can jump in
and help out. This will boost friendship with her.

You heard the man, To Lowtown at night. (Why he says Darktown I don't know.)

Head to the quest marker, talk to the man. You can bribe the man (Purple) For
either some money, or his life. (I picked his life, hey I need that money! xD)
Next up, the docks. While your here, you can take out another bunch for the
Duty quest, and another bunch of nobles. Then head to the quest marker to
enter the building. Walk into the main area, and a battle. Head west for a
crate. Head up the north stairs and into a room for a crate, now up the other
set of stairs. Enter into the room on the far east for another crate, and
continue to the final room. There’s a battle, a chest, and a letter on one
of the fallen enemies that you need. Go back to the Gallows now and talk with
the Templar again. You can tell him that the secret is safe, or blackmail him.
Most party members won't like the blackmailing bit. So I choose not to.

Thrask is one of the few good Templars, which is why despite what side I
choose, I tend to be nice to him.

Now head off to Darktown. Head to the quest marker in the south, and talk to
Danzig, this brings a fight. Loot the guy's body at the end for a map. (For
some odd reason, fighting them makes a chest appear...)

If Fenris is with you, you can choose to let him handle things for a friendship

If you have a lot of items right now, like me, go and sell the stuff you’re not
going to use. Then head off to the wounded Coast. The item collection here I'll
do during a different quest, so don't worry about it yet.

You'll probably get ambushed or something. This is the start of a quest we'll
do later. Head down the east path and at the fork on the other side is a
Emporium. There are also a few other items you can collect after the battle.
Agree to help the Dwarf. We'll do this later. So exit the area and continue to
the wounded coast. Both Isabela and Aveline got friendship points, I picked
the purple choices and picked the "I'd do it to hunt outlaws" option to accept
the quest.

The quest marker you want is in the south. If you freed the werewolves from
their curse in Origins you'll run into a Dalish Assassin. If you've mostly
picked green options up to this point, you'll get a special option that ends
it without a fight. Otherwise you'll have to fight or kill someone if you talk
to her.

Enter the Slaver Caverns when you get there. To the right when you first get
in there is a corpse. There’s a Spindleweed not far away to the east, and a
sack to the south of that. Down the stairs and fight. Up the stairs to the east
there is an almost hidden room with a corpse, barrel, and a deep mushroom.
North in the makeshift wooden rooms, there is a locked chest in the west one,
and a crate. In the east one is just a crate. Before the next doorway is
another corpse. Keep going until you get a cut-scene. If Varric is with you,
you can him talk the slavers into letting the kid go. Pick the "I don't need to
step." Option to kill the guy holding a knife to the kids throat and start a
fight. I'll leave it up to you how you want to get from A to B.

In the cut-scene, sending the kid to the Dalish or letting him choose will
side you with the mages for the achievement, sending him to the circle will
side you with the Templars. Letting him choose gives the most friendship points
to companions. Finish looting things (There is one chest between here and the
exit.) and then head to go tell his mother what you did. (Lowtown Daytime.)

Doing this part, siding with the mages and taking every change to gain rivalry
with Fenris has gotten me 45 points in rivalry with him. See, he is easy to
gain Rivalry points with.

Blackpower Promise

Remember the dwarf you promised to help out by killing the Tal-Vashoth? Well
let's go do that quest now, and clean out the wounded coast of items while
we're at it. Head to the wounded coast once you’re ready.

This area is a little tricky to write a walkthrough for, but I shall try my
best to do so.

From where you start you'll run into a fork (There’s a corpse before that
though), let's go around the north path. (To the right when you’re facing the
fork.) At the first turn off be ready, this is the last of the people that you
need to kill for the DLC Duty quest.

About half-way on the path you'll find a Spindleweed. After the battle, (Or if
you didn't have it.) There is a locked chest in the north. Head back to the
main path to continue on. Along the path to your left is an Elfroot. At the
next turn off is a pile of bones.

If you played the Warden's Keep Expansion and choose to spare avaernus, you'll
be drawn into a battle, and a body will be on the ground in the following turn
off holding an item that will begin a quest. So grab it, and grab the stuff in
the chest while you’re there. One of the items on the body is the "Avernus's
Experimental Draught" item, which will give the person who uses it an extra
2 attribute points. So use it on Hawke.

The next turn off the mini map shows has nothing. The next area has a few
things about, in the northern part there is a sack and a crate, in the southern
part, there are two paths (One the Mini map shows, one it doesn't.) along the
same side that you have to go through bushes to reach. Each will have a corpse.
Now, continue on the main path to the south. You'll come to a battle with some
bugs, in that small area is a corpse. Continue on and you'll connect with the
other path from earlier. (It's to the east on the mini map.) and you'll find a
barrel right there.

Move along to the east, you'll come across a corpse and a sack before finding
any turn offs. The first turn off has a pile of bones, and a Glitterdust. The
next turn off puts you back at the entrance.

Using whichever path, go back to where they connected up. There's a path going
south, take it. You'll find a corpse and a pile of bones before coming to a new
area, this area has a barrel, a crate, and a chest, one in each of the dead
ends. In the south of that area there is a corpse, a crate, a pile of bones
which holds a design, a chest, and a stone with a codex. Go back to the main
path. Head west, avoiding the turn off, to find an Elfroot. Then head north up
the turn off you avoided. There is a small path to the south along this one
with a pile of bones. Heading north there is a corpse near an exit to the world
map. Move to head up the stairs for a cut-scene. If you've picked mostly red
options up till now, you can get the Qunari to fight with you in the battle up
ahead. More north to continue the quest, kill all the Tal-Vashoth, and loot the
area. In the southern area here there is a barrel and a corpse. In the
north-west section there is a Codex, a locked chest, and a path through the
bushes to a pile of bones. In the last section with the quest marker, there is
another of those hidden paths with a chest.

Enter the cave. In this first area you'll spot rubble right away. Continue on
until your first fight. Up the stairs in that little area is a crate, continue
on. On a path to your right there is a pile of bones and a chest. Fight the
next battle, up the stairs is Silverite, North of there (Down the stairs and
all the way to the end of the path.) Is a chest and a Raw Lyrium. Now head
towards the quest marker. One of the wooden rooms has a chest, the other a
crate. Fight the battle. Loot the leader's body for a recipe. Then go up the
stairs to the east and into the little hidden room for a chest. Go west,
through two doors, and all the way west there are two crates. Now leave and
head to the Docks (Daytime).

The place where heading is where the quest arrow points.

NOTE!: Isabela will not enter the Qunari compound no matter what, she'll leave
your party. You'll have to add her back in once you’re done in this place.

To the left is a stone with a codex, go talk to the dwarf. If you chose the
"He still owes me" option, The dwarf will be forced to pay you 3 Gold.
Otherwise, you get nothing.

While you’re at the docks, if you sided with Balen in Origins, there will be a
"!" marker, go there and fight to begin a small quest, agree to help and off to
the west, you can either accept the Carta's offer, or kill them. If you kill
them continue west to finish them all off. Once there all dead return to the
dwarf and collect your reward.

Odds & Ends

Quite a few small things have been pileing up while we've done all these
quests. So let's go do them. Start by selling extra items, we're going shopping.

In Hightown, you can get a Backpack from Robes by Jane Luc. Which will let you
carry 10 more items. You can also buy a Tome of Technique from Hubert's Fine
Goods. This gives you one point to spend on a skill.

In Lowtown pick up the "Underpadding-Guardsman Patten" Item to upgrade
Aveline's armor from the Armor Merchant. Get another Backpack and "Inscribed
Leather Harness" from the Apparel Shop. (An upgrade for Isabela.)

While in Lowtown, drop off the item from the wounded Coast if you got the

If you have the DLC for it, you should be done with the Duty Quest by now, go
to the chantry to get your reward for it.

In the south-west of Hightown and in the Rose are the last of the nobles you
need to kill, do so and turn in the quest at Lowtown. (Assuming you got the

Go home and collect any letters waiting for you.

And of course turn in any item delivery quests.

|Achievements - Retribution (DLC) - I Got Your Back                           |
| By turning in the duty quest you earn the Retribution achievement. For the  |
| other one you earn it by getting one armor upgrade for a companion, and you |
| just bought two.                                                            |


We have two Companion quests, and a load of conversations to do. Let's do the
quests first. Start by adding Aveline to your party if she’s not already apart
of it and go to the "Sundermount Ambush Site".

There's a pile of bones to loot going south and taking the dead end you see on
the mini-map. The other dead end like this has a pile of bones as well. Heading
South, there is a chest and an Elfroot to collect. To the north there is a dead
end path with rubble. Continue toward the quest marker, looting a pile of
bones in a dead end, before the battle. Loot the dead bodies and head to the

Go to the quest marker and knock on the door. Picking the red option gets
rivalry. Go to the quest marker and check the roster.

The plot thickens.... Hmm.....

Head to Lowtown at night, follow the quest marker to a fight.

You'll run into a different quest on the way, save the sister and agree to
meant her later, then continue on with the quest.

After saving the Guard, head to the keep. Head to the guard's area, and
Aveline will become the new guard captain.

Enter and exit the room a couple of times to trigger the end conversation with
Aveline. I picked two green options, then the "Good Work" Option and gained
+10 Friendship.

Next, head to the hanged man and talk to Isabela. The conversation will begin
a quest. However it's not a companion quest. While your here, go talk to
Varric as well. I picked the purple option twice, and got a +15 for friendship
with him.

Go to where the elves live in Lowtown and enter Merrill's house. There are
two conversations waiting with Merrill. I picked Purple, then "Your Welcome."
then Blue for a small 5 point boast in friendship. xD You can pick the Heart
Option to begin romancing her if you want.

With the second convo I didn't get any points.

There are three codexes in Merrill’s house.

Note: Don't worry if you’re not getting many points, you normally don't during
Act 1.

Next head to dark town and talk to Anders.

I picked Blue, Then Green. At this point Anders flirts with you and you can
choose one of two Heart options to flirt back, or the broken heart to end it
before it begins. After I picked the Blue then Green. I got +15 friendship.

Head to Fenris's Manor now, and talk to him.

Purple, Purple, "I've started a Life...", "It wasn't easy." "I'm sorry" "Happy
to help" Got me plus 5 Rivalry.

Now head to Darktown to do the Birthright Quest. It starts near where Anders

There’s a barrel right from the start. Continue on to a battle, there’s a crate
in the northwest corner, and the small room to the east has a crate and a
barrel. There’s a chest in the north room, and south of it is a small room with
a crate, a codex, and a chest that has a gift for your brother/sister.

The next room has a crate, and the room south of that has two sacks and a
codex. The next room has a locked chest, and an enemy mage holds a key you need
to loot. Continue into the last room. (Bethany got a +15 friendship when I
entered, pushing her to 100% friendship.) There's a chest, and a locked chest.
Along with the will you'll pick up 9 gold. Pick Let's Go to go back home to
your mother. Afterwards talk to Bethany twice. If you didn't get her to 100%
yet, you will. (If Caver Survived then I can't help you, I never figured him
out. xD)

Don't forget to give the gift to your Sister/Brother.

That finishes all the companions’ things for this act.

|Achievements - Birthright - Gift giver - Flirtatious - Friend/Rival          |
| By completing this quest you gain the Birthright Achievement. By giving     |
| your sister/brother the gift you gain the gift giver achievement. You earned|
| the Flirtatious if you choose one of the Heart options when talking to your |
| companions. Depending on if you have Beth or Caver in your party, you most  |
| likely maxed their friendship/rivally by now thus earning the related       |
| achievement.                                                                |

The Bone Pit

The Bone Pit is a bunch of quests throughout all three acts, a couple of them
are hard to complete. But there are very good rewards to be had for doing them.
And a very nice item if you do all the herbalists tasks as well. There will be
a letter waiting for you at home, after getting it, head to Hightown.

My current party: Isabela, Aveline, and Merrill.

Since Bethany is at 100% friendship, I've decided to switch her for Merrill.

Talk to Hubert and agree to help. This opens up the Bone Pit, head there.

There’s rubble along the path into the main area. There is a corpse, a barrel,
two piles of bones, and two codexes around this area to collect, and another
barrel outside the mine. Head east before entering the mine. On the east side
there are three paths, the south one has the forth band of three codex for act
one, an Elfroot, and rubble. The east path has nothing, and the north one has a
crate. Head inside the cave now.

After killing the dragons off, there's some Refined Lyrium in the north, a
pile of bones near it, and rubble to the east. Move south to continue on. After
going up a second set of stairs there is a crate, after the third set is
another mess of dragons, rubble, and a sack. Up the stairs and to the west is a
small hidden place with a barrel.

In the next room the first level has a sack, the second level has a deep
mushroom, and the third has nothing. Along the path forward is some rubble.

You'll run into someone and a scene. Head past the exit for a pile of bones,
and keep going for a crate. Now exit and fight the dragon.

This battle isn't easy, keep your mages and rouges out of the firing line as
much as you can. Dragons are weak against Ice attacks, so if you have an Ice
weapon or attack, use it. Once the battle is done, loot the dragon, and the
nearby rubble. Then exit and return to Hightown to talk with Hubert.

Agree to share the mine 50/50 or make him pay you upfront. Either way he'll ask
you to talk the old workers into returning. Go to Lowtown and talk to the
workers, pick any option and they'll return to work.

|Achievements - Dedicated - Weapen master                                     |
| You should have gotten to level 10 during the bone pit, granting you the    |
| Dedicated Achievement. If you've only spent points in one of the weapon     |
| Tanlets for a charater, it's possible to have completed it. Thuse grating   |
| the Weapon Master Achievement.                                              |

Finishing the Herbalist’s Tasks.

Find Magistrate Vanard (He's one of the "!" markers.) In Hightown and talk to
him to begin another quest. After, head to the Ruins outside the city. There
are no items outside the ruins. Once you walk far enough a scene will happen,
afterwards enter the ruins.

Head into the east room for a locked chest, then go into the north one. You'll
fight a lot of spiders, one of them drops the second item for the herbalists
tasks, so be sure to pick it up. There’s also a chest. Head north. There’s a
pile of bones before the final room to the east, head in there for a chest,
then take the south path. There’s a pile of bones in the center room and a
chest, continue south, then east for a scene. After continue on.

When in the next scene, if you kill the guy, pretty much everyone will get a
friendship boost. Whatever you do, head back to Hightown to turn the quest in.

