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where can I store items?

Where can I store items that I have in my inventory that I dont want to sell?

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From: RiskyToast 3 years ago

Once you obtain a house (I believe the first place is Canneroc) you can store them there.

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later on in the game you get a house with a stash. or several not one hundred percent sure but i have heard of two places can't remember the name of one but i think it starts with a D or C its a city and then a place in webwood ?

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Doing the quest in the Webwood called A Tangled Web will at the end reward you with a home in the nearby town. You can upgrade the house after being given the key by talking with Brillia(sp?) in the Inn.

I believe the town is called Cenneri..or something akin to that.

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If you used the online pass travel to the House of Valor and after becoming the champion you get a house and also lots of gold and some nice armor in the process. then afterwards you can return to collect your share every few days

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Canneroc is your first house. just do the quests in th etown to get it... at one point a guy asks u in a round about manner to kill a guy dont kill him tell him the other guy sent u to kill him and when u get back to Canneroc fint the one u rescude he will give u the key to it free.
when u fast travel to the town later on its the first house on ur left and u can upgrade it to it has a chest u can store anything u want to in it withut upgrading
if upgraded u have a stone combinding table in the base ment

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There are three houses that I'm aware of:
- Gossamer End (Canneroc, Webwood, Dalentarth): Must complete the first major zone quest (Tangled Web) and its given for free. Will need some levels to handle the numerous spiders.
- Sandstone Villa (Adessa, Detyre): Simply make it to the Gnomish city and its given for free.
- House of Valor (Alserund, Detyre): Finish the House of Valor quest line. Requires Season Pass.

Storage between all houses is linked. Upgrading them may add additional storage space.

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