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Asked: 4 years ago

Shoot the Messenger ?

Shoot the Messenger in redident evil 5 ( on 360 ) how do you get it plz

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From: Wandrian 4 years ago

You have to kill all three agitator majini in Desperate Escape, they look and sound exactly like the one in chapter 1-1 of the game. They all have fixed locations:

#1: In the first area, clear out all enemies and wait until he appears. Hunt him down ASAP, he leaves if you give him enough time.
#2: In the area with grenade turrets side-by-side, clear out all the enemies on the bridge. The agitator will appear there eventually.
#3: In the final area, he'll appear from the elevator when the clock is down to about 15 seconds.

Note that occasionally you'll see Big Man majinis carrying megaphones, these do *NOT* count towards the achievement.

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