(Isabela got a +15 in friendship, Aveline +5, and Merrill +10 when I killed
him. It's an easy way to gain points with anyone you want.)

Now head to the Dalish camp to get the last item, talk to the Dalish running
the shop and ask about the Ironbark. After leave and head to the Ironwood
clearing. You have to kill all the darkspawn before the Ironbark shows up, so
get to it. you'll have to walk around, or wait for more to show up, you know
you got them all when the quest marker shows up. Besides the Ironbark there
is a corpse and rubble in the area. But the Ironbark is all you need from here.

While in the Dalish Camp you can talk to Feynriel, and the keeper will reward
you for your work earlier on.

Once you have the Ironbark head back to the Gallows to turn in all three items.

Finishing the Secondary Quests.

Loose ends is a quick and simple quest that I shouldn't need to guide you on.
Just pick up the letter at your house, and follow the quest markers for that
quest. If the letter has yet to appear, don't worry, you still have plenty of

Next head to the hanged man and talk to Isabela's friend. You'll need Isabela
in your party to do this. Agreeing to help give Isabela and Aveline a small
boost in friendship.

Head to the Docks. Talk to the man with the quest marker, then the next one.

NOTE!: It is NOT worth it to bribe the guy.

Come back to the Dock at nighttime, and sneak a look at the records to find
what you’re looking for. Then head to the location.

There’s a crate and a barrel right when you enter. Go into the room to the east
for another crate and barrel. Then walk around to the west/south dead end for
another crate. Then head down the stairs for a battle. After, head up the other
stairs for a barrel, then enter the room there for another barrel and a chest.
Then head into the only room in the south for two crates. Now go to the Marker
and loot the Crate, heading back to the hanged man to turn this quest in.

Handing over the information gives Isabela a Friendship boost.

Now head to Hightown, Find a Poster/flyer with the "!" marker and read it, then
go to the Keep. (There are actually two of them, so go ahead and check both,
the other one only places a quest marker for our next quest anyway.)

Head to the northern area to trigger a scene where you'll learn about the job.
Agreeing to help gains a small boost in friendship for Aveline, head to the
wounded coast and to the quest marker. They'll be a scene, and a 3 part battle.
After the battle, choose the "Wait here" option, loot the bodies, and then talk
to the kid again saying you'll take him home now.

Once you’re done, It's time to do the last Secondary Quest. Go to Hightown.
In the market area there will either be a "!" marker, or a quest marker, talk
to the man it's pointing out. Agreeing to help gets a +5 Rivalry with Isabela.
Head to the Rose and follow the quest marker. If after talking to the elf the
first time, you talk to him again, he'll offer to have sex with Hawke.

Move onto Darktown when you’re ready. Follow the Marker. When you enter the
meeting place a fight begins. Loot and exit, head to Lowtown at night. Follow
the marker south for the right building. Enter it.

The southern room has a locked chest, The north one has a crate, the hallway
in the northeast corner has a sack. Pick up the items at the quest marker.
Go to Hightown and give the ring to the man, don't tell him where it came from
for the best reward. Then head to the Gallows to turn the quest in.

That finishes those quests off.

Last of the side-quests

"Terror on the Coast" and "Miracle Makers" are not covered in this walkthrough
simply because I don't have a save to import for those two quests. The first
on takes place on the Wounded Coast, and the second one takes place in Lowtown
if you have them.

Now, if you imported a save were the city from awakening was saved or rebuilt,
head to the tavern at night to start the "Secret Rendezvous" quest. Go to the
docks at night and listen to the conversation, then kill the people. After go
turn the quest in.

I mentioned earlier in the walkthrough about battles at night time in Hightown,
Lowtown, and the Docks. Kill enough people and a quest will unlock for each
one. When you finish the first one a person will show up to reward you, after
doing another one go to the hanged man at night to find this person in the
smallest room to get 2 gold, plus 1 gold for each one you turn in at once.
(It pays more to turn them in one at a time.) Once all three quests are done,
it's time to wrap up this act.

Final Quests

It's time to finish the last quests for the main storyline. We'll start with
the Act of Mercy Quest. You probably already have gotten the letter to start
this quest from your house, but if not, go get it now. Once your ready head to
the Wounded Coast Approach.

After the battle with the Dragonlings, there is a dead end to the north, and a
corpse along it. To the east near an exit is another corpse. Now head to where
the quest marker is and talk to Thrask. Agree to help the Templar and head
inside the cave.

NOTE!: This is one of those siding with either the Templars or Mages quest.

After the battle, to the north is a corpse. Continue until the next battle. Up
the stairs is a corpse, and another one waits in the doorway forward. Rubble
waits in the north of the room. The next time you can turn west (On the mini
map.) You'll find some Raw Lyrium.

Once you win the next battle you'll get a cut-scene. Up the nearby stairs is
a corpse. Take the north path to find a pile of bones, then continue on.
(there’s a corpse in the doorway you must go through.) There are no items in
the wooden rooms this time, so head forward into the cut-scene, and a battle.
(My advice, take out the mages first.)

To do a Pro-Mage on this quest, the mages must escape, for a pro-Templar, name
them Blood mages(Red Options.), and agree with the ugly Templar. Lying works
well as a pro-mage rout. (The "I'll convince them your dead." Option when
talking to the mage.)

I picked that option, Aveline, Merrill, and Isabela all got friendship boosts.

Up the stairs is a corpse, another one and a lock chest are in the hidden area
up here.

On your way out, you'll fight more battles. Your choices on the outside depend
on what you decided while talking to the mages. I picked the "I killed the
Mages" Option. Any option after that leads to a fight. (If you’re doing
pro-mage, a fight will happen, on pro-Templar, there won't be a fight.) Thrask
will take a pro-mage stance if you did and let the mages go free. After looting
the bodies you can leave.

Varric's companion option leads to a way to let the mages escape without
having to fight the Templars. If you brought him along.

The next quest we're doing is the "Enemies among us" Quest, head to Hightown
to start it.

NOTE!: This is also a quest were you choose to side with mages or Templars.

There will be a "!" marker, that is the start point. Talk to the women to hear
her story. Agree to help and go to the Gallows. Talk to the recruits and find
out that Wilmod came back, go to "Wilmod's Camp" next.

There are two corpses and a pile of bones about before going to the quest
marker. After the battle and scene, there is a Design in a Crate in the area
the battle took place in.

Next, head to the Rose. Talk to Viveka, ask about the recruits, I picked the
"Lives are at stake" option to learn who to talk with next. If you want more
friendship points with any of your Mage Companions, bring them along for this
next part. Now go talk with Idunna.

If a Mage is in your party, you can call on them to help you out. When deciding
whether to kill Idunna or not, keep in mind that sparing her life starts a
quest in act 2 that has some really nice rewards. (Isabela or Varric will have
extra Dialog while talking to Idunna.) Next, head to Darktown.

Enter where the Quest Marker is.

"Really? We're just going to walk in here and fight dozens of blood mages
ourselves? All right. I'm Game." I really like Isabela's comments.

There’s a corpse to the west, a crate with a design to the east, and a
Deathroot near the design. There is also a Codex before you leave this area.
After the next battle there is another corpse. In the following room there are
two corpses, and a battle waiting for you. Continue on to a cut-scene, and a
battle. Kill the mages as soon as you can, you don't want them around for long.
There is a corpse and a sack near the exit. Go talk to the floating white
person now.

Note: If you’re doing a pro-Templar rout, do not let Anders or Merrill tell you
if he has a demon, and say you need to tell the Templers. For a Pro-Mage either
have one of them look for a demon, or tell him he can leave. Leave and go to
the Gallows.

For a Pro-Mage run, Keran needs to stay a Templar, for a pro-Templar he needs
to lose his job. If Merrill or Anders said he doesn't have a demon, you'll
get a special option.

Alright, go to Lowtown at night and we'll do the last quest before the deep
roads. Follow the quest marker to where the sister's hideout is. (Assuming you
already saved her earlier.)

Agree to help the sister, and enter the passage.

In the north central area is a chest, and another one after you fight the
humans. One last before the exit, and leave.

If you had over the Saarebas to the Qunari many of your party members will
disagree with you. (Rivalry points.) If you don't, you'll gain friendship
points with most of them. Also, if you don't hand him over, you get to talk
with him, and get an extra reward from him.

One last note, if you tell the Qunari you have a mage with you, they will
attack, period. Loot the area afterwards, and go to the sister to get some

Whatever you pick matters little. You'll be paid and the quest will be over.

But there is one last thing to do related to this quest, Go and talk to the
Arishok (He's in the Docks.) Picking the "I killed some of your Qunari" option.
(You may get a conversation with him before the option appears.) Picking this
option gains respect from the Arishok, which is very useful in ACT 2.

That option is followed by two more that continue the conversation. The
"Sister was behind it." and "The mage refused freedom." add some more dialog.

A Letter offering to fund you will appear at your house, DO NOT accept or do
the quest it offers. In the end it'll cost you more than funding things
yourself. IF however you do not have the 50 gold you need, and cannot get it,
then you'll have no choice but to do it. I have almost 90 gold right now, which
is where you should be at.

There are some conversations you can have with different NPCs before the act
ends. These people are:

Arishok (Docks)
Knight-Captain Cullen (Gallows)
Hubert (Hightown) (Only if you didn't speak with him after the workers
Grand Cleric Elthina (Chantry)
Corff The Bartender (The Hanged Man)
Feynriel (Sundermount if he went to the Dalish, and you haven't already
spoke to him earlier.)
Master Ilen (Sundermount)
Mother (Home)
Gamlen (Home)
Bodahn (Hightown)

Besides some extra dialog, and some small boosts in friendship or rivalry
depending on what you say. There are no more rewards for talking to these
people, expect for Feynriel, who will give you one gold coin. You may of also
talked to these people earlier in the act as well. Corff will simply tell you
rumors of things going on, and if you imported a save from origins, some of his
comments will reflect what you did in origins.

Finish all outstanding quests, sell all the items you don't want or need, and
get yourself ready. It's time to finish Act 1

The Deep Roads

Varric MUST be in your party to begin this quest.

|SPOILER ALRET!!!                                                             |
| You need to decide what to do with Bethany/Carver. Here's what will happen  |
| based on what you do.                                                       |
|                                                                             |
| Leave them at home: Bethany will join the Circle, Carver the Templers.      |
|                                                                             |
| Take them with you without Anders: They will die.                           |
|                                                                             |
| Take them and Anders with you: They become a Grey Warden.                   |
|                                                                             |
| If they live, you will see them in a couple of quests throughout Acts 2 & 3 |
| and have a chance of them rejoining during the end game.                    |
|                                                                             |
| Either way, they are out of your party once Act 1 is done.                  |
|                                                                             |

Talk to Bartrand in Hightown, give him the money and the maps. Talk to him a
second time and say you’re ready to leave.

|Achievement - Financier                                                      |
| If you paid for this trip on your own. You gain this achievement. If you use|
| the quest to pay for it, you won't.                                         |

After the scenes move on. After fighting some Hurlocks, you'll find a
Deep Mushroom at the bottom of some stairs, across the bridge is a locked
chest, and more hurlocks. After going through a door, and fighting more
hurlocks, head south for 3 chests (One locked.) and some Silverite. Move
towards the stone door to the east and a Monstrous spider will appear. This is
a tough battle so watch everyone's HP and use potions when needed. Behind that
stone door is a chest with some loot in it.

Continuing on the main path you'll run into more hurlocks, and a deep mushroom.
Moving forward leads to a cut-scene...... Man that kid is creepy.... He did
something similar in Origins...

Going just a little west you'll find Raw Lyrium.

After going up some stairs there is a stone with a codex. Battle more hurlocks,
then go down some stairs for even more. There's Raw Lyrium in the south, and a
chest in the east. Up the stairs and through the door.... Well well... It's
certainly been awhile since we've fought an Ogre. Watch out for traps on the
ground. Continue forward, You'll find a locked chest on the path, and continue
to the next battle. Loot the dragon for a large reward. Then move up the
stairs for a cut-scene.

After the scenes you'll be in a new place. You can talk to Bartrand for
interesting dialog. SAVE. Move forward and you'll get a scene, move forward
more for a battle. You'll find a chest and Orichalcum after the battle. Move
through the door for the next area.

Move forward until a cut-scene. After continue on. At the fork go left(east) to
a room that has four chests and a battle. Be careful, this battle is tough.
Move forward for yet another battle, and after that Profanes, and a chest.
Keep going, and fighting, until a cut-scene.

If you agree to make a deal there will be no more battles, but that means a lot
less rewards, EXP, and you don't get the achievement for beating the boss
monster. Also most people in your party will disagree with you. So don't make
a deal with the demon okay?

After the battle there is a chest. Along the path forward is a pile of bones,
and more battles. SAVE before going into the next area.

The Ancient Rock Wrath is a dangerous enemy, but doable if you know how. His
main attack comes when he is in the center of the room, run to hide behind the
pillars to avoid the attack, and he'll fall to pieces once it's done giving
you the best chance to attack. Kill the profane first, then focus everything
on the Ancient Rock Wrath each time this happens until it is dead.

|Achievement - Stone Cold                                                     |
| You gain this avhievement by beating the Ancient Rock Wrath.                |

After the battle head back and loot it's body for a nice reward of 5 gold and
an armor. Go back to the Chests and loot them for tons of money (17 Gold) and
items that are worth a lot of money as well. Then leave this place.

If Bethany/carver and Anders are with you and you choose to make them a grey
warden, there is one more battle against a ton of weak darkspawn.

You'll get closing scenes, and more dialog with the Seeker.

|Achievement - Delver of the Deep                                             |
| You get this achievement for completeing Act 1.                             |


You'll get some opening dialog from Varric, and then talk to the Viscount.

First things first, leave the keep, you'll get a cut-scene where you get 50
gold (If you paid it.) from Bodahn.

| Achievement - Mogul                                                         |
|If you didn't spend more then I told you too, and you did everything in this |
|walkthrough so far, you should have about 120 gold right now, more than      |
|enough for the achievement you get for having over 100 gold.                 |

Before anything else, go to your new home. (It's in Hightown and has a quest
marker.) This unlocks it on the main map. And begins another quest.

Remember, It's been THREE YEARS since the end of act one, a lot of what you
did in the last act has effects on this one. Such as if Aveline is captain or

Check the desk for a LOAD of letters.

