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Does every level have a bandage? 3
On what level can I find Jill? 1
Exactly how many worlds are there? 1
Bandages collected not appearing on world map? 1
How do I find Flywrench's warp zone? 1
Character 8-bits super meat boy gameplay? 1
Bandage save fail? 1
How many Glitch levels are there? 1
The characters...? 4
*Spoiler* 100% Completion character? 1
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
Meat ninja appearance? 0
C.H.A.D. boss level is broken. (?) 1
I Am and Always Will Be? 1
On World 4, I have collected everything but it only shows that I have 94%, Has anyone else had this problem? 3
Stage 4-12x? 1
Twenty bandages? 1
How do I get past -2? 1
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