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Where is the missing experiment?

Trying to get the ship overboard achievement.

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Cwick7 answered:

On the top floor of the building where GLaDOS if found, on the top left side of the room there should be a box with a door behind it. Jump over the box and go through the door. then you'll find it
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Sasuke0Uchiha answered:

There's a video guide for ya, hope it helps!!!! :DD
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DeadestRocket answered:

Right near the end of chapter 6 i think its in the control room there will be a key code cabinut. look right of this and there will be a box. sorry Cwick7 but you'r wrong.
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Ninjatastic777 answered:

At the very end of Chapter 6, in the building you find GLaDOS, go to the top floor. There is a door behind a file cabinet. Go through and follow the hallway until the end of the catwalk. Examine the item at the end of the catwalk for the achievement.
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Ninjatastic777 answered:

Well, go through the hallway until you find a broken door (don't worry, it's impossible to miss). Follow the catwalk to the item (also impossible to miss).
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