Companion opening dialog

Each of your companions have something they wish to talk to you about. So go
talk to each of them.

Aveline - Choosing the purple or green option then "You love it." leads to a
friendship boost. "Quit" leads to rivalry.

Isabela - Purple then Green(Or heart.) for a friendship boost, anything else
could lead to rivalry. (Heart begins the romance with her, and I got 25 boost
in friendship from it.)

SPOILER ALRET!: If you want to keep Isabela in your party for Act 3, you need
to get her about 50%(Or more) in Friendship or Rivalry.

Varric - Pretty much anything leads to a friendship boost.

Fenris - Green, Any option, Heart or "You're my friend" for a good friendship
boost. Red, Any Option, and "That's True" For rivalry.

Anders - Choose all green for friendship, all red for rivalry. (Gotta love a
person easy to figure out.)

Merrill - Oddly enough, she doesn't have anything...

After completing a companion's quest this act, if their friendship or rivalry
is above 50% you'll get an extra conversation with them.

Repentance - DLC ONLY

If you have the DLC, then let’s do this now, if not, then skip this section.

Go to the chantry, and go to the quest marker in the middle of the chantry.
Agree to help Sebastian, and add him to your party. Then head to Hightown and
enter the building with the quest marker.

(Bring Isabela along for some really funny comments during cut-scenes.)

Up the stairs and to the south is a small room with a barrel, go north after
looting it. You'll come to a.... Strange.... cut-scene. continue on for an even
weirder scene... Near a door in the south is a chest that has "Mail
Undertunic", an armor upgrade for Sebastian. On the table is a codex. Head
through the east door, up the stairs, There's a letter on the desk. Going into
the east room is another scene. There’s a locked chest and a codex in this room.
Head back down the stairs, and go south. There’s a chest and two codex in the
room to the east along this path. Then there’s a sack in a small room ahead.
And a "Flint Company Mercenary" in the room with a quest marker that has a gift
for Sebastian. Move forward.

There are items through these ruins, but nothing important. So loot and move
forward until you hit a cut-scene and a battle. Picking "Die, Fiend!" Leads to
friendship boost with Sebastian, while "I do like power..." Is rivalry. The
other option also gives friendship, but not as much. Once you’re done. Leave,
and go to the chantry. Talk to Sebastian. Selecting Green, "That's a good
question." and green for friendship. Picking other options brings rivalry.

Talk to him again to give him the gift for friendship, or rivalry if you pick
the right option.

|Achievements - Avenged - Memento                                             |
| You gained Avenged by completeing this quest, and Memento by giving         |
| Sebastian the gift you picked up eariler.                                   |


Time to buy some items with all that money we have.

Lowtown -

Trinkets Emporium - Greater Tome of mortal vessel. Signet Ring(Gift for Varric)

Apparel Shop - Rigid Boning (Armor for Isabela)

Lirene's Fereldan Imports - Armor Struts (Armor for Anders)

Armor Shop - Impact Plating Guardmens pattern. (Armor for Aveline)

Hightown -

Olaf's Armory - Reinforced Bracers (If you have the DLC) (Armor for Sebastian)

Robes by Jean Luc - Supportive Corselet (Armor for Isabela), Samire Lining
(Armor for Merrill), Tevinter Spirit Symbol (Armor for Fenris), Backpack.

Gallows -

Armor Shop - Enhanced Articulation (If you have the DLC.) (Armor for Sebastian)

Mage Goods - Backpack, Lyrium Weave (Armor for Anders), and two designs.

Formari Herbalist - Two Recipes.

Docks - Shady Merchandise - Coat lining with concealed pockets (Armor for
Varric), Lyrium Scales (Armor for Fenris), and two Formulas.

Sundermount - Ilen's Crafts - Tome of Technique, Carved Ironwood Buttons
(Armor for Merrill), Halla Carving (A gift for Merrill.) and a Design.

If you sent the mage to the Dalish, the Templars will be harassing the Dalish.
You can choose to leave, or too stand with one of the two parties’ for a battle.
You can also ask questions and get a special option that stops them from

If you have "The Black Emporium" DLC, Then Buy the Elixir for your class, and
the Greater Elixir. Use them both on Hawke. There is also a Recipe, a Formula,
and a design to pick up. If you’re a Rouge the "Cap if the Antivan King" is a
nice add. Don't buy the "Dull Brass Amulet" as we'll be getting a better one
at the start of act 3. If you have enough for "The Fallen Star" Grab that as
well. If not you can buy it later.

Hunting Down Items

Time to go Item collecting!

In the last act the Item collecting section didn't have you do anything
related to quests. So if you skiped it you only lost out on items, gold, exp,
and codexes. But this time around we do some quests. So even if you don't
want to collect items, you should read through this section anyway.

|NOTE!                                                                        |
| I do not cover the Quest Fool's Gold in this walkthrough. Sorry.            |

Go to the Gallows and start the Herbalist’s Tasks. Besides that there is
nothing here in the way of items.

Go to your home now, if you've been flirting with Isabela like I have you'll
get a cut-scene with her. If you wish to continue the romance with her flirt
with her until you go to bed with her, after answer with "Why Not?" Purple and
"I'm not interested in marriage". I put this here only because Isabela is the
hardest person to get a romance with.

While you home go to your rune crafting menu, You should have the Rune of
Fortune in it. Make 6 of them and put one on each of your companions, and one
on Hawke him/herself. This will cost you 3 gold. (And two of your companions
can't equip runes just yet.) But it will mean that random coin drops from
enemies will incress in amount, giving you more coin over all in the game.

Next up, Hightown.

Starting in the market area, there is a codex in the northeast. Next, up the
stairs to the chantry and around to the north is a Chest. Head south to the
next area, and near the stairs in the north is rubble. Head to the southwestern
most part of Hightown, in the southeast corner is a crate. Head to Lowtown next.

Head towards the entrance to the hanged man, to the south of it is a crate.
Keep heading south into the foundry area, in the southwest corner is a barrel.
The area east of there has a Spindleweed and a barrel. North, down the stairs,
and past the next set is a crate. Head to the elven area, on the way is a crate.
(After you go up the stairs, it's on the area next to them to the east of them
almost too where we're heading.) In the northeast corner of the alienage itself
is a crate. Next go to the docks.

In the Qunari's area, up the stairs is one of the band of three codexes. Grab
it. In the area to the west there are two crates, one north, and one south.
Going down the east path, the last turn off before the end of it has a crate.
At the end of the western path, in the south is a crate. Let's go to Darktown

RIGHT next to where you enter is the second codex from the band of three. Grab
it. Down the stairs and towards the north exit, you'll find a barrel on the
right. In the most southeastern spot of Darktown is a crate. Head north
towards Ander’s place, along the way you'll spot a deathroot. And in the
northern area of Ander's place is a codex. Next the Hanged Man.

Past the counter in that back room is a barrel. There’s a crate in the first
room, one in the second, a locked chest in the smallest room, and a crate in
the last room as well as a codex. Next up is the Rose.

In the most southeastern room is a sack, up the stairs the south room has a
locked chest, and the north room has a chest as well. Next is the chantry.

Up where the Grand Cleric is, is "The history of the chantry: Chapter 2." Grab
it, now you only need two more chapters for the achievement. Up the large
stairs to the south and into the room to the west is a crate. In the central
area in the south is an Evil Tome. Select it and choose to destroy it. This
starts an easy enough battle. Now head to the northern area, east by the
fireplace on a table is the third band of three codexes for this act. We're
done in the chantry, next is the Keep.

Warning: If Merrill is with you, destroying the books brings rivalry increases.

In the guard's area, to the west in the room is a chest, and in the room right
next to there is a locked chest. In the room in the northwest is a locked
chest. (It's near the Viscount's room.) In the area to the east is another
evil tome, destroy it and fight. That's it for the keep. Time for the night
time stuff. First up, Hightown night time.

From the viscount's place, to the east before the stairs is a chest. In the
market area to the south up the stairs is a crate. In the north of this area is
a sack. In the most northeastern area is a chest, and in the area outside the
rose is a crate. Next, Lowtown(Night)

In the small area north of the Lowtown market is a barrel. Heading south you'll
find a crate before some stairs. After going down the stairs to the east,
you'll find a crate. Near Gamlen's house is a recipe in some rubble. In
the alienage, the northwest wall, is a sack with the gift "A Slave's Life" for
Fenris. North of that is another sack. Head to the docks(Night)

The area to the west has a crate. Each of the turn offs on the eastern path
has a crate. At the end of the west path to the north is a crate as well.
Head into the Disused Passage now.

Heading towards the eastern path you'll find bones, head south. You'll find
a sack just past the first door. All the way south, in the small room that the
path almost spirals into is a crate. You can leave now. Head to the Hanged man
at night.

In the room past the counter is a crate. The first room has a crate, the second
room has one as well. In the room with the shop is another crate. Next up.

NOTE!: The Forbidden Knowledge side quest has three hidden locations before
doing the final part, and it may be too hard right now for some people. But I
will be doing it while collecting items in the next locations. Don't worry if
you can't handle it now, just come back and do it near the end of act 2.

In the Dalish camp when you first enter to the left is a chest with the
"Dalish Tattoo Ink" in it for the herbalist’s tasks. Near the shop is a codex.
Head up the western path. Near the exit on this path is the "Recently Opened
Passage". Head inside. careful of the fire, to the east is a room with a
corpse, and a locked chest. Head into the north room now. It has a corpse in
it. Going through the east door, there’s ""South-Song" Gerralt's Corpse" item.
In the last room is a large battle, after it's over destroy the book. and check
out the shop if you want. Then leave the ruins and back out to Sundermount.

There’s an Elfroot near the end of the western path, now head up the eastern
one. Along the path you'll find some Glitterdust. Head into the Sundermount
passage. In the west of the first area is some Silverite. In the area south of
the exit you'll find a sack and some Orichalcum. Exit to continue up
Sundermount. To the north is a pile of bones that hold a recipe. There's a
codex near the altar. Along the path up you'll find an Embruim. At the very top
of the mountain is an armor upgrade for Merrill, and a few other good items.
However, grabbing it causes a dragon to attack. After killing the dragon loot
it for more items. Now head to the wounded coast.

Again, the wounded coast is VERY difficult to write a walkthrough for. *Sighs*
here we go anyway though.

On the northern path, the first turn off holds a crate at the end. There’s a
corpse before the next turn off, and the turn off itself has Embruim and a pile
of bones. The following turn off has a chest, and the one after that has
nothing. The next area has a crate in the north, a crate and a pile of bones in
the south, and one item in each of the hidden paths (A pile of bones and a
Crate). The entrance to the Dank Cave is here, enter it.

There’s a pile of bones in the first area, continue on. There is Raw Lyrium
right when you enter the second area. Kill the dragon in a fight and loot the
Piles of Treasure. Then destroy the book and fight another battle. After you’re
done looting everything head back out to the wounded Coast.

Head south, the first area has a pile of bones, The second one does not. When
the paths meet up there is a barrel, now head east. You'll find an Elfroot on
the path, then a crate with a formula in it. There is a pile of bones in the
turn off just before where we entered. Head back to where the paths joined up
and go south this time. At the second turn is a sack, then you'll find an
Embruim followed by a cut-scene a little further south. Isabela and Aveline has
things to say if there with you. Pick the "Stay here. I'll do this alone."
option when it pops up to begin the battle. Kill mages first etc. etc. etc.
After the battle, the eastern path has a corpse, loot the dead, and head south
to open the two chests and take the items from within. Head back to where the
paths meet up again.

Head west, past the turn off for a chest and then head north. You'll find a
Design in a pile of bones. Then a barrel in the turn off. There’s a corpse near
the north exit, a creat in the hidden path near the cave in the camp area, and
a Harlot's Blush Flower near the cave itself. Get it. There’s also a Codex
right in front of the shop. Next head to the bone pit.

You'll find a Deathroot near the beginning. There are four items around camp.
(A bag of bones, a crate, a pile of bones, and a locked chest.) And a sack near
the entrance to the pit itself. The southeast and east path have one barrel
each, the northeast path has Glitterdust, and a crate. Enter the cave in the
east path.

There is rubble, bones, a Corrupted Lyrium and the 3rd hidden evil tome. Destroy
it, fight, and loot the enemy remains.

If you picked anything but "Destroy the book" for any of the 5 evil tomes, that
side quest ends here. But if you destroyed all 5 books head to Darktown for the
last, and hardest evil tome.

Note: Aveline can equip a rune now if you want to give her a Rune of Fortune.

Enter the Evil Pit (The quest arrow points out its location in Darktown.)
There’s a pile of bones to the north and east. Fair warning, this place is
filled to the teeth with traps and enemies. Take the only path forward to the
final room. The Fell Grimoire will lie before you. This time choose to read it
and accept the book's deal for two extra points to spend on stats. A tough
battle follows. The boss drops over 5 gold and an item, and winning the fight
causes Piles of treasure to appear. Loot everything! Then leave. That's it for
the item hunting.

|Achievements - Exorcist - Spelunker - Enchanter - Treasure Hunter -          |
| Knowledgeable                                                               |
| By beating the boss monster at the fell grimoire you gain the Exprcist      |
| achievement. You should of collected enough items and seen enough of game by|
| now to get the Spelunker, Treasure Hunter, and Knowledgeable achievements.  |
| If you haven't you will by the end of Act 2. As for Enchanter, if you       |
| followed my tip eariler with the runes, you'll have gotten this when        |
| placeing the first rune on a piece of equipment.                            |

Blackpowder Courtesy

Sell extra items and such, then head to speak with the Arishok. Thank him for
the kind warning. On your way out of the Qunari Compound talk to the Qunari
with the ! over his head for a quest. You can head back to the keep to pick up
your reward for wounded coast. Head to Darktown.

Talk to the person who has the quest arrow over them. Then head into Smuggler's
cut. (The new quest arrow in Darktown.)

Head down the first set of stairs and then though the dead end path to the west
looting a pile of bones, a crate, and a chest. Returning to head down the next
set of stairs. Through the door and down two sets of stairs, to the south is a
sack and a barrel. A corpse is to the north. Continue on, after a set of stairs
is a pile of bones. Move on until you head the next battle, in the area that
battle took place there is a crate and a chest in the north. Continue on the
path, picking up the Silverite on your way through, and a pile of bones. Next
to the stairs is a chest with "Ship in a bottle" in it. (A Gift for Isabela.)

