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Is this game worth the 1200 points?

I've been considering buying this game ever since it released but just am not sure if it will be worth that many points. How long is the game? Are the puzzles relatively challenging w/o being too difficult? (to the point where you spend a long time on one) Were there any parts of the game that were frustrating for you? (PLEASE JUST A YES OR NO KEEP IT SPOILER FREE)

I have already played the demo, but I'm still unsure of whether or not to buy this game. So if anyone could answer the above questions I would appreciate it. :)

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SuperPlinko answered:

The demo was just a taste of what this game offers, which is usually the case for all games. Although Limbo continously throws puzzles and challenges at you that will make you stop, think, and assess each situation. Some puzzles will take you multiple tries, and multiple might be an understatement. The amount of times I have played through it I feel as if I got the moneys worth out of the game. It's a fun and very good looking game. It's not overly difficult but it will definitely challenge you. It might be overpriced by a few dollars but you won't notice because you'll play through it multiple times. My suggestion is to buy it, I've had a lot of fun with it and anyone who plays it will agree. Make sure you find those eggs!
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platinumkiwi answered:

Yes it is.
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