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                      XBOX 360 ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE V. 1.05

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            |  |  |  ||   __|   /  /_\  \    |  |     |   __   | 
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                _______..______      ___      .__   __.  __  ___ 
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              |   (----`|  |_)  |  /  ^  \    |   \|  | |  '  /  
               \   \    |   ___/  /  /_\  \   |  . `  | |    <   
           .----)   |   |  |     /  _____  \  |  |\   | |  .  \  
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                                  By: neeker
                           Gamertag: Optimus Neeker


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1.  Contact Information
2.  Introduction
3.  Achievements 

Version history

Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on by the username 

Feedback for this document can be directed to lestor underscore wong at yahoo 
dot com. You may check out my other works here:

Arkadian Warriors, the last "Diablo-like" RPG on the Xbox Live Arcade, was 
some sort of a failure, even though it was an easy exercise for achievement 
points. DeathSpank, the latest grind fest to make its way to the marketplace 
for a whopping 1200 MS Points, fairs much better. It's still an easy exercise 
for achievement points though, and the purpose of this guide is to give you an 
indication of how to unlock the lot of them.

There are 12 achievements worth a total of 200 points for DeathSpank. The game 
is your typical hack-and-slash plus looting RPG. You control DeathSpank, 
Dispenser of Justice, Vanquisher of Evil, and Hero to the Downtrodden. The 
achievements in this game are also pretty straightforward, but you've got to 
make sure that you complete the sidequests as well as the main story quests 
to get all of them. This is because some of the achievements can be unlocked 
only if you fulfil certain requirements in the sidequests. 

To make things easier, set the game on "Downtrodden" (i.e., easy) difficulty, 
since the enemies in this game are pretty unforgiving, even on the easiest 

These said, let's go to the achievements proper.

I've listed the achievements in the sequence that I've unlocked them.

Description: Dispense the Good, Vanquish the Evil

Before you even start a new game, go to the "Helps & Options" section on the 
main menu. Choose Settings, followed by Global Settings, and scroll down to 
find two sliders kind of thing. One of them says "Good", the other, "Evil". 
To get this achievement, simply slide the "Good" bar all the way to the 
right, and the "Evil" bar all the way to the left. 


Description: Kill 100 Chickens

Attacking chickens reminds me of Zelda games, but Nintendo games have no 
achievements to unlock, do they? After meeting Ms.Heybenstance (i.e., the 
demon witch), talk to her to collect the quest for "Vicious Chicken Lips". 
You'd need to collect 10 Chicken Lips for this one. 

Walk northwards of the witch, and you'll find a whole bunch of chickens 
for your slaying pleasure. Just button-mash through the crowd. You probably
won't get to kill 100 on your first round, so return to the same area later 
(since enemies do respawn in this game) to kill more until you get the 

Description: Resurrect at an Outhouse

To get this achievement, simply get killed, and you'll respawn at the nearest 

Great reward for dying. 

Description: Drink 50 Potions

Thanks to numerous people who wrote in to inform me that ANY potions would 
work for this achievement. Health, speed-boosting, armor, resistance, and 
what have you. Just drink 50 of these and this should pop. 

Potions usually drop as loot, or you can buy from the stores at Pluckmucket. 
You can only carry five in your inventory at any given time though. There's 
no need to grind for this, since the enemies are really tough in this game 
even on the easiest difficulty. You'll find yourself needing to use potions
ever so often, you should unlock this without even trying. 

Description: Kill Sergeant Orque

Sergeant Orque is one of the sidequests' bosses. I don't remember who gives 
the quest. Nevertheless, You'd need to go to Camp Orqawanga to find him. 
Battle through the sea of enemies at the bottom of the camp before making your 
way up the hill to fight him. 

EDITED: Spiritreacher wrote that since Sergeant Orque drops a key to one of 
the orphans, he should be considered a main quest boss. Point taken, as those 
pesky orphans must be rescued to complete the game. 

He's a Level 16 boss, so expect him to be tough. My strategy of beating him 
is simple. Firstly, stock up on your health potions (five each for "minor", 
"major" and "awesome", giving you 15 bottles of potions to rely on). Next, 
make sure you've a spinning blade in your weaponary. Thirdly, equip a good 
crossbow, preferably one that's quick-firing. With these, you're good to go.

To defeat Sergeant Orque, approach from far and start raining arrows on him. 
Arrows don't hurt him much, but what they do is that they build your Justice 
meter rather quickly. Once your meter is filled, run into the boss and unleash 
your spinning blade attack. Repeat the process, and attack with some normal 
melee if you want. If he happens to land a couple of hits on you, quickly 
heal and run away, then repeat the process. He should fall in no time. 

Take note that Sergeant Orque will use his horn to summon minions against you. 
When he does so, quickly dispatch these enemies, and concentrate on him 
again. Also note that you should never leave the boss out of sight, because 
his health will regenerate to full once he turns his back and walk away. 

Description: Finish 50 Sidequests

There are close to 80 sidequests in this game, which are known as "Unimportant 
Things I Need To Do" on your mission HUD (press "select" to view). Quests are 
given by various people all over the map. These people will have a "!" above 
their heads as you approach them. Talk to them to activate the quests. Once 
you're done, the quest details will be highlighted in green and with a "check" 
beside them. Go back to the quest-giver, and you'll find a "check" above their 
heads as well. Talk to them to turn in the quest for EXP.