South, up some stairs you'll find a chest with a Design in it and a pile of
bones. South before the next set of stairs is a crate. After the stairs is
a deep mushroom and a chest. Exit this area heading into the wilderness. After
the battle is a cut-scene. Spare his life to gain friendship, kill him for
rivalry. There’s rubble in the east. Exit and head to the Side Alley which will
have opened up on the main map.

If Aveline is with you, picking purple will incress her rivalry. During battles
here you will slowly loose HP. So be careful.

The idea is simple, you pick up a Steel Latch and use it to close a barrel.
Then battle, and do it again. Until all the Barrels are closed. Loot the Elven
Fanatic for a Formula and other items. There are two crates in the area. Loot
everything in the area and leave. Then head to tell the Arishok about it. After
talk to the Viscount at the keep. This will begin another quest but for now...

Companion Quests

Finishing the Blackpowder Courtesy opens up the Companions quests for Act 2
that weren't unlocked at the start of Act 2. Let's start with Aveline in the
keep. Agree to help her and give the item to Donnic, then talk to Aveline
again. Post the Roster and return to talk to her again. Picking the "If you
need this, I'll Help." Yield the most friendship points. Isabela has a LOT to
add if she's with you and you select the different Investigate options. Talk to
Donnic and then head to the hanged man at night. Talk to Donnic there. If
Isabela is with you, pick the "No excuses!" to gain friendship with Isabela and
gain a small rivalry boost with Aveline. Choosing the other means Aveline gains
friendship, and Isabela gains Rivalry. Head to the wounded Coast next. Simply
head from one quest marker to the next, ridding the area of enemies and then
lighting the torches. Pick either the green or purple. (I picked green.) Before
heading back, go to the other Quest marker. After winning the fight you can
pick up a reward for the quest from the Qunari at the docks, head to the keep
and talk to Aveline. Pick blue or Purple. Talk to Aveline again. Picking
different options lead to a boost in friendship. (I think Green then "Never"
lead to the best boost.) It's very likely you'll have Aveline's "Questioning
Beliefs." Conversation now, go ahead and talk to her. I picked Purple, Then
"You need my good Humor" It nets me another 15 points in friendship. Almost
maxing Aveline out for me.

Of Mage and Men

Next let us go see Anders. Agreeing to help boosts friendship. Head to the
quest marker and enter the dungeon.

(A quick note, talking to Grand Cleric Elthina right now allows you to ask her
about the Tranquail Solution.)

Anders will join your party for this.

There’s bones in the first area. Head into the east area and go north for a
Spindleweed and a crate. Then south for a pile of bones. Go back to the main
path. After the stairs is a corpse. Going down the second set of stairs leads
to a fight, and a fork. Head to the west first. There will be a corpse right
away. Before the paths rejoin there is a hidden chest. Head back and go the
east path this time. You'll find a corpse on the path, and in the big open
room, the north holds a deep mushroom and a pile of bones, and a corpse in the
south. Continue along the path, there are two "Bones" after the first set of
stairs. After three more sets of stairs there is a small path to the west that
has a chest, then a corpse after the next stairs. The first level here has a
corpse, and so does the second. The third level has two more "Bones". Continue
on until you hit a cut-scene. This will lead to a fight, and then another
scene. Stop Anders from killing the mage for a large friendship boost. (The
"Don't Hurt her!" Option.) Loot Sir Slrik's body. Then go up the stairs,
ignoring the exit for now, head to the west, the north area here has a corpse,
and the last note from the band of three this act. The south has an armor
upgrade for Anders hidden in a crate, and a chest. Pick these up, finish
looting, and exit. Go to Anders and talk to him. Choosing the special "I found
Sir Alrik's Papers" Gives friendship. The paper also allows you more
conversation with Elthina if you like. You may or may not have Ander's
Questioning Beliefs. If you do, talk with him.

Let us go talk to Merrill now.

Oddly enough, Merrill likes the purple options the most. Green options tend to
lead to rivalry. Or you could flirt with her. Picking Purple, then green or
purple, then green or purple again. And agreeing to help her will likely net
friendship. Red and not helping her will net Rivalry. You can also give Merrill
her gift while your here. Add Merrill to your party and go to Sundermount. Talk
with Marethari. Support Merrill for friendship with her. (Blue.) After head to
the quest marker, which is along the western path and enter the hunting
grounds. West has a pile of bones. Pick up Radha's Amulet in the area to the
north and continue on. Keep heading forward, taking to dead end to the west to
get Harshal's Amulet along the way. After that, down one more set of stairs and
to the west is Orichalcum. Move north, you'll find Glitterdust and a chest
before the stairs down. Rubble and Chandan's Amulet are waiting for you after
the stairs. Moving forward triggers a cut-scene. Move forward for another scene.
Kill the Varterral as soon as you can. It's a tough beast. Loot Varterral of
his items, including the heart. Loot the Treasure pile in the north for 7 gold
and a good weapon, there is a pile of bones in the east, and a Deep Mushroom up
the stairs. Leave and return to Marethari. Give the Arulin'holm to Merrill for
a friendship boost, agree with the keeper for rivalry. Aveline gains Rivalry if
you hand it over though. Return to Merrill's home and talk with her. You may
also be able to do her questioning beliefs conversation. (I maxed her
friendship when picking the purple option.)

Turn in the Herbs at the Gallows, you should have all three.

|Achievement - That Thing Has Legs                                            |
| By beating the Varterral You earn this achievement.                         |

Of Pirates and Story Tellers.

Head to the Hanged man next. Talk with Isabela to do her Questioning Beliefs,
and to give her the gift. Stick with the Purple or flirt options for the max
friendship points. For Rivalry, pick anything else. (I maxed Isabela's
friendship before giving her the gift.)

Note: Maxing out (Getting 100%) in either friendship or rivalry makes it stick.
If the person is maxed, then nothing you say will change their minds about you.

Talk to Varric next. This begins a new quest with him. (If you agree to it that
is.) You can also give him the gift you got earlier. (Btw, I also maxed his

Head to Hightown at Night. Enter the building with the quest marker and....
Okay then.... Varric will be more then strong to win this battle, just keep
firing arrows at enemies....

Alright, THIS TIME. Move your control back to Hawke. There's a crate in this
first room, and another one in the next room. The most north west room has the
next crate. The next room has a crate as well. The last room in the north has
a chest and two crates. Go to the big center room for a battle, once it's
finished a cut-scene takes place. There is a crate in the north west corner,
up the stairs there is a chest in the north room, and a chest in the south
room that has an armor upgrade for Varric. The final room has a chest in it,
and a boss battle. You can choose whether to kill him or not. It makes little
difference in friendship or rivalry. (Seeing as everyone with me is already
maxed.) but there are people who will like either option. Loot any remaining
items and head to the hanged man to talk with Varric. Picking Purple leads to
the best friendship boosts.

Of Elves and Slaves.

Add Fenris to your party and head to anywhere outside of Kirkwall to trigger an

WARNING!: If you do not agree to help Fenris he will part ways with you. For

WARNING!: After this Ambush a countdown starts. If you take too long before
continuing the quest Fenris will simply leave you.

"Die, Slaver" Offers the most friendship.

"He's not a Slave!"  Offer some Friendship.

"Let's work out a deal!" Offers Rivalry.

After the fight.

"We go after them." Offers the most Friendship.

"And now they're dead." Offers some Friendship.

"Calm down, Fenris." Offers Rivalry.

Agreeing to help brings friendship.

Head for the Holding Caves. The western path has an Embrium. There’s
Glitterdust at the end of the eastern one. There are also four chests around.
Loot then enter the Den.

Head west in the first battle there is a flame trap that will keep spitting
flames as long as someone stands on the trigger. In the second battle there are
such trigger plates in each of the corners of the room. After the third battle
a cut-scene takes place. Making the girl your Slave brings a large Rivalry
boost, Giving her money is a waste, and choosing the "I'll pay her" Option
gives a good friendship boost.

In this room there are two chests. Head into the eastern room now. There are
two chests here as well, one with an armor upgrade for Fenris. Continue on the
path to the final room. After the battle there are more cut-scenes. Picking
the companion options leads to the best friendship boost, saying you'll let
her go is the best rivalry. Of the next options, the "She deserved to die"
offers the best friendship. The "But you gave your word!" brings rivalry.
Then defending mages is Rival, and the other options are friendship. Loot and
leave. Head Home where Fenris awaits. being understanding brings Friendship,
fighting with him leads to Rivalry.

By this point I always have Fenris maxed on Friendship or Rivalry. I did
Rivalry this play through to make sure I gave good advice on doing it. If you
did the same as me, this will award you the final achievements related to

Head to Fenris's home for his questioning beliefs, and to give him his gift.
If you need more points in either direction I would hope the choices and what
they give would be obvious by now.

|Achievements - Rival/Friends - Great Minds Think alike                       |
| It's possible to have maxed out 4 Companions in either rivally or           |
| friendship. Thus getting all the different achievements related to it. But  |
| you still have plenty of game left to achieve this!                         |

Night Terrors

This is a rather long and trying quest. Add Isabela to your party if you
haven't yet for a chance to gain points with her after the quest. This is one
of the quests where you pick a side (Pro-Mage or Pro-Templar.) So choose the
rest of your companions with care to what you’re going to do.

Anyone you take with you will get an extra conversation with Hawke where you
can earn friendship or rivally with them. Isabela's gives the largest boost in
either direction and is the most important out of them though.

Talk to Arianni to begin.

In this first room catch and read the book for a stat point. Then head west to
the first Barrel puzzle. You gain two points if you solve it, and a battle if
you don't.

X = Barrel Does not move.

1,2,3,etc = Barrels to move in order.

Step 1:

5 6 1
4 3 2 X

Step 2:

3   X X
2 1 X X

Step 3:

  1 2 5
X X 3 4

Go south, the into the room to the far northeast. This is the second Barrel

Step 1:

  1 X X 3
X 2 X X 4 X

Step 2:

2 X X X X 4
1   X X   3

Step 3:

  1 2 4 3

Step 4:

X X     X X
X 3 1 2 4 X

Now head out into the main room for a cut-scene. If you agree to help the demon
Anders (If he's with you.) Will fight to stop you. You can get a reward for
doing it. But I never have done it. You fight the demon if you turn him down.
Head into the east room for a scene.

The choices brake down like this...

"He abandoned you." = Side with the Mages / With the Demon Torpor

"Go with Him, son." = Side with the Templars (More extreme and not needed.)

"Snap out of it!" = Side with the Templars.


"He doesn't love you" = Side with the Mages / With the Demon Torpor

"He's a Demon!" = Side with the Templars.

Isabela or Aveline will betray you. (Causing a new conversation becoming
available after we're done here with either one. Isabela stands to gain the
most points though.)

Now head off to the far west room.

"Say no." = Side with the Mages / With the Demon Torpor

"This is your birthright" = Side with the Templars (More extreme and not

"She's a Demon" = Side with the Templars


"It is too dangerous." = Side with the Mages / With the Demon Torpor

"She's a Demon" = Side with the Templars

Someone will betray you, If not Merrill then Fenris or Aveline.

Head back into the center room. If you made a deal with Torpor and picked the
right options, choose "Your safe now" To complete the deal, or choose something
else to fight Torpor instead. If you didn't pick the right options then Torpor
cannot take him.

If you didn't make a deal, then picking the mage options will mean that the
elf comes out of this perfectly fine and happy. If you picked the Templar
options then he will beg you to kill him. (Making him tranquail.) You can still
choose not to. You side with the mages if he keeps his powers, you side with
the Templars if he's made tranquail.

The people who betrayed you will have simply woken up, and will have companion
conversations waiting for you. Talk to them. Forgive them for friendship, don't
for Rivalry.

Offered and lost

Sell items, turn in quests, etc. It's been awhile so I'm reminding you.

head to the keep and talk to Seneschal Bran. Most if not all your companions
will agree it's the hanged man. But before that.

Go talk to the Arishok and tell him about the missing Qunari to gain more
respect from him. (Which will prove useful, and helps to gain your

Now head to the hanged man at night. (Bring Aveline with you.) Talk to Orwald.
If Aveline is with you, you can gain friendship with her by letting her deal
with guards. (I also happen to love the scene.) (For me this maxes out her

Go to the Chantry. After the scene, go to Ser Varnell's Refuge.

You'll find a chest in the middle of the northern part of the map. Choosing
"Go ahead, kill the Qunari" Means you side with the sister. I always choose
"Varnell and the others die." This leads to a fight.

In the following cut-scene choose "Do not hide it. He'll know." To gain more
respect from the Arishok.

There is the gift for Aveline in a crate before the exit. Grab it.

Go to the Arishok and talk to him. Admit what happened for more respect. You
can also talk to the sister at the Chantry if you wish.

|Achievement - A Worthy Rival                                                 |
| By gaining all the respect from the Arishok as you can, you gain this       |
| Achievement.                                                                |

Act 2 Side-Quests

Doing that quest opened the last of the side-quests. So I will list there here
and give advice for them. Do all you can before moving on.

Depending on if you've side with the Templar or mages the following quests
are available.

For mage quests the Dock's board is where you start. For the Templars, it's
the chanter's board.

The underground Railroad -

Only if you sided with the mages in Act one. Follow the quest marker and talk
to the person in the docks to gain access to a quest board.

Search and Rescue -

Only if you let Grace and the other mages go free during Act of Mercy. Go to
the wounded coast and enter the cave marked by the quest mark. Battle and loot.

The Midnight Meeting -

Only if you killed Sir Karras during Act of Mercy. At night in Hightown
Templars will be in the area with the shops. They will attack you.

How to Frame a Templar -

Sided with the mages during the "Enemies among us" quest. Talk to Ser Roderick
in the hanged man, picking one of the lies. Then talk to harbormaster’s
assistant at the gallows. Follow this by writing Conrad's name on the near by
delivery order and give it to Dockworker. Finish this quest by seeing the
Quest board at the docks.

Bounty Hunter -

Only if Grace and the others were forced into the circle during act of mercy.
Your targets are in Darktown, The top of Sundermount, and at the wounded coast.

A debt in the family -

If you sided with the Templars in the "enemies among us" quest then talk to
the Templar Recruit manager and go to the docks at night. Getting near Senestra
starts a fight.

