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Where can I find oristhimos (chakrams)?

I Know they are a unique item but i don't know where to find them can anyone help?

MCDidzy provided additional details:

Thanks, are there any item that always drop in the same place atall?


JPhoenix985 answered:

Loot in this game is random. Your best bet is to just keep looting chests and discovering hidden objects.
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JPhoenix985 answered:

In my experiences, the only items that always appear in the same spot are quest related. Sadly, none of these items are especially good weapons. The only place I know of for sure is south of Moon Camp, where you can get Kellerac's Sword from the stone if you have enough points in Might.
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totalsavage1 answered:

Dirge's Dancing Shoes located east of Didenhil past the single bear in front of a lorestone. If you have detect hidden up you'll see a chest in that area. Just follow the unmarked path and drop down into the water. You'll see the body named something Dirge (forget exactly). The boots are from a finesse set, 28 finesse required I think. Also at St Eadwick's mission, one of the chests in the chapel (the chest on your left as you enter) seems to always have a rare (purple) item in it.
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