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"Badge Pursuit Challenge" negatives that came with the game??? 4
Can I play the PAL version of L.A. Noire in a NTSC Xbox? 1
Finding out your Star Ratings for past cases? 1
Free roam in LA Noire? 3
Has anyone done the Obstacle Course yet? 1
How can i make my partner drive the car ?? 1
How do i access Naked City DLC?? 2
How do I get Stars for the Patrol Cases? 1
How do I manually save the game? 5
How do you get specific street crimes to come through dispatch? 2
How many cases are there in this game? 2
How much GB does L.A. NOIRE take up? 4
How to get more weapons in trunk? 5
Is this game worth the money? 5
LA Noire script? 1
Once the game ends can you finish things off? 2
Stuck Can't advance to Arsion. Did I mess up? 7
When is the new dlc nicholson electroplating disaster arson case being released? 2
Why are people shouting about soap? 1
"Stab-Rite" achievement? 1
can we install all L.A NOIRE'S 3 discs on X-BOX 360?? 10
do you have to Collect all of the film reels in order to get 100% ? 1
Free roam? 6
How long will the game be? 9
I am trying to get the achievement for causing $47,000 damage in a case? 2
Is there anything else to do when you achive 100%? 4
Keystone Films Studio? 1
L.A Noire Ending? (*SPOILERS*) 1
Multiple save files when I replay cases? 1
Partner glitch? 2
Replay cases? 1
Replay value compared to past games? 7
Roscoe And Friends? 1
The Master Save File - How does it work? 2
What are all the weapons in the game? 1
What exactly is on the other two discs(discs 2 and 3) of the game? 2
What is the reason for voting on answers? 1
What's with Intuition points? 2
When are the DLC coming out? 2
Why is there no free roam at the end like most of rockstars games? 4
Why is there three disc? 1

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