Elves at Large -

Feynriel must of been sent to the circle. Go to the wounded Coast. Pick
whatever options you like, they only affect your reward for this quest. You
will have to fight someone though.

The Fixer -

If you choose to burn the Qunari instead of telling the Arishok the truth. Then
you'll get a letter asking for help. Simply follow the quest markers.

Sketchy on the details -

Go to the chanter's board to start this quest. It's available no matter what.
The 5 places you need to go are...

High Town (Night) : The steps going to the Keep.

Lowtown : Head into the elve's area.

The Gallows : The far southeast of the area.

The Hanged Man (Night) : Found in one of the rooms.

Darktown : In the South.

Then head to the docks at night to meet Sketch and be rewarded. (I find what
he says very funny. XD Think Varric. Or if you remember him from a certain DLC
in DAO. Think Leliana.)

Late night fights -

In Lowtown, Hightown, and the docks at night are enemies to fight. Kill enough
to get directions to their hideouts. Finish these one at a time and turn them
in to the girl in the hang man at night for 2 gold a piece.

You also may have a gift for Anders, and one for Aveline. Go give them there
gifts for another chance at Friendship/Rivalry.

Anders is a little hard to work with for friendship or rivalry if you haven't
been taking him along on the pro-mage/Templar missions. So the gift may unlock
his questioning beliefs. Simply support his ideals and him for a huge
friendship boost. Stand against mages for Rivalry.

For Aveline's gift the dialog changes depending on what you've dragged her
along to do, and if she still has her first shield equipped or not. Either way,
giving her the gift causes her to equip it, and it is a very good shield for
this point in the game.

Prime Suspect

If you've been following along, then you should only have one open quest. The
Prime Suspect one. Bring Aveline along. (Unless you dislike using her.) For
extra dialog and head to the Gallows to speak with Emeric. Next, head to
Hightown at night. Follow the Quest Marker to DuPuis Estate and enter it.

There is a codex on the table in this area. The room to the south has a sack.
The room to the south after climbing the stairs has a barrel. Move east into
the next room, and a Codex sits on the table in here as well. Continuing east,
the room to the south has a Design in a chest and another clue. Up the stairs
to the east you'll find yet another codex sitting on a table. The room to the
south contains a chest. (Which is simply another clue.) Head into the final

You can choose to kill him or spare him. There's a chest in the room after the
cut-scenes. Head off to the Gallows next and speak with Moira. Then head off
to the Blind Alley at night. You'll be met with a fight.

After the fight you can again choose whether to have DuPuis killed or let him
live. There are couple of items about, nothing important though. Loot
everything and leave.

The Bone Pit

That unlocks the Bone Pit quests for this Act. Head Home. When you get home
the "All that remains" Quest will begin. We'll continue it later. Collect your
letter(s) and head too Hightown to talk with Hubert. Choose "I'm ready." to
continue this quest. Choose what you like, as long as he tells you who is
raiding the shipments. (You can lie to help him out if you've picked mostly
purple, or a special option if you've picked mostly green throughout the game.
Or you can send him to prison/kill him.)

You'll be at the ambush site. Head forward and fight. There’s a chest and an
item in the area of the fight. Head to Darktown. Head north to find Lilley.
Tell the women about what happened, then head to the new Quest marker and
enter Brekker's Hideaway.

There’s a barrel atop the stairs, and a Design in a crate atop the next set.
There’s a sack in the west of the last area, and a chest just before the exit.
Head back to Hightown when you’re done. Talk to Hubert.

Head to the Bone Pit. Go to the ! Mark to talk with Jansen. Enter the Mine,
Kill the bugs. There’s a pile of bones in the north, Corrupted Lyrium up the
stairs, and a crate further up the stairs. Exit and talk with Jansen. Exit the
Bone Pit and go anywhere else, then come back and talk with Jansen again.

Head into the Mine again. (Through the Quest Marker.) There are three chests
in the center, once you've killed the all the monsters in the main battle you
can leave and talk to Jansen again. (Both East and north paths lead to the
center, both have monsters, and no items.) Leave again, go anywhere, and
return to talk with Jansen again.

Go to Lowtown (Daytime) and talk to the Smith named Smith next to the armor
shop. Fork over the 15 Gold, it's worth it as this unlocks the Bone Pit Quest
in Act 3.

This finishes off the Bone pit for this act, and finishes all but the Main
story quests.

All that Remains.

If you didn't cause DuPuis Death, head to Darktown and find him. Bring Varric
along if you do. Otherwise head to Lowtown at night where your uncle helps you
find a trail of blood to follow instead.

Either way when you get to the area, go to the northeast area and down a trap

After the fight you find Alessa, there is a chest nearby. There is also a pile
of bones in the northeast corner. You'll find Orichalcum, a codex, and Rubble
in the middle area of this map. In the next room is a battle then a scene.
There’s a Chest in the north, 3 Codexes in the center, a chest against the
west wall. and a crate in the south. There is a chest along the path forward.
When you reach the last room, you'll get a cut-scene.

|                               SPOILER ALRET!                                |
| If DuPuis is alive and came with you, he'll betray you and fight against you|
| in the coming battle. However if Varric is with you, he'll kill DuPuis at   |
| the first sign of this happening. Making the following battle much easier.  |

This is a long battle, You have to kill each of his past victims before you can
touch the blood mage. Kill the Desire Demons first, And any Mage as well. Then
clean up then monsters each and every round. You'll get a few closing scenes
after the battle, the person you've been romancing will come by to say a few

Before we move to the closing of this act, There are a few people you can talk
with for extra Dialog.

You’re Pet Dog - (DLC only I believe.) (Exit and enter your house after each
time. I believe there are a few.)
Sandal - (You get a rare Rune.)
Orana - (Only if you gave her a Job/Home.)
Mother Petrice - (Simply enter the chantry if you have yet to talk to her.)
Grand Cleric Elthina - (Extra conversation if you did Ander's Companion quest
and got the letter.)
Corff The Bartender - (As always in the hanged man.)
Knight-Captain Cullen - (At the Gallows. Extra conversation if you got the
letter from Ander’s Companion Quest.)
Master Ilen - (He has nothing new to say though. At Sundermount.)

Aveline will also have a new conversation avaliable.

Following the Qun

Grab the letter from your home, and head to the Keep to talk with the Viscount.
Then head off to chat with the Arishok. (You'll be attacked on the way, no
items to speak of though.) After the conversation head to the chantry (Night).
Depending on earlier choices you may be given the option to join the mother. I
never do. Either choice ends in a fight.

WARNING!!!!!: This is your ONLY chance to get "The History of the Chantry:
Chapter 3" If you do not collect it before the battle is over, it disappears
for good, and you won't get the related achievement.

After the aftermath scenes. Heading home starts a chain of events. If Isabela
is with you, then she needs your help.

WARNING!: If you don't or won't help Isabela she will leave your party for

Agree to help Isabela. Bring Isabela along.

WARNING: This is your last chance to use the shops or to do anything in Act 2.
Sell any unneeded or unwanted items. You'll soon be collecting quite a few.

You'll have a new letter oddly enough.

Go to Lowtown at night. There is a fight at the new the Quest marker. Enter the

If you’re romancing Isabela then agree to give the book to her.

There’s a crate in the room to the south. A barrel to the east room. Three
crates in the northeast corner, and another one close by them. In the room to
the northwest is an Armor upgrade for Isabela. Head outside and collect
Isabela's Letter.

Demands of the Qun

If you did Isabela's quest or didn't, head to the docks (Daytime) and talk
with the Arishok. The choices you pick matter little.

After the scenes you'll be in Lowtown at Night. If you don't have the Arishok's
respect then bring Fenris along, otherwise pick your best companions.

There are a lot of Items littered among your path forward. Nothing of note
though, just random items. Collect them if you'd like too. There is only one
path you can take, you'll run into Grey Wardens. (And your brother/sister if
they joined them.)

After Lowtown is Hightown. After the battle with the Carta is a Corpse that
holds a Recipe. If your Brother/Sister became a Mage/Templar. You'll run into
them soon. You can decide who leads the charge. (I pick Hawke.) Then you'll
be able to pick a course of action. I normally choose just to fight. After the
fight you'll end up inside the keep. After the fight inside SAVE.

|                               SPOILER ALRET!!!                              |
| If you did Isabela's Quest and got her to at least 50 Friendship/Rivalry,   |
| then she will rejoin your party. Choosing to hand her over means you will   |
| never see her again.                                                        |
|                                                                             |
| If you gained enough respect, or have Fenris along with you, you'll be given|
| the choice to Duel the Arishok one on one. I always do so as it makes for a |
| much better story. Otherwise you'll be fighting the whole lot.              |
|                                                                             |
| For Rouges, use the Miasmic Flask on the Arishok after he changes you for a |
| good chance to stun him. Dodge his attacks and look for openings. Mages     |
| should keep their distance and use there spells to attack. Whatever class   |
| you have, summoning your dog helps out a LOT in this battle.                |
|                                                                             |
| If you need a skill, or need to resummon your dog, it's easiest to keep     |
| running from the Arishok until you can use it. Same for Potions.            |
|                                                                             |
| Good Luck.                                                                  |

Go forward and finish this act.

|Achievements - Friends in High Places - Legendary - King of the Hill         |
| Friends in high places is gotten when you meet the first enchanter and the  |
| Knight Comander. Legendary is gotten when you reach level 20. If you've     |
| done everything to this point it's possible to already reach it. King of the|
| Hill is gotten by killing the Arishok. (It's possible to not get this       |
| achievement by handing Isabela over.)                                       |


The opening scene is the 5th Mage VS. Templar Quest. If you've sided with one
side or the other in the past four. Then you can pick a side here and gain
one of the two achievements.

|Achievements - Arcane Defender - Mage Hunter                                 |
| You can only earn one of these two achievements a play through. By following|
| this walkthrough you should of gotten one of these, having had to choose a  |
| side five times already. But there are two more chances to pick a side. To  |
| earn the other one you have no choice but to play the game from the         |
| beginning to this point picking the other side at each chance.              |

After the scenes you’re rewarded with the Gloves of the Champion. The Champion
set is one of the best (If not the best) Sets of armor Hawke can have.

If you gained enough rivalry with the Arishok in act 2, a Taarbas will be
standing nearby with a ! over his head. Talk to him and agree to help him.
Then head to Hawke's house. If you have Hawke's Dog then go back to the
bedroom to quickly do a small quest. Collect your letters.

You can talk to Sandal and Bodahn for some interesting conversation.

If Isabela came back, go to the hanged man and talk with her. Doing so causes
her to rejoin your party.

Time for some shopping.

Hightown -

Korval's Blades - Qunari Sword, Arcane Tome of the Mortal Vessel.

Robes by jean luc - Backpack

Lowtown -

Weaponsmithy - Qunari Sword

Gallows -

Weapon Shop - Qunari Sword

While in the Gallows talk to Solivitus. We'll visit the other shops while
item collecting a little later on. For now head back to Hightown and chat with

Keep in mind that THREE YEARS have passed since ACT 2. A lot has changed due to
your actions.

The Power of Dragons

Go to the Bone Pit. This next part is rather hard to do, and we're doing it
first thing in Act 3. However if you've been following this walkthrough so far,
it is doable. If you can't do it, simply come back later in the Act after
you've gone up a few levels.

I recommend bringing Anders with you as he does make this battle a lot easier.

My Team for this: Hawke, Anders, Aveline, Fenris.

The Bone Pit is a mess. There are 3 items in the camp area. Go south for a
boss battle.

This dragon is hard to beat alone, but every now and then the dragon will
retreat out of range while over dragons attack you, spiting fire at you the
whole time. Each Wave that comes has harder enemies, or more of them. So be
on your toes. With an enough time, and enough potions, you should do fine in
this battle.

Once the battle is over, loot the High Dragon, and loot the remaining bodies.

|Achievement - Dragon Slayer                                                  |
| An achievement gotten for killing this high dragon.                         |

Go to the Gallows and turn on the last Herbalist’s Task to get Urzara's Tooth.
An item the ups all stats by 1 when equipped. The Dragon also dropped the
Arms of the Champion, another item with the Champion set.

Head to Sundermount now. Head up the western path, Almost near the end of the
path is a Pile of Bones, Loot it for the Design: Rune of Valiance. This with
the Dragon blood we just got allows us to make a powerful rune. When equipped
on armor the Rune of Valiance ups all stats by 2 points. You can put one on
each companion (or one on Aveline's Shield.) as well as putting one on a
piece of the Champions Armor (4 pieces) for only 75 Silvers each. There is a
limit that makes it so only one effect works per person.

You can buy The Ring of No Wishes at The Black Emporium (If you have the DLC)
Right now my Hawke has +6 in all Stats, making her very powerful indeed.

If you haven't yet, talk to Hubert to turn in the Bone Pit Quest.

If you turn in any of the Qunari Swords, pick "No." when asked if you need
gold. It leads to a much better prize when you have all the swords.

Item Collecting Round 3

It's time to go around and collect all the items.

Hightown (Day) -

East of the Market is a chest. In the Southeast, before the stairs is a barrel.
On the west side of the stairs leading to the Keep is a Chest. In Viscount’s
Way (Up the Stairs) is another chest.

Hightown (Night) -

There is a chest in the hidden path in the southwest. Up the Chantry Stairs
and to the south is a chest. In the market area to the north is a crate. West
of the stairs leading to the keep is a crate, and there is a chest in the
east in the Viscount way. The last crate is outside the Rose.

The Rose -

The Southeastern most room has two crates in it, and there is a chest in the
northern room above the stairs.

Lowtown (Day) -

There’s a crate in the Fereldan Imports Store. In the foundry Area there is a
Spindleweed and a barrel. (It's to the south.) The area west of here has a
barrel as well. Down the stairs and past the next set is a crate. Walking
through the elves home you may get a cut-scene. If Aveline is with you, you get
some extra conversation. The northwest corner has a sack. In the Northeast
within the area with your Uncle's house is a crate. South of there is a barrel.

Lowtown (Night) -

The small area in the north of the market has rubble, each of the two areas
in the south have items again (rubble, sack). And there is a barrel between the
two locations. Down the stairs in the southwest is a crate. In the northeast
of the elves homes is a sack.

