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How can i get kellerac's sword?

Sword is located south of moon camp but im not sure how to free it from the rock. Has anyone figured out how to obtain it?

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fatdaddy100 answered:

I was following a thread about his topic in the forums and according to a video someone linked, you can pull it out entirely with 41 points in Might. So go to a Fateweaver if you have to and spec heavy Might, pull the sword out and re-spec back into your preferred play-style if needed.
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Osiris003 answered:

Either destroy the gem to get the sword or destroy the sword to get the gem... If that doesnt work then you might need a certain lvl of blacksmithing or sagecraft.
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Aegisbreaker answered:

It seems that you do have to have a certain rank in sagecraft in order to remove or destroy the gem but I don't know about pulling out the sword being affected by blacksmithing, however IGN has a note about pulling out the sword if you are unable to yet, just enter reckoning mode and try to pull it out, by the way this weapon KILLS!!!
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fatdaddy100 answered:

I just pulled it at level 40. I have max in all skills expect stealth.

I just chose the pull option, the first one. Nothing fancy. It said it wiggled a bit and I got to choose pull again (my only option that time, I believe) and it came out.

165 damage total
LvL 10 to use.
128 physical
24 piercing
9 ice damage
4 freezing damage over 3 seconds
+20% damage to Tuatha
Weapon socket (empty)

I got the sword with the gem still in it, essentially. With an empty socket on it, it is a fairly decent weapon.

Also note I have 109 points in Might with the last (tier 6) Might destiny equipped. My other 14 points are all in sorcery. Not sure that matters, but someone wanted to know on the forums.

If you choose to destroy the gem, you get the sword minus the ice and freezing damage, so obviously the overall damage is slightly lower.

If you choose to remove the gem, the sword breaks and you get a Gem of Snow, I think it was called. 9 ice damage and 4 freezing over 3 seconds. Hardly seems worthwhile.

I can't really comment on what minimum skill ranks are required to achieve each of the three options, sadly, since I'm maxed out. However, the stats I listed previously seem to be the maximum it can have.
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