Question from 1shmigle

Asked: 3 years ago

Will this game have multiplayer online capability?

Ex: xbox live

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From: Sunblast 3 years ago

Yes, Portal 2 has multiplayer.

The multiplayer consists of a somewhat short co-op campaign, This can be played via splitscreen, system link, or over Xbox LIVE. While the game does discourage playing with people who are not your friends (it goes so far as to say it's not as much fun with non-friends), you do have the option of letting the matchmaking service set you up with a random person online.

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Yes it will

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It has co-op, online spilt screen, and system link. So to answer your question, yes it does.

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Yes It does, Like Doom_Feld said It has co-op, online spilt screen, and system link. But you can only play with friends and not random people online. You are the Host or your friend is the host.

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