Docks (Day) -

The area to the east has a crate in the south. On the west path the first and
second turn offs have crates, and there is a crate at the end. There is a
barrel half way along the east path, and at the end there is a barrel to the
north and a crate to the south.

Docks (Night) -

There is a Qunari Sword in a pile of bones in the area to the east, in the
north, and a barrel. The first turn and third turn offs of the west path have
barrels. Half way up the east path is a barrel, and in the north at the end is
a chest with a Qunari Sword.

Disused Passage -

In the south on the east side (North part.) Is a gift for Isabela. There’s
bones in the mini spiral to the south. Bonny Len's Wares has two of the best
daggers in the game. (I know, I mainly play as a Rouge.)

Darktown -

In the south you'll find a Deathroot and a crate. There is rubble just south of
Ander's Clinic. There is a Qunari Sword in the north of his Clinic, in a crate.

The Hanged Man (Day) -

South past the counter is a barrel. 1st room, barrel. 2nd room, barrel. 3rd
room, barrel. 5th room, crate.

The Hanged Man (Night) -

South past the counter for a crate. 3rd room has a locked chest. Last room has
a barrel.

Chantry -

"The History of the Chantry: Chapter 4" sits in the south. It's the last one
you need for the achievement.

|Achievement - Chantry Historian                                              |
| If you collected all the "History of the Chantry" codexes, then you've      |
| earned this achievement.                                                    |

The Keep -

In the south room of the guard's area is a chest. The north room has a chest
as well.

Sundermount -

The Thief Leader should of Dropped a gift for Merrill. The Awiergan Scrolls:
Third Aspect is around the huge rock to the south. Along the west path is a
cave that no quest takes you too.

Recently Opened Passage -

Along the north path is bones, there is another one in the room afterwards.
In the most northwest room is more bones. In the center room there are two
corpses and a shop. Like the shop in the Disused Passage, this shop has some
powerful weapons, with a huge price tag. Head back out into Sundermount.

Sundermount -

Up the east path you'll get into a battle, The Awiergan Scrolls: Second Aspect
is near there. Continue on into the cave.

There is Raw Lyrium to the west in the first area. After the stairs is a chest.
Orichalcum sits north of the exit. And there is a pile of bones to the north of
the exit. Go out the exit. There are 6 Graves, 2 have items, 2 have battles, 2
have nothing. If Merrill is with you, you can have a scene at the Shrine by
interacting with it. You'll face a battle on the way up. There is some
Glitterdust near the top.

Wounded Coast -

You'll be attacked by Evets as soon as you enter. The small turn off to the
south has a corpse and The Awiergan Scrolls: First Aspect. Along the south path
is an Elfroot. Go along the north path now, the first turn off has a scene
waiting for you. If you sided with the Mages in the Night Terrors that is.
There are a few corpses about here. The next turn off has a corpse. The
following one has a chest, the one after that has nothing. In the next area
there is a sack and a crate in the north. There is a barrel and a Qunari sword
in the south, and a crate and a chest in the hidden path. The two areas to the
south each have a pile of bones.

When the paths meet up, go south. There is a sack at the second turn. There
are three items among the three paths down here. (A pile of bones and rubble in
the center, and rubble in the east.) There is a chest further south. Head back
and go west. There is a corpse in the dead end to the west, head north from
there. You'll have a battle. The turn off going south after has a Formula in a
crate. There is an Embrium and a pile of bones near the exit to the north. In
the camp to the north, there are 2 crates and a pile of bones in the southern
area. There is a barrel in the northeast, and a corpse in the hidden path right

Darktown Demons

I'll take the time to tell you that you can spend your coin anyway you want
now. There is no reason to save any more coin.

You did the needed quests to start this while collecting items. Head to
Darktown. By Ander's Clinic is a hidden entrance to the dungeon. Moving into
the center room leads to a tough boss fight. Winning this gives you an
achievement, and a powerful weapon for either Hawke or Aveline. There is
nothing else here. If you killed the High Dragon before and did that stuff,
this battle will be a piece of cake.

|Achievement - Demon Slayer                                                   |
| By killing this boss you get this achievement.                              |

The Pirate Queen's Ship

Go to Hawke's home and Isabela will be there. Talk to her.

NOTE: You need to of picked up the letter for the "On the Loose" quest.

Picking the purple options brings friendship with Isabela. Picking "We can use
you as bait." adds even more, and it's what I choose. Add Isabela to your
team and head to the Rose. Head up the stairs and into the east most room.
Follow Isabela's Advice and keep the act up no matter what. Exit into Hightown,
Isabela will have left a trail of Sparkles for you to follow. Head to the
exit by the market place and Hawke will mention Lowtown. Go there, at night.
The trail leads to the large set of stairs to the east. Follow it and head to
the docks at night. Follow the east path until a quest marker appears, enter
the building.

Going north into the next room there are 3 crates. (One of them has over 15
gold.) Go out of the rooms. There will be a battle, and after Isabela joins
your party. Loot Velasco for a Key. Up the stairs to the north is a chest. In
the room to the north is Ambrosia. DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT IT! To the west is
a sack, To the east a crate. Go into the south room and loot the chest to move
on with the quest, and leave. Agree with Isabela for Friendship.

Go talk to Isabela at the hanged man to hand over her gift, if she’s at 100%
friendship/rivalry then her Questioning Beliefs conversation for this act will
be available. Talk to her a second time if it is so. Choosing to go with
Isabela in her Questioning Beliefs, and reassuring her about her feelings for
you are important steps if you plan to Romance her.

Talk to Varric while you’re at the hanged man. The head off and Talk With
Aveline and Merrill. You can also give Merrill her gift.

Faith (DLC Only!)

Go to the Chantry and talk to Sebastian. Agree to help out. Sebastian MUST be
in your party, head to the Keep at night (Via Hightown). Agreeing to help and
showing due respect will net a large friendship boost. Go to the west and have
Sebastian opens the door for you. You'll head into a scene and fight. Then
another scene. After the scene loot the bodies and head back to the Chantry and
talk to Elithina. Picking Green options leads to the best friendship boosts
with Sebastian. Talk to Sebastian and choose Green or to flirt for more
friendship. Then talk to him yet again. Telling him he belongs in the Chantry
leads to friendship. If you didn't max Sebastian out on either friendship or
Rivalry and you want the achievement for it. Bring him along with you for a few
quests until you have.

|Achievements - Cloak and Dagger - Loyalty of the Prince                      |
| By completeing this quest you gain the Cloak and Dagger Achievement. By     |
| Getting your friendship or rivalry with sebastian to 100% you get the       |
| Loyalty of the Prince achievement.                                          |


Go talk with Fenris. Agree to help him. There is a time limit, take too long
and you'll miss out on this quest. Add Fenris to your party and head to the
hanged man. I shouldn't need to tell you what to pick if you want more points
for Friendship/Rivalry. If you brought Sebastian, siding with Fenris and saying
he's not a slave, and protecting his sisters may bring friendship with him.

Go talk to Fenris for the Questioning Beliefs conversation.

The Crows

Talk to Nuncio who is in front of the rose in Hightown. Agree to help the man
and head of to Sundermount to talk with the Dalish. Talk with Variel to find
out he's in a cave. The cave is at the end of the west path, head inside.

On the second level here there is a pile of bones in the doorway. There is
a corpse and a chest at the end of that path, head onward. On the third level
there is a pile of bones that has Isabela's final armor upgrade. Moving on, to
the west of some flame traps is some corpses, and a crate. Down the stairs and
to the east is another pile of bones... Which for some reason has a second
Sylvanwood ring for me. A gift for Merrill.

There are no more items before the battle against the Varterral. If Isabela is
with you, you get more story. Not turning him in leads to better rewards. But
it's your choice. Loot the Varterral and the piles of treasure. After leave
and head to the Antivan Camp.

After the fight there is a chest in the north, a barrel near it, and four other
items about the area. Talk to Zevran when you’re ready.

|                              SPOILER ALRET!!!                               |
| If Isabela is with you, and Zevran isn't in love with the warden, Isabela   |
| well want to have sex with him, if your romancing her pick the "What about  |
| me?" option. Then "All right, I'm game.                                     |

The Grey Wardens.

Delilah Howe waits outside the Chantry only if you loaded a save with Nathaniel
Howe still alive. Otherwise you'll have gotten the gold rush quest in Act 2.

|                               SPOILER ALRET!!!                              |
| If your Brother/Sister became a Grey Warden and you want them to rejoin your|
| party at the end of this act. You MUST do this quest.                       |

After talking to her and agreeing to help, head off to the deep roads. But
first, Bring Varric along if you'd like.

Along the path when you first move east there is a chest. Then a battle and a
scene. (Sebastian will get a 10 point friendship boost if he came along.)
There is a pile of bones to a little northwest of where you end up after the
scene. Keep moving forward. You can use Levers to set off the bombs during the
next fight. In the area with the following fight to the north is a chest with
Varric's final armor upgrade. If Your brother/sister became a grey warden you
will have a cut-scene with them.

Be careful in this next fight, there are at least 3 Ogres in all. After the
battle and scene loot the area and leave. (There is one more chest before the

| Achievement - I got your back                                               |
| You get this for getting all the armor upgrades for someone, you should     |
| have gotten this with Varric                                                |

Gamlen's Treasure

Visit your dear uncle. After talking to him take a look at the Crumpled Note.
Then talk to him again. After head off to Darktown. Head to the Quest marker.
Loot Mekel for your next clue and return to Gamlen's House. Talk to him and
look at the Mallet. After head to the Alienage where the quest marker is and
interact with the Vhenadahl. After head to the docks at night. Head to the end
of the west path and enter the building with the quest marker. To the west is
the first codex from the band of three in this act. There’s a crate next to it.
The crate you’re looking for is up the stairs to the north. There’s a crate in
the room in the north. and two more in the east. There are another two in the
northeast room, and the last one is in the upper path to the south. After the
battle loot the enemy commander for a letter. A new location will open in the
Free Marches called The Slink. Go there.

At the fork head west and up some stairs for a chest. There is also a crate at
the end of the west path, head down the east one now. When you reach the big
area you'll get a cut-scene. You can pick whether to reunite the father and
daughter, or not too. It's up to you. (Sebastian will like it if you move to
reunite them. This maxes out Sebastian for me.)

There's a barrel in the north, and a chest up the stairs. Return to Gamlen's
house to see the results of your actions.


|                               SPOILER ALRET!!!                              |
| If you’re trying for a friendship with Anders, Fenris, and/or Sebastian. Do |
| NOT bring Fenris or Sebastian along (Unless their already 100%) Same thing  |
| holds true if you’re doing rivalry for all three. Anything Anders likes     |
| those two will hate, anything he hates, those two will like. Even accepting |
| the quest with them in your party brings on Rivalry.                        |

Go talk to Anders. Remember, Green leads to friendship, Red to Rivalry. After
the conversation leave, go somewhere else, then return. Talk to Anders again.
Agreeing to help him gives Friendship. (And finally maxes him for me.) Head to
the south area of Darktown and enter the Sewers.

Interact with the quest marker right next to you. The western stairs lead to a
corpse. Head to the southernmost room, There is a corpse here, and there is the
second band of three Codexes in the southwest corner of the room. Head up the
stairs and interact with the quest marker. Head north through a door and a
corpse is right here. Interact with the next quest marker. Up the stairs to the
west is a chest. Near the exit is a pile of bones. Interact with the last of
the quest markers. Exit and head to the Bone Pit.

To the east is the entrance to the Drakestone Mines.

There is a corpse right when you enter, and another one next to the Quest

In the north part of the area to the east is a Deep Mushroom. And bones near
the quest marker in the south. At the bottom of the stairs is a crate, and
bones in the doorway. There is a crate at the bottom of the next set of
stairs. At the end of the west path is a chest. There is a crate near the
beginning of the east path, and bones at the end. In the east of the big room
is a corpse. After collecting all the Quest Markers leave. Head to Ander’s
clinic and talk to him now.

If you agree to help head to the chantry and talk to Elthina. Go to Darktown
and talk to Anders to finish this quest up. If he is 100% one way or the other,
this unlocks his Questioning Beliefs.

Side Quests

You can do The Last Holdouts if you sided with Meredith during the opening
scenes. Go to the hanged man at night and talk to the barmaid then talk to
Ser Mettin to do this quest.

If you sided with Orsino then you can do the "A Noble Agenda" Quest by talking
to Ser Marlein.

Sorry that I don't have more to say on those two. But I've never sided one way
or the other in their fight. >.>'

You should also go ahead and do the 3 night time fighting side-quests. Turning
them in one at a time. If you did all nine of these you'll get a special
reward when you turn in the last one.

Some people may remember Red Jenny from DAO. (It's from a weird little side

On The Loose

Head to the Gallows, then into the Templar's Hall. (In the south.) The second
northern room in the west has a chest, a sack, and the third codex for the
band of three this act, this should give you the achievement if you've been
following along.

|Achievement - Archeologist                                                   |
| By getting at least 3 Codexes by the band of three in each act you gain this|
| achievement.                                                                |

Depending on who you sided with in the opening scenes decides who gives this
quest to you. The default is Meredith. Talk to the Tranquail to get
information. This quest is a siding with the Templars/mages quest.

You can do the three mages in any order, but let us start in Hightown at
night. Enter the building in the southwestern most area. There is a Qunari
sword in the northeastern most room. Grab it and loot the house.

You should have every Qunari sword now, if you choose not to get gold in return
for finding them, you'll get a special weapon in returned depending on what
class Hawke is.

Head to the Hanged at Daytime. Talk to Emile. Turning him in sides with the
Templars, letting him loose sides with the mages.

Next up, Lowtown. Talk to the girl in the Elven Alienage. Afterwards return
to here after nightfall. After killing Huon loot him for a Formula and the
Boots of the Champion, the third piece of the armor set.

Now head to Darktown. Talk with Walter. After head into the Sewers. There is a
crate near the stairs. There is a crate in the northwest corner of the next
room, and a corpse in the following path. Past there is a Cut-Scene. There is a
chest holding a Design in it.

Head back to the Gallows to turn this quest in.

If Isabela's Quest was not available earlier, it will be now. Go do it if you
have not yet.

Return home and pick up any letters.

If you loaded a save where Alister is king you can go to the keep for a
conversation with him.

