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How to get more weapons in trunk?

How do you more weapons in trunk?

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Press A at the trunk and choose ur weapon and press A to select the weapon.

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Well i'm on the 3 disc and already to the last stage arson and the only weapons i can retrieve from the trunk of the car is the shotgun but if you are fighting an enemy that has a BAR or a Thompson once you subdue them you can pick up there weapons with A other than that your main is a 1911.

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Powerup members got a piano gun with their gamestop preorder, but rockstar is releasing it as free dlc soon

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Go to the download section in game and download the free dlc. Then walk up to your trunk and press the A button. You will now be able to select a Thompson .45 with drum mag, or the shotgun.

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There are only 2 weapons that can be stored in the trunk of Cole's car:

1. The standard shotgun.
2. The Chicago Piano DLC (free)

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