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How do I get into the hunting shop?

Well, I tried my best, but I can't figure out how to get into the hunting store. I tried a jump from Bob's rooftop, but that didn't work. So how do I get into it?

Accepted Answer

_881110 answered:

From Bob's Rooftop, stick to left edge of the building and walk facing east of the map until you reach the corner.
Jump to the air conditinoing unit, and enter the second floor of Still Creek Hotel.
Follow the hallway, then jump up to a window which should take you to the rooftop of Momma's Diner.
Drop down to a lower level of the rooftop that has a bridge connecting to an adjacent building. Walk the bridge.
From this building, stick to the right edge and walk facing west of the map.
Following this path will lead you to the rooftop of the Hunting Store. Drop down from an opening on the roof.

I hope I don't make you more confused. :)
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pete_riedner answered:

You have to run around the awnings, start right in front of bob, then when you get to the diner. climb up, and use the roof to get the rest of the way across.
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Locksbane answered:

Alternately, just climb the fire escape to the second floor of the hotel, climb over the railing and onto the AC unit. Jump across the alley to the AC unit there. Push forward and you'll grab on to it if you don't land on it. Climb up onto that roof, run forward and crawl up beside the propane tank. Turn left, run across the next awning and climb up onto the roof of the gun shop. Turn left and drop down through the trap door into the shop. Wonderful toys await.
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