Final Companion Quests

Go talk to Aveline about the letter that was sent to you. Then head to the
docks at night. Head down the east path until you run into a fight. After the
fight and the following cut-scene head to the Gallows to talk with Cullen.
Next head to Lowtown at Night. Go east to the quest marker and talk with
Brennan. Head to Darktown after the scene. Head to the lowest place in
Darktown (Where the marker is in the south.) Jeven drops the last Armor upgrade
for Aveline. Make sure to collect it. After head back to the keep. When you
hit the guard area you'll have a scene. If Aveline is at 100% of
Friendship/Rivalry this will unlock her Questioning Beliefs.

Go to the hanged man and talk to Varric, and agree to help him. Head to the
building in question in Hightown at night.

There is a crate to your right. The next crate is in the most northeast room.
There is a chest after the stairs to the north. Entering the final room triggers
a tough fight. Make Varric get rid of the shard for the best reward. If you
decide to go that way, return to Hawke's home and talk with Sandal. If Hawke is
of the Rouge Class I recommend putting the rune on the best dagger you can and
equipping to Hawke. Otherwise it is a good rune for Isabela or Varric to use.

Personally I added it to The Low Blade. It gave me a 23% boost in attack speed.
This is perhaps the best rune a rouge could ever have.

Go talk to Varric at the hanged man. If he's at 100% this will unlock his
Questioning Beliefs conversation.

Now onto our final Companion. Merrill. Go talk to her at her home. Agree to
help then head to the very top of Sundermount and enter the cave. There will be
a Felandaris near the idol. Do not leave without it. Interact with the Idol.
This will lead to a battle against a strong boss monster. Don't forget to loot
its body for a strong staff and Merrill's final armor upgrade.

|                              SPOILER ALRET!!!                               |
| You can take responsibility for Merrill to avoid a fight with the elves.    |
| BUT! If you ever bring Merrill to Sundermount again you will be forced to   |
| fight Every last elf. I do not recommend this as they offer little          |
| experience and no reward for doing so.                                      |

Leave Sundermount.

|Achievement - Supplier                                                       |
| If you followed this walkthrough and did everything, you should have        |
| collected all the crafting ingredients in the game.                         |

Best Served Cold

Head off to the Gallows to pick up this Quest. Like the last main quest who
you sided with at the beginning of the act decides who gives you this quest.
Default is Orsino. Go to Hightown at night once you’re ready. The meeting is
taking place in the southwestern most area. Loot the Templar Lieutenant for
some notes, and the final armor upgrade for Sebastian. (DLC Only.)

Next, head to the Docks at Night. Follow the Quest marker down the west path
and enter the building. Head north through the door and at the end of the room
is a chest. Exit out of the room. After the battle. There is a chest in the
east. A crate on the upper path to the south. Another crate in the room to the
south. A crate to the West on the Docks. A barrel in the north room and the
final Armor upgrade for Anders. After collecting everything, take your leave.

|                               SPOILER ALRET!!!                              |
| The default Kidnapie is your brother/sister. If they are dead, then it will |
| be the companion your closest with out of those who are not currently with  |
| you.                                                                        |

Head to the Wounded Coast, to the southernmost area. You'll get a cut-scene on
the way, and another one when you hit the quest marker.

"Don't hurt Alain" - Mages
"He's one of Grace's" - Templars.


"Be Merciful." - Mages
"Kill them all." - Templars

I'm not sure what the third choice is.

Loot Grace's Body for the Helm of the Champion. The last piece to the Champion's
armor. Equip all the pieces for an extra hidden bonus (Listed Below).

Warrior - +3 Strength, +5% Armor
Rouge - +3 Dexterity, +5% Displacement
Mage - +3 Magic, +5 Defense.

All that is left is the ending of the Act. IF there is ANYTHING you still
want to do, or someplace you'd like to see one last time. Do it NOW. Once Act3
is finished you won't be able to visit most places.

Equip ALL of your Companions with the best Weapons you can. Sell anything you
don't need/want. And SAVE!

Buy one of the Elixir of Heroism. (Potions menu at home.) Do not use it yet.

Also, you should have every one of at least one of the three. (Runes, Poisons,
Potions.) that you can make. I would go with runes and make one of each kind
for the achievement.

If you want to try both paths, I would keep an extra save...

|Achievement - Master Craftsman                                               |
| Gotten when you have all the recipes in one crafting tree and have crafted  |
| one of each item in that tree.                                              |

It all comes crashing down...

Go to the Gallows and turn in the last quest. Go home and pick up the letter.
At this point heading to the Gallows is the point of No return. Do so now.

You MUST pick a side. Will you side with the mages or the Templars? I should
note that siding with the mages gives no extra achievement, but siding with
the Templars does.

The main difference for a while yet is whether you'll be fighting Templars, or
fighting with them. All in all however siding with the mages is by far the
easier path to take.

For the sake of this walkthrough I have two saves. One will be used for the
Templar run, and one for the mages.

Until a certain point it is the same, so I shall wait to split this up.

Unless you have 100% relationship with certain people, they will leave your
party for good. Depending on your choice is who leaves.

|                            MAJOR SPOILER ALRET!!!                           |
| If you spare Anders, Sebastian will leave for good no matter what. If you   |
| kill him, then Anders is gone for good.                                     |

There are a lot of strong random items on the way forward. I'll only bother
pointing out important items.

Your brother/sister will join you if they are a grey warden, and you did all
the quests that involved them.

Head to the East Exit of Lowtown. This leads to the Docks. Once the big battle
with the demon is done with, go a little to the right of the Statue. There is
the final Codex for the Band of Three. Collect it.

To the north is the exit that leads to the Gallows. If you choose to side with
the mages the skip ahead to their section. If you side with the Templers then
continue from here.

The Templar's Stance

You'll be given a moment to talk with your companions. If you've been Romancing
Isabela pick "You won't" to finally complete the romance.

When you’re ready talk to Meredith and agree to move on. After the following
battle you'll be able to choose whether to kill or spare a few mages.

Go through the west path and LOOT everything you come across. There are a few
chests in the three rooms, and a powerful Shield in the last room. Then
head into the west room for more battles, and treasure. You'll come across
Sandal near the end of this area. This is the last chance you have before the
final battle to use a store. When you enter the north most door, you'll have
a boss battle on your hands.

This is a tough battle for those who aren't powered up. But if you've been
following this walkthrough since the beginning, you'll have little trouble.
Just remember to keep an eye on your group's HP. After the battle is over, loot
the area.

If you have it, Now is the time to use the Elixir of Heroism. Since that
battle likely left you at level 25, this will make you level 26.

Leave the hall.

This next battle is far tougher. Meradith will keep getting stronger through
the battle, and after so long all the statues about will come to life and
fight you. When you finally bring her heath done enough she'll start chatting
to herself as you attack her. That's when you know you've finally won. My
advice is simple, kill everything that fights before forcing your attention
on the Knight-Commander each and every round.

You’re Companions who stayed with you, and others you've met along the way may
join the battle as it goes on to help you out.

After winning, Enjoy the ending scenes. You've beaten the game. Make sure to
load the autosave and Save it. You'll be in Post-game.

"He's Gone, Just like the Warden."

The Mage's Battle

You'll be given a moment to talk with your companions. If you've been Romancing
Isabela pick "You won't" to finally complete the romance.

There are two chests in the area, loot them before talking with Orsino. When
you’re ready, talk to him to begin the fight.

After is another scene, and a boss battle. You should notice that even the
companions not in your party will be fighting in this battle as well.

This is a tough battle for those who aren't powered up. But if you've been
following this walkthrough since the beginning, you'll have little trouble.
Just remember to keep an eye on your group's HP. After the battle is over, loot
the area.

Once the battle is over, if you have the Elixir of Heroism. Use it. This
should put you at level 26.

When you’re ready exit. Head to the East door after the fight, through it awaits
sandal who is will to act as a shop. After loot the whole east side, and fight
all the battles. Then head to the center to battle. Your companions will likely
get themselves stuck trying to run through a barrier rather than using the
main path. Be careful of this. Next Loot the western area. Once you’re done,
Exit this place for the final boss battle.

This next battle is far tougher then the last boss battle. Meradith will keep
getting stronger through the battle, and after so long all the statues about
will come to life and fight you. When you finally bring her heath done enough
she'll start chatting to herself as you attack her. That's when you know you've
finally won. My advice is simple, kill everything that fights before forcing
your attention on the Knight-Commander each and every round.

You’re Companions who stayed with you, and others you've met along the way may
join the battle as it goes on to help you out.

After winning, Enjoy the ending scenes. You've beaten the game. Make sure to
load the autosave and Save it. You'll be in Post-game.

"He's Gone, Just like the Warden."

| Achievements - Conqueror - Champion of Kirkwall - Crowning Achievement -    |
| Epic - Romantic - Unstoppable - Mass Exodus - Tag Team - The Ultimate       |
| Reward                                                                      |
| By beating the game you gain the Conqueror and Champion of Kirkwall         |
| achievements. Crowning achievement is awarded if your made vicount (Only    |
| possible if you side with the templers.) Epic is awarded when you either    |
| beat the game twice or beat it once with data loaded from a Dragon Age      |
| Orgins Game. Romantic is awarded when a person (Usually Isabela for me.)    |
| falls in love with Hawke and wants to stay with them forever. Unstoppable   |
| is awarded if you complete a full act without anyone dieing. Mass Exdus is  |
| given when you've seen the opening scenes of act one as each of the three   |
| starting classes. Tag Team is awarded when you do a cross class combo.      |
| (Easiest way is to use a mage character to cast ice mage to inflict brittle |
| on an enemy and then switch to a rouge or warrior and attack with a skill to|
| shatter the enemy.) The Ultimate Reward is a PS3 only achievement awarded   |
| when you have gotten every last achievement in the game.                    |


The only place you can go to outside your home is the Black Emporium. Bodahn
will have opened a shop for you in your home. This is a Save sate to use For
Post-Game Downloadable Content. Always save what you think as your best one
for future DLCs.


Although you may be able to do this anytime throughout the game, it is best to
wait until the post-game to do it. This section is a walkthrough for this DLC.

When you are ready to begin. Head to the Memento of Legacy in your house and
interact with it. Bring your Brother/Sister along if possible. You get an
achievement for clearing this DLC with them by your side, as well as extra
story content.

A Crate is to the north. There is another one in the northwestern path. There
is a corpse on the way forward. When you hit the larger area there is apile of
bones near the west side, and in the east. There is yet another pile of bones
on the path forward. After it is a scene.

After the battle there is a sack to the southwest, and a crate in the north.
Now head through the Gate. After the fight, in the north is a chest with the
Passage Key and 9 gold. Near it is a crate. Up the ramp to the south is a
crate, with rubble at the end of the wooden path. Move on through the gate to
the east. There is some rubble not too far past it. Followed by a Codex.
Collect it. Keep moving forward into the next area.

After some stairs, and a trap, is a crate. After the battle ahead, go north
into the smaller house for a crate and a potion. Each Cage has rubble in it,
located in front of the larder house. There are two doors inside, the north one
holds a crate, a chest, and a potion. The east door has a crate and a chest.

Head down the stairs in the south. you'll find a crate at the west end, and
one in the east end. North of there has a crate, a Chest with a Gate Key, A
Potion, and a Codex. Grab it. When trying to head up the stairs you'll have
to fight another mess of enemies. After the battle there is a Viewpoint to the
East before going up the stairs. Go on through the Gate.

There is a barrel on the stairs down. Move forward into the hideout.

Down the stairs to the east is a small purse, a barrel, and a Potion. In the
next room is another Codex. In the following room there is rubble in the cell.
Before the next set of stairs is a crate. There are three doors south after you
go up the stairs. Loot them all for coins and potions. To the northeast path
is a chest and a codex. Next Move on past the fight go north down some stairs.
There is a chest, a Warm Orb, and a Codex. Down and around the next set of
stairs is a potion. There’s a crate along the path. Gerav will drop a Codex.
You'll find a crate to the south of a "Return to Kirkwall" Statue. SAVE. This
is the last place where you can return to Hawke's home. Move on past the gate.
The item you get as a reward for the fight is different depending on your
class. You'll be forced to Equip it, but you don't have to keep it equipped if
you prefer your old weapon. There are two crates and a sack to the north. A
crate and two potions are in the south. Move onto the next area.

There is a viewpoint to the west. There is a crate right next to it. A little
bit ahead is a "Gather Your Party" and a Storage chest. To the north in the
same room is a pile of bones. On the west and east walls in the following room
are glowing red spots. Interact with both of them, then interact with the one
in the middle of the yellow glowing mist. Along the path forward is a potion.

To the north is a Codex and a small purse. In the next room to the south is a
crate. After the scene, following the path forward you'll find another Codex
and a pile of bones next to it. There is a potion to the north before entering
the next room.

Interact with the seal, and kill the demon. After you win you can pick one of
four powers into your weapon. When you exit the room, to the south is a pile of
bones. Move forward. There is a small purse along the path. There is a crate in
the next room, along with a potion. Move into the next area.

There is a pile of bones in the north of the room. There is a Red Glow point
ahead, interact with it. Past the next room and into the one past it in the
south is the second glow mark. Interact with it and head back to the cage to
open it like the last one. To the west of the door is a skeletal corpse and a
View point. Head through the door.

After the battle head into the east room for the Crown of Dumat. There is a
health potion on the path ahead. There is a codex and a chest in the following
room. In the next room the first glow mark is in the east. The second one is in
the south of the following room. (There is also a pile of bones and potion in
the north of the same room.) Defeating the final demon completes one of the
side-quests. At the Fork, go into the East room and pick up Dumat's Sacrificial
Dagger. In the west room there is a potion. Before the next seal there is a
small purse to the west. Go and interact with the seal. Again you can choose
one of four powers. To the west after the seal is a skeletal corpse. Continue
on. After the cut-scene there is yet another potion. Move onto the next area.

To the east is a pile of bones. Moving forward you'll fight a battle. When you
kill an enemy you should get an achievement.

| Achievement -deep Roads Safari                                              |
| Kill a Genlock, Genlock Alpha, Hurlock Alpha, a Bronto, and a Deepstalker.  |
| This is pretty much automatic, as you can't finish this DLc without doing   |
| this.                                                                       |

To the south is a Codex, grab it. There is rubble before the doorway forward.
There is a building to the northeast with the next page in it. (And a pile of
bones just outside it, and another pile along the path forward.) When you go up
some stairs, keep heading west for A room with touches. The goal is to have
them all light up. It's not all that hard to do it. You'll be rewarded with 21
gold and a pair of gloves. Up the stairs is a health potion, and Dumat's Ritual
Scroll. To the south is a crate, head inside the building. We need one more
item before we can finish this. Along the path forward is a crate.

