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How do you create combo weapons?

Am I missing something on how to create combo weapons? I have both items in my inventory, and pushed like every button combo i can think of.


kevinsyel answered:

I was stuck on this at first too. There is a tool bench in the Safe House. Go up to it and when the use icon appears, select your first component with the right bumper and press B to drop it on the tool bench. Then Select the other component and drop that one as well. The game will enter a cutscene where Chuck combines the two with some duct tape and skill to create a new weapon.
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pikadeth answered:

Might help to read the tutorials, just sayin.

There in the safe house right in front of you when you initially start the game is a tool table. Walk up to it with one of the items you want to combine, an option to press b to place it on the table should pop up. After placing it and while holding the second item it should give you the option to press b to combine. If it can be combined you will get a cut scene. If not it will make a sound and nothing will happen. Not everything with the construction icon can be combined with each other, there are only nine specific combinations in Case Zero. You have to wait until the main game to try out the rest of the combinations. Theres also another tool table next to the Hardware store, you don't always have to run back to the safe room.
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Malhidael answered:

There are tool benches in various parts of the town, they are pointed out on your map by the wrench Icon. You can get to the map by pressing the back button on your controller once you've gotten out of the safe room the first time.
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