• Play as Brownie

    Enter the code on the character selection screen before starting a level, then select a character (most characters will work, but not certain ones like Gish and Alien Hominid). Brownie is just like Meat Boy, but shows up as a question mark on the leaderboards. You must beat the boss at the end of the Salt Factory first.

    Play as BrownieRB, RB, RB, B, B, B, X

    Contributed By: SilentLoner.


  • Avatar Awards

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Super Meat Boy (Male/Female)Beat the Light World.
    Super Meat Boy T-Shirt (Male/Female)Play the game for a few minutes.

    Contributed By: ZiggyGod.

  • Teh Internets

    Teh Internets is an unlockable online only chapter that contains bonus levels.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Teh Internets ChapterCollect 20 bandages

    Contributed By: Bako_Ikporamee.

  • Unlock Brownie Gamerpic

    Race and Beat the Boss Brownie

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Brownie GamerpicBeat Brownie in a Race

    Contributed By: hAnG_oVeR.

  • Unlock the Glitch Levels

    After defeating the Boss of any given Chapter, when replaying the levels in the Chapter it is possible (and also rare) to come across a glitched version of Bandage Girl. If you reach her, a new level in the Chapter will be unlocked - a Glitch Level. Each Glitch Level provides a decent challenge and are quite lengthly. The completion of this level is not necessary for 100% completion, nor does it contain any bandages.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Glitch LevelReach Bandage Girl when her model is glitched in any level after defeating the Chapter Boss.

    Contributed By: Coopman1010.

  • Unlockable Characters

    Characters you can unlock through Bandages or Warp Zones.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    4 Color Meat BoyCollect 80 bandages
    4Bit Meat BoyCollect 60 bandages
    8Bit Meat BoyCollect 40 bandages
    Alien HominidCollect 30 bandages
    Commander Video(Bit Trip)Warp Zone in World 1
    FlywrenchComplete The Fly Guy! Warp zone in 4-18
    GishCollect 10 bandages
    Jill (Mighty Jill Off)Warp Zone in World 2
    Meat NinjaAchieve 100% completion
    Ninja (N+)Collect 100 bandages
    Ogmo (Jumper)Complete The Jump Man! Warp zone in 3-16
    Pink Knight (Castle Crashers)Collect 90 bandages
    SpelunkyCollect 70 bandages
    The Kid (I Wanna Be the Guy)Complete The Guy! Warp zone in 5-7
    Tim (Braid)Collect 50 bandages

    Contributed By: Alphasfury and Bako_Ikporamee.


  • Achievements

    *There are 2 secret achievements. show

    Business TimeCollect 50 bandages.10
    I'm A Golden God!100% the game20
    Iron Boy!Complete a full chapter without dying.10
    Living in the PastFind and complete 5 warp zones.20
    NostalgiaFind and unlock a warp zone.15
    Sticky fingersCollect 10 bandages.5
    Suffragette (secret)Beat Cotton Alley by yourself (world 7)10
    The CommanderFind and unlock Commander Video.10
    The EndComplete the main game.65
    The Kid (secret)Get it by unlocking The Kid (from I Wanna Be The Guy)10
    The Real EndComplete the Dark World.20
    Tin BoyComplete 10 levels consecutively without dying.5

    Contributed By: R351D3NT3V1L4, ZiggyGod, and Guard Master.

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