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Asked: 4 years ago

First person shooter - third person shooter switch mode? (NEW)

Is Ghost Recon Future Soldier going to have both FPS and TPS mode? Like ghost recon Advanced Warfighter on the Xbox 360. I have seen the e3 trailer of Ghost Recon and it looks like it has it, but is a zoom mode. Can it be lock into FPS mode and have freedom of your fingers?

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I heard its only third person

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It is third person but you can click the right thumbstick to aim through sights which is first person.

The best of both worlds, eh! You can also zoom a little bit by pressing down on the left trigger but it is not as accurate as aiming down sights. This is 3rd person view.

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you cannot stay in 1st person and take your fingers off the button unless you are peeking around a corner. otherwise when you are holding iron sights you move very slowly. it doesnt take long to get used to the 3rd person view because its integral to the cover system. think Metal Gears of War.

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