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How do you play the games?

I downloaded the first two game packs for free but I dont seem to have them in my arcade. does anybody know how to get them? thank you.

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speedymcspeedy answered:

The game packs don't give you the games them self, they give a free trail play for the games when you use that free trail(one for each game) you then must pay 40msp for a single play or 240 msp to own it and put it in your game room, for you and your friends to play.
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nardinizzle answered:

From what i know u dowload the packs and then continue from the xbox d/l screen and then u should be able to enter to room with store games and what not . However i do hear around the web that lots of people r having the same problems and that microhard i mean soft is working on them .. on a personal note i kinda feel blessed cuz i was looking forward to this gameroom and i didnt have a problem at all the only thing i saw was that the servers were down but that was for highscores and ranked stuff
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scarycrayons answered:

Go to the 'Showcase Arcade' from the main menu to play one free trial per game. Then, you can either pay 40mspoints for another credit, or 240mspoints to own the game for your personal arcade and play it as many times as you like.
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