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How do I beat tirnoch?

I have been fighting him for awhile now and keep getting him down but its taking forever, am I missing something?

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Ok, I actually figured it out, it requires you to use the reckoning mode and do damage to her

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Oren118 answered:

Tirnoch will take your fate power from you and creat 3 shades, kill them get back fate points and go into reckoning mode, i had to do it about 3 or 4 times. when you get him to zero health, go up to his nose and press A, to start the finisher
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cojoe5 answered:

Fail dude fail
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Osiris003 answered:

Which destiny did you choose? I'm mostly finesse and a bit might but I have not had problems at all with any of the bosses. I have a fully customized master crafted equipment set which nearly nothing can touch me not that they can at all since I can burn everything down firing arrows till you run out, shield or parry its attack then retaliate(Precise Weaponry IV) then wait till arrows come back and rinse and repeat.
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Osiris003 answered:

Also my pure melee finesse way works well too... Burn him down with daggers or faeblades and lung to attack from behind, rinse and repeat.
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