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Can you open pump station Gamma locked door?

After you leave pump station Gamma, the first place you find white, conversion gel, you go out onto a catwalk with a piece of slanted wall you have to put a portal on to clear the gap. After this you go back into gamma and use the walkway covered in propulsion gel to build up speed to rocket through the portal you place on the slanted wall.

Now that you know where we are...
underneath the catwalk with the slanted wall on it is a platform that leads into a small anteroom with an automatic door covered by an emancipation grid.

Can this door be opened in any way?

Mark_Lucas_TBP provided additional details:

It's not the door to the Propulsion Gel pump room. It's lower than that.


Nintendoer answered:

Actually, I believe the door in question is one you've already been through, coming out of the propulsion gel tests.
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Hiroshi_Mishima answered:

That sounds like the same door you went through to get into Pump Station Gamma. If you can get to it and it won't open that probably means you're not supposed to be able to. Or else you've gotten to something you were at previously.. the only alternative is you're at a door you're not meant to go through at the time you found it, which seems unlikely.
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