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Asked: 2 years ago

Changing Scope Modes?

Does anyone know how to or if you even can change the HAMR scope and the other one to use just the Holographic and not the 4x scope? It isn't anywhere in the manual and I don't get why they wouldn't add that...

Additional details - 2 years ago

No- I Have them unlocked, there are just some scopes that are "Hybrid" Scopes in the game... The MK14 for Rifleman and the M110 Sniper both have it. Its a 4x ACOG with a Holographic sight too... I

Accepted Answer

From: smash_boy 2 years ago

You can't select the stuff like the RDS on those scopes. They're purely cosmetic. Only the ACOG is usable.

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Each gun that's unlocked allows you to mod it with different scopes, stocks etc etc. You may have to unlock certain things in order to mod your gun wit hthem but pretty sure from playing it for a couple of hours so far that you can actually mod each and every gun up.

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