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How do I manually save the game?

Maybe I'm just not the sharpest fox in the toolshed, but I just can't seem to figure out how to manually save the game. Every now and then autosave pops up but I'm tired of replaying whole sections when I have to stop and go to work or something. Also I've tried to post this question like 3 times and it never appears to actually go up. What gives?

metalhead151 provided additional details:

Lies. If you change from black&white to color or vice-versa the game will save. Take that


gapinja answered:

You can't save it by yourself. As far as I know it's only auto-save.
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dranck answered:

You can leave the immediate area and the game will save. I've also reset the sound levels and that triggered a game save. I think I did that with Red Dead Redemption as well.
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gapinja answered:

That's still auto-save. Manual saving is pressing A on the option menu where it says save, which is not possible with this game.
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Desert_Rat_760 answered:

You can't save manually, only auto-save. The "saving' icon you see when you change options is just for that, OPTIONS, not the case itself.
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sinness answered:

Im having same problem I go to my room and save then come back on next day and nothing was saved just about to throw this game away . If any can help me sure would appreciate it .
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