To unlock this achievement, simply complete 50 of these. Be sure to do the 
quests given by the Talking Tree at the Enchanted Forest. If I didn't remember 
wrongly, the tree gives out four to five quests that require no further action 
but walking along a path, picking up redundant items. 

Once you turn in your 50th sidequest, this achievement will unlock. You can 
monitor your progress via the quest statistics by press RB, then RB again. 
Select the blue book that's always second on the left of the top row, and 
press X to "use" to view all your current stats.

Description: Destroy all 3 Queen Greems

This achievement consists of three separate "destroy Queen Greem" sidequests. 
The quest-giver is the Greem Exterminator. He can be found at the town square 
of Pluckmucket. Go to the respective Greem Camp, find the mating stone, and 
use the Greem whistle in your inventory to spawn a Queen Greem. Defeat all 
three of them to unlock this achievement.

The locations of the Queen Greems are as follow:

    - Greem Lake 
      Location: Southeast of the Slimey Outpost
      Queen Greem Level: 16

    - Zombie Greem Camp
      Location: North of the Haunted Lake House Outpost
      Queen Greem Level: 18

    - Farmhouse Greem Camp
      Location: South of the Wretched Outpost
      Queen Greem Level: 20

EDITED: Queen Greem Levels added as requested by Spiritreacher

To defeat a Queen Greem, subscribe to the same method of stocking up with 
plenty of potions, building up your Justice meter, and spamming your spinning 
blade attack.     

Description: Complete 6 Spelunker Quests

Spelunker's sidequests are simple: go inside a cave, kill anything that moves, 
and grab a crystal sample for him. For this reason, he always appear near a 
cave. There are six such caves that you can do his quests for him:

    - Eyeball Cave
      Location: East of the Pluckmucket Outpost

    - Haunted Forest Cave
      Location: Near the Haunted Mansion

    - Get Swamp Cave
      Location: South of the Cabins for the Rich

    - Enchanted Forest Cave
      Location: Southwestern part of the Enchanted Forest, west of the Talking 
                Tree and Leprecolony

    - Sabertooth Cave
      Location: Northeastern part of the Field of Donkeys

    - Wretched Cave
      Location: Northeast of the Wretched Outpost, a bit north from the 
                Sabertooth Cave

EDITED: Wretched Cave location corrected by Spiritreacher. 

You can do these quests in any order. Upon turning in the last quest, the 
achievement will unlock.

Description: Discover all 30 Teleporting Outhouses

Outhouses act as teleporting machines and a respawn point for your character 
(if you die). There are 30 of them located all across the map. They're all in 
plain sight and are not difficult to find at all. To "discover" them, however, 
you'd need to walk up to one and press "A". Find all 30 of them, and you'll 
get this achievement. 

You may want to refer to the map here for the locations of the whole lot:

Note that you may find "out of order" outhouses in dungeons and caves. Don't 
even bother activating them because 1. they do not count towards the achieve-
ment; 2. they cannot be activated anyway.

Description: Kill 2500 Enemies

I've close to 4000 kills at end game, so this one is really not hard at all. 
You should get this just by playing normally. If, in the event that you still 
haven't unlock this at the end of the game, go find chickens or these tiny 
green things to kill. They die with one hit and they all count.

To check your progress, go to the blue book in your inventory. The number of 
kills are found on the top right corner of the stats page.

Description: Kill Lord Von Prong

Lord Von Prong is the final boss of the game. He's actually quite tricky to 
kill, because he can regenerate health. Apart from the usual boss-killing 
method I mentioned earlier, you must ensure you don't stop attack him. At this 
point in time, you should've the "ultimate weapon" rom Eubrick. Keep attacking 
Von Prong with this, because this is the only weapon that can negate his self-
heal action. What I did was stand in front of him, and keep attacking using 
said weapon, and then do a spinning attack when Justice is filled. Watch your 
health and drink a potion when it's is about 50%. 

Von Prong will periodically stun you by singing (yes, this is not typo). Even 
when stunned, do not let go of the attack button. You should recover in a 
couple of seconds anyway. Just keep doing the above and you should defeat him 
without much problems. 

Spiritreacher added the following:

"You might want to notice in this part that Lord von Prong heals him self if 
he hits you, while you're stunned. So try this: When you hear him start to 
sing the opera-sound, run away until he's out of the screen and then run back 
to him and start bashing."

If all else fails, consider using the Orphan Whistle in your inventory to 
summon the orphans to help you. I'm not sure if you'll be sued for promoting 
child labor though. 

On a side note, what a nice garden you have there, Von Prong.

Description: Reach Level 20

Level 20 is the max level for DeathSpank. You get EXP for every quest you do 
and every enemy you kill. Upon completing all 116 quests, you should find 
yourself in the region of Level 19+. To mop up, first change the difficulty to 
the hardest one, then teleport to the Von Prong Castle Outpost. Here, take the 
mazy walk down the castle and kill all the guards and archers around here. 
When you're about to die, quit the game, which saves your progress. You'll 
restart at the same outpost, which is easy for you to repeat the process of 
killing guards and archers. Keep doing this until you reach Level 20.

And that's it, you've complete 200/200 for DeathSpank!

I consider the guide complete at this point in time. I hope it's a good help 
for people who're stuck, and a good read for those who just wanted to read 
something. Feedback/ better ways to do achievements are welcomed at the usual 
email address. 

Version 1.00: Guide completed (8/5).
Version 1.01: Added tip to defeat Von Prong (8/20).
Version 1.05: Amended some errors, thanks to Spiritreacher for pointing them 
              out (8/30).

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