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Strugglin to find the key to hidden Grajuez system? 1
How do I get to the Hu System? (training mission) 1
Is this the same Dark Star One that was as before? 1
Gender? 1
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Where can I find 6 ly field drive? 3
Ore harvester? 3
How do I photograph the anomalies for the research station? 1
Lysmir System? 1
Is there a way to max out your level in the game? 2
Is there third person options? 1
Developers, will you please, for the love of all that is holy, provide support for (360) joystick play this time? 2
Where can I find N.O.M.A.D. so i can destroy it? 1
Nicolai's sidequest, bugged? 1
How do I get past Flak defense? 1

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