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Asked: 2 years ago

Suppressor control?

How to equip/remove a suppressor from a weapon?
it is bugging me, after I alert the enemy I want to remove the suppressor for more powerful firepower

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You can't remove it during a mission. Its always best to bring one gun with a suppressor and one without

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If you choose two weapons with suppressors and want to use one without, you can always find additional weapons in the weapon boxes. This is a great way of testing out weapons you haven't unlocked yet as well.

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Just to clarify what I said above seen as someone has marked me negative, the weapon boxes are in the campaign and you get a choice of up to 4 or 5 weapons to choose from. 5LLoD was talking about when he/she has alerted enemies and what do which is obviously from the campaign. If you choose two guns with suppressors and find a weapon box, all you have to do is change them. When you go through the selection of weapons, it will give a description of weapon attachments and whether or not there is a suppressor on it or not.

I have used weapons I have not unlocked yet such as AN-94 which is a great way of testing weapons out.

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