There is another page to the south of the next battle. To the east of that is
the Sacred Urn of Dumat. Collect it and go back to the alter. Place the items
on the alter. You'll get some coin and a reward.

There is a chest before the bridge that leads onward. Head east to the Quest
mark and interact with the body to finish the last side-quest.

|Achievement - Tower Sweeper                                                  |
| Complete every side-quest in this DLC to gain this.                         |

Right where the huge enemy rushes out of has a pile of bones. After the Bridge
head east for a Codex and two piles of bones. There’s a small purse on the path
forward and some rubble. Interact with the final seal. You'll get to pick a
third power for your weapon. Move forward to the next area.

Depending on whom you side with, go to the correct section below.

|Achievement - Family Legacy                                                  |
| Gain three effects to Hawke's Key.                                          |

Siding with Janeka

There is a crate to the south. Interact with the Power Nexus at the quest
marker. This opens the way to the next Power Nexus in the south. Move forward
into the next room. There is a pile of bones and a View point. In the next room
is a potion, a pile of bones, and the green Power Nexus. The next room holds
the next Nexus. This opens a golden Nexus. Moving forward there is a Codex on
the path, and a power nexus next to it. Going north is a crate and another
power nexus. Head back past the room with the gold nexus, and north, follow the
path to the next nexus, then continue on and go east into a new room. Use the
red nexus here. Use the nexus in the next room. Loot the chest, use the new
nexus, then the following one. Now the final one in this room. Head through the
door and use the gold nexus now. Go through the now open path and loot the
chest for the warden helmet. There is also a crate along the path. Now go back
to the other gold nexus, use it, and move forward. There is a pile of bone
north before going into the round room. Move onto the next area.

At the end of the path is a scene and a battle. To free the thing you must
interact with each Pillar pointed out by quest markers.

Skip the next section and go to the boss battle.

Siding with Larius

Interact with the Power Nexus. There is a Viewpoint before entering the circle
room. After a battle you have a puzzle.

Start in the South east corner. Move it once, then move the next three times.
The one in the center should be moved twice. Then the final pillar once.

There is a crate in the next room and a pile of bones in the following room.
In the room to the east are two codexes and a crate. As well as a Power Nexus.
There is a pile of bones, a chest, and a Codex down the south path. Head north,
at the next fork, go east and interact with another Power Nexus.

Head back to the puzzle room now. There are now 4 streams of light. Green, Red,
Blue, and the gold from before (That should be white now.) The goal? Connect
all the lights like you did the first time. There is a video on youtube that
shows you how if your stuck. My advice? Work on one stream at a time. I did the
blue one first, then green, and finished with red. When I was done all the
streams were connected with any extra headache. It looks a lot harder then it
is. Go forward, at the first fork go east then north. There are two chests at
the end of the path. One of them has the warden helmet.

Go back to the main path and go to the quest marker. At the end of the path a
scene starts, and a fight. Continue to the next section for the boss fight.

The Boss Fight

The boss fight has five rounds. The boss gains powers from the pillars and
becomes harder each round. First he'll gain fire, then earth, then ice, and
finally lighting. Each time he does this you have to run around to each pillar
and interact with it as well as kill the demons. (I would activate all four
first then kill the demons, as they are weak enough for your party to handle.)
As more power is used on you this becomes harder as well. Keep your HP up, and
be careful with this fight. It is not easy.

After the battle is over, loot the boss for the final piece to the warden
armor, and talk to the person with the quest marker. When the closing scenes
are done you'll be back at Hawke's house.

|Achievements - Conductor - Family Outing                                     |
| Beating this DLC gains the conductor achievement. Doing it with your        |
| sister or brother in the party gains the Family Outing Achievement.         |

Mark of The Assassin

I started this at level 28 having finished Legecy. I prefer the Champion armor
to the warden armor, so I'm using that, and I am using Hawke's Key as a weapon.
Go to "Memento of Mark of the Assassin" and active it to begin. Varric must be
in your party this time. I recomend bringing Avelive along. And then either
a mage for battles. Or Isabela for her hummor. I choose Isebela.

After the battle loot the bodys, one of them has a codex, and leave hightown.
Tallis joins your party, She is a new Companion, though one you only have for
this DLC. She replaces Varric in your line up.

|Achievement - A New Day                                                     |
| By having Tallis join your party, you earn this achievement.               |

A Note. If your Hawke is a rouge like mine, bringing along Isabela may make
things difficult for you. Having 3 rouges in one party isn't the best idea.
But my hawke is built like a tank, and I'm confident in my skills. So I'm
doing anyway.

Once the scene ends, go to the "!" mark and talk to the person to begin a side
quest. In the northeast conner is the shop. Though there is nothing of interest
there. You can talk to Tallis for a scene. Move onto the next screen.

There are several things you need to collect to get the alpha version of the
boss, and since beating it brings an achievement, that's the path this guide

Go north for a fight after the path, garther the Dragonling. This is the
first of the items. There is also a pile of bones here. Head south down the
west path to an ancient altar, interact with it and kill the demon. Continuing
south you'll find some blood, garther that. This is item number two. Continue
south to the "!" Mark and talk to the person for another side-quest.

Continue south on a new path and you'll come across a potion. On the path,
when it splits to the north go there and garther the "Andraste's Mantle"
You'll also get the 3rd thing you need for the hunt. Another potion on the
path forward, and another one ahead. Off to the west is "Drakevein" Grab it.

A Fight waits in the south, as well as a "!" mark which is a new quest. Head
all the way back to the alter. Interacting with it now makes a chest appear.
Loot it. Head back south and into the next area.

In the north is a Viewpoint, a Winterberry, and two potions. Go north and
follow the doggie to it's friend. Treat it with the herbs you've collected.
Then follow the dogs back to their owner. Heading north again, and north at
the fork this time, you'll come across some shit, search it for the 4th item
you need. Don't go further this way yet, instead head south. You'll come across
a potion on the path. You'll also find some reminds of a kill. This is the 5th
and final item you need. At the end of the south path is a pile of bones. There
is a battle here, and a small path to the west with another pile of bones.

We're done here. Go all the way north to fine the perfect spot to lure at.
Choose the "Use everything we found at once" Option to lure an Alpha.

It will be a tough but doable battle. After it is another battle, though a
much easier one. We're done here so choose to continue one when given the

|Achievement - Chasing the Game                                               |
| Kill the Alpha Wyvern.                                                      |

The Chooses in these scenes don't matter much.

There is a Caprice right near the "Pet", grab it. Don't talk to any guard yet.
We're going to do a couple of things here. Near the fountain is "Comtesse
Dului de Launcet", you can talk to her for a scene. There is also "Lady
Elegant", "Teagan", "Leliana", and "Seneschal Bran". Time to collect the
Caprices. In the east is a shop, a Caprice can be bought here. There is one
behind Leliana, and one on another bench near by. That makes four. One more
too collect. Go talk to a guard, any guard. You'll find one sooner or later
that lost there key to a servent. Next go talk to servents. Then go talk to
Lord Cyril. He'll give you a Caprice. The 5th one. Throw it into the well and
then talk to lord cyril again. You can flirt, or kick his ass to get the key.
Head to the quest arrow and enter. To get an Achievement you need to sneak
around. So Agree to do so.

Staying in the shadows makes it harder for the guards to see you. Follow the
game's intrustion. Collect the codex in the room with the first guard. Go into
the shadows next and wait for them to pass by you. Turn and go north into the
kitchen. There is a potion, a barrel, and a quest here. Doing this will make
a battle later on much easier. Add 9 Navet, 6 of lutefish, and 3 of the cheese.
Then add it to the pet's food. Move into the south room and grab the neckless
on the floor, and the chest. Knock out the guard up ahead and grab the key.

Up the stairs and through the door. There is a chest in the north of the first
area. Near the next stair use a stone to distract one of the guards, and knock
out the other one. You'll come to a room with a Love Poem and a codex, pick
them up. In the north is a room with two chests. Loot them. There is another
Chest to the south of that room. go to the Quest Arrow now, and continue
forward... Be thankful you didn't have any of the food... In the next room is
a potion and codex. Another 3 Codexes after the stairs. There is a chest in
the next outdoor area to the east. There is another one to the northwest. And
a potion in the southwest. The Guard at the potion has a key, loot it and
move on. There are two chesta on the path forward.

This is another puzzle. Have tallis and hawke stand on the switches right
there. Then have one go to the north, the other south. Make your way forward,
switching back and forth between the two, and knock over both statues. Now,
Have one person stand on the block on each side of the door. Then move on
person to the middle south switch, and have the other go up the stairs to
work your way to the chest. Do the same for the chest in the north, and have
someone stand infront of each chest to unlock the northern one. Loot and
continue on.

|Achievement - Blackjack Subtle                                               |
| If you choose to sneak around and made it in the vault. You earn this       |
| Achievement.                                                                |

There is a person in a cell to the south, with a pile of bones. Go back into
the Vault for another Achievement Quest. Pick up the White Rune, and open the
doors with a white rune. Get the black rune next and open to door in the south
path with it. Use the Blue rune to open the door in the north path. Kill the
enemy and pick up the Cursed Emerald. Take the yellow rune and open the next

Put yellow and blue into the mixer to get a Green Rune. Open the Green door,
get the Cursed Diamond, and loot. There are tiles on the floor that you need
to flit into the correct order by interacting with them in this room. But first
let's finish the runes. Go to the west path first.

At the mixer grab the black Rune and open the doors. Grab a white rune now and
open the door for it. Grab the blue rune and open that door. Pick up the
Cursed Ruby and the Red rune. Place it and a blue rune in the mixer to get
purple, and use it to open the next door. Grab the Cursed Sapphire and loot
the room. Don't go south, take the east path now.

There is a title puzzle here. The Solution.

X = Don't turn
123 ... = Turn in this order
ABC ... = Turn in this order after numbers.

If you mess up you can reset the puzzle by using the switch in the room.

1 2 X X X
3 4 X 5 6
X X 7 8 9

Now for the final Title puzzles in the center room.


o = Face up
X = Face down

o X X X X
o o o o o
o X X X X


o = Face up
X = Face down

o X o X o
o o o X o
o X o X o


o = Face up
X = Face down

X o X o X
X o o o X
X o X o X

Loot the center of all it's treasure. Make sure to get the Dagger of the four
winds. You'll also get a complete armor set.

|Achievement - The Take                                                       |
| You get this for solveing all the puzzles in the vault.                     |

Backtrack and enter the dungeons. There is another person locked in a cell.
Open it and loot the corpse in there. Move forward and you'll find talking
statues... Talk to them. I honestly keep the dagger. It's a nice weapon for
Isabela. In the next room to the north is a pile of bones, and a second one
to the south. Now go into the Crack in the Wall.

At the fork go south and pick up the Quest Marker. There is a corpse to the
south of that, and a potion. Theres another corpse and potion on the north
part of the path. Move forward. There is a Viewpoint on the bridge. After the
fight there is a crate right there. Loot the bodies. The Gate forward is
glitched and even though you can open it, it won't show you as being able
to. Just interact with it. Down the west path is another love poem for
aveline, as well as a chest and a potion. The east path has a sack. There is a
potion and a crate after the scene. And this is where this guide splits. You
have a choice, follow Tallis or don't.

Leave Tallis

If you choose to follow her, skip this section. There will be tough fights,
and two Caches along the path. Enter the Ruins. (Skip next section.)

Join Tallis

If you choose to leave her, then skip this section. If you let the Baron live
eariler, you'll fight him now. There will be two Caches along the path. Once
you find out that your going the wrong way, go to the Ruins.

A List of Names

Attack the Duke, His arrows set traps all around you on the ground, look out
for them. If you poisoned the food eariler then this boss will be weakened by
it. So he'll call Leopold into battle, and rid him at some point. Making it
a harder battle. The Poison won't last long though, if your shot with the
green slim Leopold will chase you. In the 3rd part of the battle. (When the
duke rides Leopold.) He'll set up a wide trap and damage everyone. Look for the
flames on the ground and try to avoid being near them when they go off.

He'll shoot you with the green slim after the trap, and charge at you, get him
to charge off the cliff for an easy chance to damage him. Whatever you choose
the story pretty much ends the same. Tallis leaves with the list of names,
and doesn't join your companions. Oh well.

|Achievement - Mark of the Assassin                                           |
| You gain this achievement by completing this DLC.                           |


Currently none. Will be filled in as I'm asked questions.

Companion Guide

Bethany -

Bethany loves Hawke, the main hero, short of siding with the Templars or
being an asshole she'll keep getting friendship.

Carver -

Caver sees Hawke as a Rival more than a brother. You'll mostly get rivalry
points unless you’re siding with Templars.

Aveline -

Green options are normally the best with her, but she likes jokes from time
to time. Aveline prefers to side with the Templars but doesn't mind siding with
mages. As long as you always pick the honorable choice during quests, and
support her in her companion quests and you'll befriend her in no time.

Varric -

Unless Hawke is a complete and total Asshole. You'll get friendship points
with him no matter what you do.

Anders -

Anders LOVES it when you side with mages and HATES it when you side with
Templars. Besides that he likes a Hawke how picks Green options.

Merrill -

Merrill sides with the mages of course and dislikes Templars. Merrill actually
prefers a funny (Purple options.) Hawke to a good one. The only real pitfall
is the quest where you destroy blood magic books. If she's in your party
she'll gain 10 points of rivalry for each book you destroy.

Isabela -

Isabela doesn't really care about mages or Templars. For the most part she
likes a Hawke that chooses the Purple options. Otherwise you'll likely get
mostly rivalry. Also, it seems the more she lends one direction, the more
likely it will be they get those points.

If you don't have at least 50 points one way or the other at the end of act 2.
You will lose her forever.

Fenris -

Fenris will like a Hawke who kills slavers and mages on sight. He HATES mages
so if you side with Templars you'll get tons of friendship points.

If you don't do his act 2 quest, he will leave.

Sebastian (DLC Only) -

Sebastian prefers a Hawke who picks Green options and who always sides with
the Templars.


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